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Pairing: Battery Jumper/Jet Star
Rating: Rish
POV: Jet
Notes: Next Killjoy fic, follow up to I'll Never Let Them Hurt You

Sleep was a beast that hadn't been coming of late. Even with Grace, it still eluded me. My mind still raced with the same thoughts, with the hope still there in the back of my mind. Months of no information and dead ends has only dulled that hope, not stifling it. However, it was harder to get away now. Grace was easily woken and she'd often only feel safe enough to sleep when I was around.

I smiled at the thought of her. At least she was able to make me do that, when no one else could.

I pulled up at Dr D's new place. Show Pony had tracked us down, giving me a message that I should come at this time and come alone. I wasn't sure why, though I could guess. I tried not to get my hopes up though, it could be anything.

I climbed off Ghoul's bike and headed inside, lifting up the loose board and ducking down to enter. As soon as I was inside, I removed my helmet and settled it down on the counter by the door. "Hey Jet, this way." Show Pony shown me through to the back, still on those skates of his. The back room didn't look much different from the last one he'd had, with vinyl lying over the counters and equipment piled everywhere. Dr D himself was seated behind his desk and he glanced over at me, offering a small smile.

"Ah Jet. Just in time."

"What is it?" I looked at him, slightly wary. "Why did you just want me and not the others?"

"You'll see." He nodded, clearly communicating something to Pony that I didn't get. I watched as his slender form skated into the other room. After a few moments he returned, with a figure behind him.

The man looked worse for wear, so much so that it took a few seconds for me to actually realise I knew hiim. "Exploder?" He nodded sightly, his movements jerky and unsteady. His clothing was pretty much tatty and ragged, the material seemingly hanging off his frame which was much skinnier then before.

I blinked, unsure what this actually meant. On the one hand, he was alive. He'd been with Battery and he lived, so maybe he was too. Maybe he even knew where he was. On the other hand, he could know nothing or, worse, know what I didn't want to hear. At the same time, wasn't it better to know?

I swallowed and looked at him, not sure what to do or say or ask first. In the end, he spoke first, his voice shakily and unsteady. "They took me. Locked me up and tried to get me to talk." He looked right at me,looking a little distant. "They didn't."

I nodded and bit my lip. "What about the others? Did you see what happened to them?"

"Lithium and Monster no.... but Battery..." He trailed off and I looked at him.

"What? What did you see?!" I had to know. My heart was pounding harder each passing moment. "What happened to him!"

He tok a deep breath and he looked down, averting his gaze from mine. "The Dracs came and you went. We covered your escape. We split up. Monster and Lithium went one way, me and Battery stayed together. We stayed close." He paused for breath, then continued. "We fought, we fought so hard. They kept coming though." He was shaking, just a little. "They kept firing, shots missing us by inches, less. It was only matter of time before they hit us. And they did." Our eyes locked and it was clear he was teary. "The last thing I recall is seeing him get shot in the face, before falling myself. I'm sorry Jet. I genuinely don't know any more then that. I don't know where what they did with his body or the others or..."

I turned away from him and left, leaving them behind, leaving them all. My heart was shattering in a million pieces and I didn't want them, or anyone, to see.

"Jet wait..." I ignored Pony's voice, slipping on my helmet before going, though I truly didn't care.


I drove away from there, not caring where I went, or for how long I drove.

Without intending to, I'd ended up at the place where we'd last met. It was a ruin now. In the months since no one had bothered to reclaim it, not even to clear it out. I removed my helmet, leaving it with the bike before walking away from it, stopping a few meters from the rear of the building. Here we'd laid down a blanket over the sand and watched the stars, discussing what we'd do if things we different.

I closed my eyes. Alone now, I dropped to my knees, not caring about the sharp stones I felt against my jeans or the dust that now clung to them. I let the tears free fall down my cheeks, tipped my head back and screamed into the night.


"What do you think we should call it?" His arms were wrapped around me as we lay in bed, our bodies naked.

"I guess that'd depend if it was a boy or a girl." He answered, voice soft as always, the biggest smile on his lips.

"True." I smiled and kissed his forehead, my hands brushing over his bare side. "I guess this is where we discuss this now that we know."

"I have a better idea." He grinned, climbing on top of me, eliciting a little sound of surprise from me. "How about I get to name it if it's a girl and you get to name it if it's a boy?"

"Sounds like a good idea." I reached up, cupping his cheek and stroking his skin lightly. I'd have to put a great deal of thought into this. It was a big decision after all, naming your future child. It wasn't something that could be taken lightly. "Do you have anything in mind?"

"Grace. I'd call her Grace."


I awoke.

I felt sand and grit against my skin, my body jerking upright from the sensation. I didn't even recall laying down, much less going to sleep. I blinked back the light from the sunrise, then glanced at my side, at the makeshift pile of rounded stones I'd used to create a marker for this place.

Before last night I'd told myself one thing: that until I saw his body there was still hope. What hope was there now?

I closed my eyes and stood, my legs aching from where I'd laid on them, but I ignored it. Maybe there was no hope. Maybe I'd never find out what they did with him. Did that mean I should stop trying? Perhaps, but it wasn't something I was prepared to do. Not now.

I took a deep breath to steady myself and walked over to the bike. He wouldn't want that.

I took another deep breath, then slipped the helmet over my head, got on the bike and drive back. I may never find out what happened to him. But I did know that little Grace and the others needed me.
Tags: battery jumper, battery jumper/jet star, fic, jet star, killjoys, slash
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