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Silence will fall

If you are American, Austraiian or have otherwise NOT SEEN Doctor Who yet go now. Turn back. Spoilers be here. So turn back now.

Still here?




There's a cut just to be sure.

Ok, first I love that they dedicated it to Elisabeth Sladen. I suspected they would and I'm glad I was right. Even the voiceover guy commented on it. Still can't believe it though.

Anyway onto the ep itself.

There is a certain amount (ok vast amounts) of 'what is this fuckery?' a few minutes in.

The Silence are creepy looking, but their motives are...odd. They've managed to hide for x amount of years, but seem to be cowering in the shadows rather than actively doing anything against human kind. Sure one Silence killed one woman, but that's hardly the genocide that Daleks strive to inflict, or the enslavement of the populace of the Master or the forced conversion of the Cybermen. So what's their deal? It's unclear at the moment

It's not even clear if their 'forgetten when not looked at' defence is even something they control. Especially since one tells Amy to remember.

The room that River and Rory end up in is identical to the TARDIS-like room in The Lodger. Even down to the panels. Maybe that ship is one of the Silence's. Hmmm.

Bullet points:
*Why is the astronaut the girl when the girl says she's scared of the astronaut?
*How is the girl able to move in the suit, since her limbs wouldn't be able to reach the floor?
*Is the girl in the suit with the Silence or seperate?
*Who is in the space suit at the start? The one that comes out the lake? The Doctor seems to recognise them
*Are the Silence really responsible for all those tunnels? And what do they want?
*Who the fuck does River kill?

Can it be next week's now?

The Sarah Jane tribute after was sweet. I hope there's a longer one to come.
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