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Burning like fire

Bands, stop releasing boxsets now or I WILL hit you. Curse ye the New Regime *wants*

So I'm here now for just over a week (here being own south with Mikeysaur). The trip was pretty standard, not much to say there.

So yeah. Not gonna be on too much till I'm back home.

Any Panic! people had any information about the boxsets being sent (or had them arrive)? I've heard nothing yet.

Should be getting Pokemon White tomorrow, if only for Victini before it goes off.

The Farscape run finished last night. Woo! Peacekeeper Wars was a much more fitting ending then the season 4 cliffhanger was.

The Glee ep with Sing was last night. It wasn't that bad. Plus it was Sue's song idea so she gains awesome.

Work twitter!

Thoughts, they be gone.
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