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He should be called Ass Kick

So it seems LJ us sorting out e-mails again! Yay!

So in case you missed it, here's the latest Killjoys fic and I'm working on a ficlet follow up now and here is Pokemon porn.

Also missed from last post is this: when I was at the bus stop two topless guys were watching me for awhile. Then they came over and said that 'I should be topless too' while going past. Should I be scared or flattered?

Anyway, so Claire came over for the weekend while mum was away. We met in Birmingham, had Mcdonalds and ooked around before heading home.

MCR are selling jackets on their site. I want so much! Gimme Party Poison's! Oddly a lot of people like Ray's (even mum when I shown her).

We got through quite a lot of films while she was here. I'll give brief thoughts on all of them. This is in a rough order of when we watched them.

*Quarantine - The American remake of Rec. I hadn't seen Rec for ages, so I don't recall it much, but the remake does follow it pretty well. Usually Americans make massive changes to things, but this was pretty much the standard ones (ie set it in America with Americans) rather then any real, massive changes. As a whole, I thought it was pretty good.
*Quantum Of Solace - Sigh. What happened to Bond? Bond films used to be good. This one, not so much. It's better then Casino Royale (which I thought was terrible) but still not fantastic. It had it's moments, but it's just... not bond. I don't thing Daniel Craig does the role well at all. At one point he was fighting a bad guy and they looked exactly the same whereas Bond always looks distinctive before. I think M's the one that's consistant.
*Autopsy - Standard cheap horror film really. It's not fantastic, or that great. I probably won't watch it again. It had a moment or two but that's all it had.
*Event Horizon - The first film that I'd actually seen before. It's a pretty awesome film. Sci-fi + horror=win!
*Kick Ass - Finally got round to watching this. It's pretty good. Red Mist wasn't in it enough (cause in the trailers and stuff I thought he was hot and then he was hardly in it really) but yeah. It was good.
*Burn After Reading - Like Quantum, I watched this cause it was on tv. It had it's moments, mostly due to the incredible ineptness and stupidity of the characters. Not great, but it passed the time and it was pretty funny.
*The Chronicles Of Riddick - Another one I'd mostly seen before, apart from the very start of it. A lot of people think it's bad but I think it's pretty good.

I'm sure there's one more, but I can't seem to recall. I'm sure we watched something Friday though my mind's blank.

We had plenty of doritos and dominos, which means much nom.

But yeah, it was pretty good. Specially since it got through so many dvds I'd meant to watch.

Mum came back today which resulted in her moaning as always. Ah well.

Also had a package of cliping from Lana arrive today. Yay!

Back to the Farscape run now.
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