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For Tomorrow

For Tomorrow
Pairing: Dr Death Defying/Show Pony
Rating: R
POV: Show Pony
Warnings: Some porn
Notes: Next Killjoy-verse fic. So there's now only three remaining, one which should be done tomorrow. So enjoy, while I update the primer post.

"You let them go! You're a fucking idiot!" I'd expected this, someone yelling at Dr D about what happened to the Killjoys. Bulletproof Sunshine seemed a natural fit for this.

He'd stormed in, just five minutes previous followed by two others and had started yelling since then. His companions were both helmeted, the helmets each sporting a distinctive t-shape in the visor, and I assumed they were men. They seemed to be bodyguards of a sort, which was odd since he usually came alone.

The one which stood close to the wall had a pair of tattered jeans clinging to his legs and an electric blue t-shirt over his chest and jacket over it. His helmet was the same shade of blue as his top, and he had various knives attached to his belt.

The other one had darker jeans which weren't as tattered, and an orange top beneath a purple Dead Pegasus jacket. His helmet was orange, with deep purple swirls over it. He was against the other wall, though he was moving towards Grace now, who looked terrified by the shouting. He knelt down in front of her and I could hear him speak, probably in an attempt to comfort her. His voice seemed slightly synthesised, probably going through a filter in the helmet.

I smiled a little, glad that at least someone took her into consideration.

"...and another, how did you expect them to get out when they were so..."

The girl was showing the man her raygun, which she now kept in a holster on her hip. I bite my lip lightly, remembering where it came from.


"Pony." Jet spoke to me, pulling me aside as the others left. "I am aware that this might be a suicide mission, that we probably won't be coming back from this. But I... we, are doing this for her."

"I know Jet, I know." He held up his hand to stop me, before continuing.

"It's my hope that, no matter what happens to us, we get her back. In the event that I don't make it back, there's some things I want you to do, things I didn't want to say in front of the others."

He paused for breath and closed his visible eye. "First, look after her. Keep her safe. Make sure nothing happens to her again." I nodded, that was a given of course, but I suspected he needed to say it as much as I needed to confirm it. "Second, I have some things here." The first thing he handed to me was a raygun. This wasn't his own, it was purple, with a dragon on it. The barrell was wrapped in a bandana that was black with pink spots. I took it uncertainly. "Give this to her." He paused and I noticed something, he was shaking. "And this." He reached into his jacket, into an inner pocket and he pulled out something. A ring. He placed it in my hand carefully and looked into my eyes. "It is very, very important to me that you give her these things." His shaking seemed to increase, just a little. "Promise me you'll do this."

"I promise I will Jet."

He nodded and wiped his eyes. "Thank you."

"Good luck."

He smiled, just a little, then turned to leave.


I took a deep breath to calm myself, shaking the memory from my mind. I'd done as he asked as soon as we'd gotten back, after calming Grace down of course. It still amazed me that she wasn't completely traumatised by what she'd seen. Somehow, though, just by getting those things she'd calmed down, even after she found a note from Jet among the bandana wrapping.

Since then we'd changed bases, which was probably one of the reasons why it took someone so long to yell. People always looked for someone to blame.

I sighed and looked over at them. Sunshine had seemed to have calmed, if only a little, enough to allow D to respond anyway.

"I couldn't stop them motorbaby, they went on their own. Hell, I tried to get them to see sense too you know? But they just went anyway." Dr D leaned forward, looking the blonde right in the eyes. "But you forget yourself. I know you've done things like they have, with not much thought for someone you care about. So why don't you shut your pretty little mouth unless you have something meaningful to say?"

Sunshine glared at him but said nothing for a few moments, seemingly relenting for now. "It's beside the point anyway really."


"We didn't come here for you."


"You don't have to do this you know."

"I know." I put my finger to his lips to silence him. "And I've made my decision."

I removed my finger to kiss him, sinking myself down onto his cock. I moaned into his mouth as his shaft filled me. My hands were on him, holding onto his shoulders as I began to move up and down on his lap. I was trying very hard not to focus on what this could be, about what I'd signed up to do. I closed my eyes, parted our lips and took a deep breath before kissing him hard again.

So tonight we would fuck, for tomorrow I'd be gone.
Tags: bulletproof sunshine, dr death defying, fic, jet star, killjoys, show pony, slash
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