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Hello, The End Is Here

Hello, The End Is Here
Pairing: Various
Rating: NC-17
POV: Kobra
Warnings: Au, violence yada yada
Notes: Having the main Killjoy post open might help for this one, since it's a rather long part. There's gonna be an Epilogue thing in a day or two, but yeah, this is pretty much the last one. (And this finale was set in stone sinc eI decided to do multiple fics so not much has changed to it.)

The whole building shuddered and the lights flickered for a few moments, before dying completely, the bright white light replaced by a dim red as emergency light kicked in.

For fuck knows how long our days had become a monotony of forced orgasms, with the occasional appearence of a Drac every now and then. Even with Pony here nothing changed, not really. It seemed he'd run out of things to say.

This was the first real thing to happen, the first real change, since Pony had been bought in.

The four of us were all looking around in confusion, trying vaguely to make sense of the sudden change. The machines had stopped mid-milking, which obviously meant whatever happened knocked ut more then just the lighting.

Pony, however, was calm. Oddly calm. Almost as if he'd been expecting it. I watched as he tapped his wrist, a pale red glow emitting from below his skin. He nodded a little, then came over to us, tapping his wrist again. The red light turned blue, glowed bight for a few seconds, the emitted this... pulse. It swept through the room outward from him, then vanished as soon as it hit the walls.

It took a few seconds to realise that the pulse had, actually, freed us from our restraints. the first thing I, and the others did, was remove the mikers from us. Apart from Ghoul that is. He figured the ability to speak was much more important. "The fuck Show Pony? You could've let us out of these things anytime!"

He looked over at Ghoul, rolled his eyes, then spoke as he removed his own collar. "This was only good for one shot and what good would it have done to use it before now, when there was no way to get out of here?"

"Good point."

I removed my own gag before standing, stretching my aching legs. "What is that thing anyway? How did you get it past the scanners?"

"It's blood powered." I'd heard about those things, though I'd never actually seen one. "It only activates fully when I get the signal..."

He stopped, the door screeching slightly. We all shifted back, just a little, as the metal slid back into the wall, a Drac stepping inside. "Aren't you a little short for a Drac?" I heard Ghoul quip from beside me, though the Drac didn't seem to even hear him.

"I wasn't going to leave you here." The voice spoke in the same robotic way that all Dracs spoke. They reached up, gripped the mask's hair and pulled it off, the sight making me gasp a little.

The whole right side of the face was scarred from what looked like a burn. Whatever caused it was obviously so bad that their eye had been replaced with one that was bright purple. The person was unmistakable though, even with the scarring. He smiled at Jet who blinked disbelievingly. "I... you're..."

"No baby, I'm alive." He reached over and touched his shoulder, then closed his eyes and took a deep breath for a moment. "I'll explain everything later, now we have to go." He turned and looked behind himself, at the doorway, where two more 'Dracs' stood. One of them, who after removing the mask as he moved was revealed to be Analogue Anatomy, came over to uus, depositing a bag that was full of clothing.

I looked through it, finding that it was a selection of our clothing. I smiled appreciatiely, then started dressing.


The corridors outside of our room we dark, the lights beyond dimmed. The eight of us were there now, us being handed standard white rayguns by the third Drac, who'd been unmasked as Electric Lithium who I instantly recognise. You don't soon forget a man who had a knife to your throat.

We left, heading down an apparently pre-planned route, with Battery in the lead. "So I assume there's a plan?" My brother asked, increasing his pace so he was closer to the lead man. "You wouldn't come in if you didn't have a plan for getting out right?"

"Don't worry, there's not going to be impromptu slides down a garbage shoot." He stopped and smiled a little. "No, several groups are attacking this place at once, each with various objectives. Ours is simple: get you out of here."

My brother nodded, placiated and we followed in silence. I could hear faint sounds from those other groups, raygun blasts and explosions. The sounds only got louder when we entered the stairwell. "Lifts are down." Battery explained as we moved, taking them one at a time.

