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It will end soon

Today has been mostly meh. I've had zero focus since mum decided to be a bitch and irritate me. I did see enough Farscape to set me back on track. I have 6 episodes left + The Peacekeeper Wars.

The main thing to at least improve my day was that there was a Clone Wars trailer (2 actually) for season 4. The first had a few things in it, but the main thing was Mon Calamari/Dac, which is something I've wanted them to do since it started. Well, I actually wanted a full underwater battle and Mon Calamari/Dac is the first such world to come to mind.

In the second trailer (which was irritating cause the end part refused to show) shown a bit more of the battle with topless Kit! Ok so he wasn't holding a lightsaber, so it might be some other Nautolan, but still.

Hopefully this means that other things I've really wanted in the Clone Wars will happen too (more Death Watch and Nar Shaddaa being the first that spring to mind).

I hope to watch the end of season 3 soon.

And I'm aware almost none of you understood that but do I care? No.

(I probably shoulda done a squeeish post for when I saw the Who trailer/prequel but I've not so... sill want that too)
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