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You're making it hard for me

Time for a late night update post methinks.

So, I'm still here for a few more days (till Thursday).

Not much has happened since the last post, so I'm gonna bullet point everything (a: cause it's late and 2: cause I'm lazy).
*Zero ftw!
*Lambs are cute!
*The day after I came we went to Mikey's doctors appointent which was good news (or rather, lack of bad news)
*We went to Toys R Us, I got Pokemon White and a Clone Wars bag
*Since my couin's not pestering me I can go nice and slow on Pokemon. I'm at the desert route now
*My team is: Munna, Gigalith, Pignite, Whirlipede, Pansage, Palpitoad
*Thursday we went up town and we went to see the deer
*Deer are awesome cute and they kept taking french fries
*Cake is good
*Bleach FTW! So many hot guys
*Mum's present is much harder to get then expected
*It's amusing to hear Janeway's voice as a dragon lady
*The Panic! boxset cam! Woo! Boo for costs though
*Mum doing her usual moaning thing as always, ugh
*Went to the beach today, but it wasn't too great and I ended up having a headache
*The Kerrang awards are hard to vote for
*LJ, stop fucking around

Anyone remember Blue? Probably no one outside the Uk right? Well they were around when I was still in high school (well that's when they started, I remember them being on SM:TV, does anyone else rememeber that? If not, then you had no childhood... as long as youwere in the uk). They were my first big musical obsession (even though they're nthing like what I mainly listen to now), they were the first band I wrote fic about (and I was pretty on the nose since one came out as bi awhile back) and they were the first guys I was attracted to. So yeah. Anyway, they're back now an what's the first thing they do? A naked shoot in Attitude. So before I even hear their full new song, I yoinked it and perved. (If any of you are surprised that I'd buy a magazine just because guys are naked in it then I'll poke you with a stick.) So yeah. I wish I had their albums on here and not back home, then I could have a real nostalga trip. Booo.

I really wish that certain over bands would do naked shoots. Bullet. MCR. The Blackout. Madina. The Used. I could name more. DO NAKED SHOOTS FOR GAY MAGS NOW OR I WILL POKE YOU. HARD.

So yeah. If anyone in Europe watches the Eurovision, vote for them. If nothing else, then to make sure Jedward doesn't win.

I'm sure Americans will be utterly clueless now. Clueless I say!

Anyway. So that's pretty much it. Well, there is one other little thing.

I've been thinking the past few weeks about education. I started applying for uni, but Ucas is so fucking annoying with all it's questions and forms and shit. And the personal statement which I hate. So, mum bought up that someone she knew was on Open University. So I looked into it and it's so much easier. So I sent for prospectuses and then sent the forms off on Monday.

Well, it'd seem that they've got it and I'm in. I had an e-mail saying as much and a letter at home (but it's not worth getting mum to tell me over the phone), so yay! I assume everything that they'll be sending will be there soon in time for the start next month. But yeah, it's odd and strange. It's only a short course to see how I do, then if I can cope I'll do a longer one in August and go from there.

Thanks to lithiumqueen for the encouragement with it though.

Two more things.

First, Tuesday is The Blackout. We'll be going to the science museum beforehand though, which'll be interesting. Hopefully.

Second, someone do me some fic! Stat.
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