We went down a few flights, before going through some doors into another section of the building. It was here where we had our first Drac encounter. There were only two, so they were easily taken care of.

My brother knelt down beside them, removing their masks. "You know that rumour about Dracs being reprogrammed people? It's true. I saw someone I knew when I removed his mask in the assualt."

Battery nodded a little and looked over. "What do you expect us to do? Ask them? Wait until we get close enough to take the mask off?" He paused and shook his head. "There's no way to know who a Drac is and so there's not much we can actually do." He reached over and stroked my brother's arm. "Hopefully what we do today will end all that."


We carried on through the corridors of the building. It seemed much bigger than it had on the outside. Fucking Better Living. There wasn't a central stairwell by design which meant a lot of criss-crossing on various floors. There was the occasional Drac or two, but as of yet there was no real resistance. I guessed that their efforts were focussed elsewhere. "How high up was our fucking cell?" Ghoul asked after the third lot of stairs, looking a little irritated.

"Three floors below the roof." Lithium replied, gruffly.

"They wanted you up there because they thought it would make you impossible to reach." Battery took over, turning to regard us all. "Hence why we had to infiltrate to get you instead of coming in during the attack."

"Ok." Ghoul replied, seemingly satisfied. "And what am I meant to do about this?" He gestured towards his crotch with his raygun. There was a bulge from his drug-induced erection and I looked down, realising my own was in the same state. And my brother's. And Jet's.

"Well, as sexy as it would be to watch the four of you wank, there's really not the time for it now." Battery's lip quirked int a smile. "Think you can hold off?"

Ghoul sighed and shrugged a little. "Guess we'll have too." He adjusted himself, though it looked more like groping before we went off towards the next lot of stairs.


On the next floor we had to traverse, Battery slowed, the rest of us copying out of instinct. It took a few seconds before I noticed it wasn't for a reason related to potential ambushes. He was bracing himself against the wall, taking a few deep breaths. "Baby are you ok?" Jet asked, approaching him as son as he realised something was wrong.

"I'm fine." The other man replied, voice sounding anything but. I heard him take a deep breath and he straightened.

Analogue spoke in what had to be Welsh, coming to stand the other side of him. The four of us watched as they had their exchange in a language we couldn't understand, the pair of them locking eyes as their voices sounded more and more irritable until finally they stopped. "I'm fine."

Battery started to move again, putting an end to it. Jet looked at Analogue, concern in his visible eye, but he didn't follow up on it.

We carried on, though I kept on eye on Battery, taking him in as we moved.On the face of it, apart fro the visible scars, he looked ok. On the face of it. But every so often he looked unsteady. Not in big way, he wasn't falling all over the place, but it was obvious when you looked. I could see that Jet, at least, noticed it as well.

I said nothing and neither did he.

We went to the next floor, entering what was some sort of officen where we were greeted by more Dracs then before. Shit.

We dispersed. Most of us shooting as we ran for cover, but Ghoul did what he always did, took them head on. As he ran the full length of the room he shot four Dracs, downing three of them. He dove behind a desk at the end of the room. I stayed with my brother, Battery, Analogue and Jet, the five of us crouching behind one of the long desks. I saw Lithium was moving like Ghoul, albeit much more stealthier towards some other Dracs, the group of the that were focused on us.

I glanced back at Battery and he was breathing harsher now, his eyes lidded. "What's happening? What's wrong with him?" Jet was glaring at the other Welshman, demanding answers.

Analogue got out a syringe from his bag, injecting the other in the arm. "Nothing, It's just... complications from the surgery." Jay looked at him, muttering in Welsh. "No, I'm not going to shut up. He needs to know." He looked back at Jet as I fired at a Drac, managing to hit him in the chest before ducking back down. By the time I returned, his needle was gone. "He's not meant to be overly stressed, he's still recovering."

"I couldn't not do it. This was something I had to do." He looked at Jet, a small smile on his face. "I couldn't leave you here."

