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Shoot Up With Your Perfume

Shoot Up With Your Perfume
Pairing: Boltgun Emerald/Caberet Cannibal/Dream Mist
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dream
Warnings: Porn, drugs, Killjoy-verse
Notes: Ok this is the first Killjoy-verse fic that is set after Sing. Everything before this was set before Na Na Na. So we're kinda entering the last phases for the Killjoy stuff now. So everything from now on is, essentially, all planned out (and has been for a good long while). That means, if all goes to plan, the Killjoy fics will be finished this week, the week after at the latest. So expect a ficlet or two tomorrow. Anyway, enough of me rambling on.
Thanks for saur for giving me Boltgun's name.

Daylight streamed in through the gaps in the blinds, disturbing me from my slumber. I met the day by groaning softly and groping blindly for the radio, switching it on. Music usually soothed me, easing my waking.

"...the raygun attack last week in Battery City has now been confirmed as the Killjoys attacking the Better Living headquarters. The news reports say they attacked and were killed. Is it true? Possibly. But Better Living has been know to outright lie through the media, so we can never be sure..."

I sighed and laid back against the sheets, waiting for it to finally switch from Injectable Fame's voice back to music, which it did eventually. Eventually.

I made a mental note to confirm what was said though, I was sure a lot of people would be asking.

Later though, when I was more awake.


It was another hour before I left my room, glancing out the window at the masses. There were the usual tents, with people walking between them, though they looked more like moving blobs of colour from this distance. The sight always made me smile a little. People from all ver knew they could come here and have the fun and experiences denied to them by Better Living. Some people out in the zones spent their time fighting against Better Living, we spent our time helping people escape.

I stretched a little and left the room, heading towards Caberet's room. It was his idea, this place. We'd known each other since we were kids and he had the connections and the money to keep all this going as a safe haven.

I opened the door and peeked inside, half expecting to find him asleep. The room was dark, the curtains closed and there were moans coming from the bed. "Hush, it's not even in yet."

I slowly pushed the door open, stepping inside quietly. Caberet was on the bed, naked as he always was in here. This time, though, his wrists and ankles were secured to the bedposts. He also wasn't alone.

There was a figure, dressed in black with copper highlights and that top hat he always seemed to wear. I could feel him notice my presence, even though he hadn't turned his head. He let out a soft chuckle, eyes clearly on the naked man spread out before him. "Now it's time." He held up a needle, which was far more elegant and elaborate then it really needed to be, before jabbing it into Caberet's arm with the expert precision of someone that had done this countless times. Which, of course, he had.

There was a few moments of quiet, with just the sounds of Caberet's heavy breathing filling the air, then they dissolved into moans again, louder this time. The other man was humming softly to himself, just watching. I couldn't help but watch too, my friend thrusting his hips up into the air.

I glanced at the man that stood before him. He was called Boltgun and he moved in and out like a ghost. He'd vanish for days, weeks on end without a word of warning when he left or when he returned. Sometimes I wondered if he was real or not.

"So glad you could join us, I was beginning to think you'd miss the show." I could hear the smirk in his voice as he spoke, eyes still on Caberet as he moaned and writhed.

"What was that?"

"Does it matter?" He turned his head a little, inclining it just a little. "It heightens pleasure. Watch." He leaned forward, running a black gloved hand along Caberet's thigh. He gasped and squirmed, his moans becoming louder. Almost as if he was being touched much more intimately. Boltgun stopped, smirked and turned to face me. "Want to fuck him? I'm sure he needs it now."

"Please..." His voice was breathless, pleading and his eyes were wide and needy. The sight was making me hard, I couldn't deny it. I bit my lip and stepped closer.

Boltgun stepped aside so I could take his place, his gloved hands working to free the restraints that held my friend's legs in place. I watched as Caberet whimpered just from those slight touches. I swallowed and watched them. "Legs to your chest now." The slim limbs, which I often wondered how they managed to hold his weight, folded up against his chest.

Boltgun looked at me and nodded towards my crotch. I took the hint and started removing my clothes. It didn't take me long, primarily because I'd only came in wearing my pants, so I was soon naked at the foot of the bed.

