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Never Give In

Never Give In
Pairing: None (the focus is on Sand Veil and Six)
Rating: PG-13
POV: Sand Veil
Warnings: None
Notes: Next Killoys ficlet, which is short intentionally.

"Killjoys exterminated? Pah!" I growled dismissively, throwing the paper aside. Lies committed to ink, perpetuated from Better Living to scare us all. What else could it be? Yes, I was aware of what they'd done. It was madness, utter foolishness on their part. There was a difference between tackling one of the small, hidden bases, which so many zone runners did, and going after the HQ.

All for a girl.


If they'd put some thought into it, they'd realise it wasn't worth the effort, as tragic as that would be.

Still, they were more good to Better Living alive than dead, if only for interrogation purposes.

I sighed and sat back, wishing there was some way to know for sure.

"Erm sir?" I looked up, one of the twins poking his heads inside the room that I called home most of the time. "There's someone here to see you."

I nodded a lightly and waved my hand. "Send them in."

He left and, a few seconds later, a man walked in. He was tall, slim, with black hair. Unlike most zonerunners who were bright and colourful, he was dressed in black from head to toe, with occasional flashes of silver. He had large, jet black hair and black make up on his face and arms. Rather strange. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, you can." He stepped foward until he was before my desk. "I'm not after information though. I have a proposition for you and your group."

"I'm listening." I leaned in closer to him, intrigued. "But I'd be more willing if you told me your name."

"I am Six. I represent a group called Death Watch." Curious. "We require your help regarding that." He nodded towards the paper on the floor. So, it had to do with the Killjoys. "May I access your terminal?"

I nodded, gesturing him to step around to me. I watched him closely as he did so, though he blocked my view as he inserted something into the USB port of my computer. Moments later there was a flash and there they were, the Killjoys. Alive.

"This is a live feed from the Better Living tower in Battery City. It's been traced to that location already, confirmed by three independant sources." He stepped away and the image was gone. "We are proposing a mission to retrieve them as well as anyone else there, along with seizing their files and ending their reign here." He paused and looked me right in the eye. "Will you join us?"

"Why should I trust you?" Although it was something I wanted, I also was weary. He could just as easily be someone sent from Better Living.

"I understand. If you want, you can ask around." He didn't seem offended by my suggestion that he was lying at all. "You may also confirm with your associates for their opinions as well." He paused, glancing towards the way he'd come in. I wouldn't be suprised if he suspected one of them was listening. He'd probably be right. "One week tomorrow you of the zonerunners will meet at the Halo to discuss their involvement and strategy. You are welcome to attend, regardless of the decision you make."

The Halo huh? The Halo was an amphitheatre on the edge of zone 5. To use such a location spoke volumes of how many were expected to attend. "Alright. I'll consult the others, but I'm sure we'll be there."

He nodded, satisfied. "Thank you." And with that, he stood and left me, my eyes following him as he left. Well, at least he was good looking.

A few minutes passed, then the twins came in. "Are the Killjoys really alive?"

"Yeah. Looks it." I looked at them and paused. "What do you think?"

"We have to do it. It's what they'd do right?" Water Viper spoke up, nodding his head.

"It's what Jet Star would do. Remember how every week for before they went he'd come here? We all know why he did. And every week he came, hoping or news, for someting he could hold onto. Well I know that's what you've been doing to, ever since they went." Night Moves paused and looked right at me. "You think if you'd given Jet Star news he'd have sat back and done nothing? We know he wouldn't. So why should we?"

I couldn't help but smile at his words. "And I assume the others share your sentiments." He nodded and my smile widened. "Alright. We'll go."
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