"I only let him come if I did too." Analogue sighed and looked at Jet. "Lithium will take over once these Dracs have been dealt with. Do you think you can carry him?"

Jet nodded, his hair bouncing a little as he did so. "Always."

"Are you guys just going to stay there chatting or are you fuckers gonna move?" I peeked over the desk, realising the Dracs had all been dispatched, with Ghoul and Lithium looking at us as if we were idiots. We stood, Jet pocketing his gun and lifting Battery up into his arms. "He ok?"

"He will be." Analogue replied, nodding to Lithium. "You're in charge now."

We left the office, which now had several destroyed computers and headed down. "One of them activated an alarm." Ghoul informed us. "So we might have company."

"Great." I looked back, the sound of faint footsteps making me feel slightly paranoid.

"Diamond, are you in position?" I looked back, seeing Battery speak in Jet's arms.

"Affirmative." The reply, obviously from some sort of comm, filled the air.

"Good, we've got Dracs incoming."

"Leave them to me."


The next floor was where we saw Diamond. He was tall, wearing some sort of tight purple outfit. Bandages obscured his features, though they were obviously more a fashion statement then for medical purposes. "Keep going." He spoke, regarding us as we passed him but not questioning us.

I noticed he pulled down what looked like a form of nightvision googles as I went past, heading towards the exit. Glancing back, I saw the Dracs enter the room, before losing sight of them behind some form of smoke which quickly filled the room until I couldn't even see the man we left behind.

As we left all I heard were raygun blasts and bodies dropping.


From then on the floors became a carnage of colour. Dracs fell and I saw glimpses of the others that Battery had spoke of.

There was a blonde fighting the man we knew as Korse with swords, the sound of metal on metal ringing out. There was nothing we could do to help, the blonde's choice of combat meaning we couldn't risk shooting.

We almost got shot at by a group of zonerunners that were downloading the central computer systems.

We made our way through several firefights, which were wild with various weapons being fired from all directions. While Dracs just had rayguns of various shapes and sizes, the zonerunners had rayguns, flamethrowers, swords, knives, crossbows, grenades.

We saw Dracs in flames, some sparking, some bloodstained, some dismembered.

We saw other zonerunners in similar states as well. Like the ones we saw fighting they wore masks, helmets with t-shaped visors, bandanas or nothing at all. Some were male, some female and some it was hard to tell. I wanted to commit every fallen face to memory, but there just wasn't time.

I wasn't quite sure how long it took to get down to the basement, where an old school bus awaited us. Two brown-haired men stood either side of it's door, each with a raygun in hand to shoot approaching Dracs. "Hey it's the Killjoys." The left one spoke, waving us to go inside.

"Dude, it's the Killjoys with boners!" The right one grinned, eyes clearly not on our faces. The other nudged him as we came on, Ghoul flashing him a smirk as he shifted past him, groping himself noticeably.

The bus was already half full as we boarded, my eyes glancing over the multicoloured people as we all gathered in the back. I watched as the two beside the door climbed in, presumably signaling that we were about to go. "What about the others? We can't just leave them there!"

"We're not, calm down." Battery responded to my brother, rasping a little. "There's more buses at other exits, don't worry." He sighed and curled into Jet's arms.

"Wait you fuckers!" I looked out, watching as a group led by Bulletproof Sunshine came running over. He managed to grab the doors before they closed, gesturing for his followers to come aboard while firing shots behind them. I could see Dracs but they were far enough away that they weren't a real threat. "Let's go!" Sunshine growled, tossing a grenade back at the Dracs before climbing himself, the bus finally starting to move.

I looked back, out of the rear window, watching as we drove out, the grenade's explosion blossoming out beehind us. The tower still loomed large over the city as we left the underground car park, but raygun blasts obvious through the windows as well as blasts from atop surrounding buildings.

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. We were free again and it looked like soon, we'd have nothing to worry about.
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