"He's all ready for you, don't worry." I nodded slightly, before climbing on the bed, lining up with the crack of his rounded cheeks. I pushed my cock into him, groaning as I breached his body. The sounds I made were drowned out by those leaving Caberet's lips.

"Fuck... please, fuck me."

Boltgun chuckled from beside me at his desperation. I started to move, steadily at first, my hands on his legs to keep them out of my way. Every thrust made him make more noise, just moan sounding more and more desperate. I'd never heard him, or anyone for that matter, moan like that before. He held my full attention, my hips snapping a little faster now. He looked and sounded so hot, it was hard not to. Sweat broke out in patches over his skin, especially on his face and chest. It made the tattoos on his face seem to shine.

"Please..." He was begging still, eyes glassy and needy. Did he want me to go even faster? To touch him? What?

Boltgun moved back into my view again, that sae dark smirk on his lips as before. It was almost a permenant fixture that smirk. Sometimes it melted away, but it was always back sooner or later. "I know what he needs." I kept my eyes on him, watching as his nimble fingers undid his fly, Caberet's eyes locked on him as well. I'd seen his dick before of course, but I was just transfixed somehow. Maybe what he gave Caberet somehow had gotten into me somehow, or maybe I was just lost in the moment, either way, it made me slow down just to watch.

Boltgun took the base of his dick in one hand and Caberet's hair in the other, twisting his head to face his cock. "Open up." He whispered, running the shiny tip of his length over his lips. It took less than a second for him to open wide and swallow as much as he could reach. Boltgun half moaned, half chuckled. "Slut." I nodded my agreement, then the smirk returned. "Don't stop on my account, keep going."

And with that, my movements resumed, albeit slower and steadier this time. I didn't want to make him bite or choke after all. However, my careful thrusts didn't go unoticed. "Just fuck him! He's not made of glass."

I nodded a little, increasing the speed of my movements back to how they were before. Caberet's moans were still loud, despite a mouthful of dick, which somehow made them that much hotter. I watched, hands on his ankles, my movements becoming more fluid every single thrust I made. Briefly, I glanced down between his legs at his hard cock. He'd came at some point, small pools clinging to his pale skin, but his cock was rigid and firm as if he hadn't spilled a drop. Had to be from whatever drug this was.

I groaned a little, feeling myself get more eager. So I increased the speed and power of my thrusts, until finally, it all just got too much. The sounds of his moans, the sight of Boltgun fucking his mouth, the feel of his ass as he came again, all of them bought me over the edge. I spilled deep inside him, groans leaving my lips as I did so.

My movements after that felt like I was in a daze. I pulled out, flopping on the familar sofa against the back wall, watching as Boltgun pulled out to deposit his own load over his pretty face before coming to join me after tucking his dick away.

"How long does that thing last?" I asked, breaking the moan filled silence with the first words that came to mind.

"An hour, thereabouts anyway."

And as we sat for the remainder of that time, watching him squirm and writhe against the bedsheets. He came at least twice more just from that, the pearly fluid landing just about everywhere it could reach.

Eventually though, his high came to an end, and it was all over.



It was a few hours, and a quick nap, before we went to the main room of our little home. This was where Caberet would meet people who required certain information. We would always try our best to find it for them, be it the location of a person or a recipe for apple pie. It was just part of the service we ran here.

What I didn't expect, though, was to find someone there already. We rarely had people asking for our help before dusk. This felt different somehow though.

The person that greated us was tall and slender, much like Caberet was. His hair styled carefully into a maintained mass that hung to his shoulders. His attire was, unusually, all black, with the occasional accent of silver. The skin he had on display was covered in what looked ike black make up, though it's purpose was unclear. The raygun that hung from his hip matched his attire, being black and silver.

"Can I help you?" Caberet spoke, his voice even now a little breathless.

The visitor regarded the free of us carefully, make up as carefully styled as Caeret's tattoos adorning his face. When he did speak, it was in a suprisingly deep, almost gravelly accent. "Yes, but not in your usual way." He paused and took a step towards us. "I have a proposition for you."

Well, he certainly had our attention.
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