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This is a post

Well here's an update for the past week.

Tuesday we went to London.

We went to the Science Museum first, which was disappointing sadly. Large rooms of it felt largely empty and pointless.

So after that we went to the Natural History Museum, which had butterflies again! So after eating we went there and spennt so lng watching them and stuff. Butterflies are so pretty! I coaxed one onto my hand before we went.

After that we went to see The Blackout. We saw Jay outside unloading merch as we joined the queue, then we went in and saw him at the merch. I wasn't intending on buying anything, but I got a tee and poster (curse them).

As to the show well, I can't recall much about the supports. The Sweellers were nothing special though. Hyro was better then I expected and he had a strange blonde boy come on for a song. Rude.

So then the Blackout came on and they were awesome as always. I can't recall too much but Matthew seemed really confident, which is odd because he is so shy. And it was great to see Snoz's arms were working again.

They didn't come out after (boo) ut we did meet Alessia which was pretty cool.

Wednesday was spent on the Saw game, then watching Bleach and Shrooms. I wish we'd got to watch more Bleach.

Thursday was spent coming back home, which was tiring as usual. Curse ye bags of doom!

Mum was her usual moaning self, which is so old now it's unbearable.

Least she's gone for the weekend.

I'm on Pokemon White and I've just beaten the fifth gym. So I'm taking a much slower pace then I did on Black. The Dream World (which is now working) is good in it's own way.

Today Morgan gave me a shout out on her radio show. Yay!

Yay for Eurovision! We better kick arse this year... and yay for John Barrowman wanting them to rip their clothes off too.

I hope to finish the next Killjoys fic soon. If I can get my creativeity working that is.
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