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Epilogue: For The Fallen

Epilogue: For The Fallen
Pairing: Various
Rating: R
POV: 3rd
Warnings: Just general stuff
Notes: Well this is the last Killjoy fic. It's been fun, really. Hope you've all enjoyed this mad, crazy thing that just sprung out of nowhere. Regular porn shall resume soon.

So it was over.

Bulletproof Sunshine stared out over the lake, deep in thought. He was smoking, exhaling small clouds of smoke every other breath. The small pile of stubbed cigarettes in front of him shown he'd been there for awhile.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah." He nodded, stubbing out the latest one, almost instantly lighting a fresh one to take it's place.

"Got a spare?"

He handed the other man his pack and lighter, not really looking at him. As he lit up the red head looked out over the water as well, the stars reflecting in the water. "Thank you. For everything."

"If you hadn't been caught we'd never have been able to galvanise everyone into doing this." He glanced at the other man. "In the end freeing you became secondary." Party Poison nodded slightly as Sunshhine looked back out. "What's your name?"

"Gerard. Gerard Way."

"Mine's Sean. Sean Smith."

The two men nodded, then went back to staring over the lake.


At Wolfblood Creek, Caberet Cannibal stared over a completely different sight. There was quite a turnout for the celebration, probably because everything was on the house.

Fun Ghoul was on a car, screaming how he was a fucking Killjoy and waving a beer bottle in his hand. He already had several groupies around him eager just to be near to him. Some of them were in various states of undress.

Caberet, however, was watching it all from the upstairs balcony. Behind him Dream Mist was laying on the bed, watching as Boltgun paced from one side of the room to the other. Boltgun Emerald was complaining about his hat, which now had a hole right through it.

"It's your own fault for wearing it to a raygun fight!" Caberet sighed at his friends, but didn't even turn round to look at theme, his gaze still on the masses. Everything felt different now. Better. Maybe it was.


Six smiled, gazing over the festivities. He was glad everything went so well. Much better than he'd expected. The Killoys were rescued along with at least a dozen other prisoners. Data was stolen on everything they'd done. And a virus had been uploaded to disrupt Better Living's other operations as well.

Now he could could focus on other things, things that didn't involve blasting Drac's heads off. Namely grabbing the attention of that one Riot Squad guy that was around here. The big one. With the hair.


Dr Death Defying looked up, breaking out into a grin as Show Pony headed towards him, a smile on his face at seeing the other man. "I missed you motorbaby." Death Defying muttered against the other's lips after they shared a series of passioante, hungry kisses. "So much."

"Me too."

"Shall we..." The older man paused, nodding to the bed that had been given to him behind him.

Surprisingly, Show Pony shook his head. "No, there's something I want you to do for me first."

"Anything baby. Anything."

The younger man nodded and handed him a folded sheet of paper.


"How are you feeling?"

Jay James looked over at his lover, a smile creeping over his face. "Better, thanks." He shifted slightly in his bed, patting the mattress for the other to come and join him. He did, leaving his seat to takeup the position on the bed. There was a pause, then Jay sat up. "I guess you're wondering about Grace huh?"

"Yeah. Is she..."

"Ours?" Ray nodded, his hair shaking a little. "Yeah." Jay took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "When you left everything was in place for us to have our baby. But I put it on hold. The dna was stored, but the place got raided. We were told it was zonerunners, but I knew different." He took another deep breath. "It was them, they took it and they used it." He shook his head. "I always assumed they just took it, I didn't know they actually used it for sure until I saw her for myself at Dr D's place after you'd gone." He took his hand and squeezed it. "She's ours Ray, yours and mine. I knew it the second I saw her."

The other nodded, smiling and kissing his forehead. "So what'll we do now?"

"Depends what Dr Davies says when he gets to me." He smiled and sat up, squeezing his hand. "I know what you meant. I guess we pick up where we left off." He leaned over and kissed the other man, threading his fingers into his curls.

"Now you simply have to tell me the story of that sexy new eye patch of yours."


From outside, Grace smiled. Watching the two that she now knew were her parents share their moment. It wasn't exactly the family she thought she'd have, but it was so much better then that.


"Thank you for this." Analogue smiled at Kobra Kid, setting down the vial of blood he'd drawn from him on the counter. "Hopefully we can analyze the drugs that were given to you and counter them."

Kobra nodded a little, pulling his jacket back on. "I don't expect the others will come for a check up anytime soon. I'd be surprised if Ghoul even comes in."

The other smiled and nodded. "I saw how fast he went to Wolfblood. I suspect there'll be a lot of men walking funny tomorrow there."

Kobra chuckled and stood. "Sounds about right." He paused and patted his arm. "You know, you look like you need a break. Come on, have a drink with us."

Te other almost hesitated, then put the blood vial in the analyzer, stolen from a raid on the Katratzi base months back and nodded. "Sure. Why not." With a smile he left with the Killjoy, hoping to pick up some of the other guys. "Do you have a name?"

"Mikey. You?"



"Need a hand?" Sand Veil asked, entering the small garage the Riot Squad operated. Tools were everywhere, scattered all over the floor and work benches. He left what was left of his group at Wolfblood, though he wasn't content toget drunk with the twins himself.


"Yeah you do." He moved closer, standing beside Turbo Wolf and looking at what he was working on. It was a droid, his companion. "What happened to him?"

"Raygun blasts." He whimpered, in the middle of replacing a circuit board. "I hope I can get him back working again." The board in place, he ran his fingers through Sapphire's blue hair.

"Then an extra set of eyes and hands will surely help." He smiled, going to fetch some tools that he knew would be necessary and set to work. "This droid's special to you huh?"

The other nodded, keeping his eyes on his work. "My brother was killed by Better Living. I stole his memories from them and uploaded them to this." He gestured to the droid, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I can't lose him."

"Well, I'll make sure you don't."


Out in the desert, Vampire Lacerator stood in front of his former lover's grave. "You're avenged." He whispered softly, kneeling down and dropping the decapitated head of the killer of his love. How he wanted to just kick tht bald head out into the desert, but he resisted. He straightened, then paused, biting his lip.

"I've been wanting this for so long, it's become my whole life. What do I do now?"

"You live. It's what he'd want." His red headed companion came up behind him, wrapping his arms around the taller blonde's waist. "Live Eicca."


"Look alive sunshine. You're here with me, Dr Death Defying."

"And me, Injectible Fame."

"I'm sure all our listeners will have heard what happened in Battery City yesterday, but if not, here is what happened. Yesterday a large group of zone runners launched a co-ordinated strike against the Better Living Headquarters in Battery City."

"Over the coming days and weeks we'll be letting you know the full truth about what Better Living was up to, the tests and the experiments, all conducted on innocent civilians like yourselves. Using the data we obtained from the attack."

"But tonight we will be honoring the people, whose sacrifice made this all possibly. A lot of good people died yesterday. Let us not forget their names."

"Gavin Butler. Mateo Camargo. Georg Listing. Matt..."
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