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I'll Never Let Them Hurt You

I'll Never Let Them Hurt You
Pairing: Nitro/Vampire Lacerator
Rating: NC-17
POV: Lacerator
Warnings: Brief porn, Killjoys AU
Notes: The next Killjoyverse fic, yay! Also in this are: Sapphire Falls, Turbo Wolf, Night Spectre

The air smelled of fire and death. That wasn't much different, but here it was stronger. Probably because of the Drac beside me, who I'd decapitated just moments ago. It's head, still masked, had flew away, bouncing against the dirt and the rocks surrounding us. Blood sprayed out from the body, where the head had been attached, the body finally starting to sag and drop to the floor. I regarded the body, it's white uniform now stained with splashes of blood and dirt, then moved on.

I barely moved three paces before I felt the heat of a ray gun blast flash by me, striking another Drac square in the face. That Drac wasn't flesh and blood, like the one I just decapitated, that fact being clear from the bright shower of sparks and metal that shot out from where the blast hit.

I didn't have to even turn my head to know that the blast had come from Sapphire, a slim German with a mane of deep blue hair, he was a crack shot with a rifle. I stepped over the Drac that he'd hit, sneering at the still sparking body before advancing on.

There were always more Dracs to dispatch.


Kisses. Hot, wet, sloppy. His beard rubbed against my face making my skin itch just a little, but I didn't care. I was with the man I loved and we finally had some only time together. Hot, wet, sticky, fast alone time. Clothes were already discarded, our bodies pressed up against each other. Our need filled the air, overpowering everything else.


I shook the thought from my head. Now was not the time to dwell on such things. It interfered with the ebb and flow of battle. A Drac, no more then two meters away from me, could have take advantage of my distraction and took me down. Thankfully for me, he wasn't that smart. In a quick blow I cleaved his head in two. Metal an sparks escaped the wound, but I disregarded him, spinning around and catching his compainion in the chest, the wound making the flesh and blood Drac spurt blood. Some of it landed on me.

Foul things.

I shook as much off me, but I knew better then to stop for too long.

Dracs were a seemingly limitless asset to Better Living. I sometimes wondered, away from battle of course, how many of the flesh and blood Dracs actually had a choice. Had they chosen to be their thugs, or were they just doped up dupes, like the people of Battery city seemed to be?

The droids, I was less sure over. A droid could be repeaired, even if decapitated, unlike a person. It could be programmed to follow orders without question if need be, which gave them a slight advantage of human compatiots. They didn't hesitate to kill if told to do so. Compassion and morality could be removed from them 100%, a process not quite perfected in humans yet.

It didn't stop them from trying.

I joined another one of my allies in fighting off a group of Dracs. His weapon was different from mine. It was essentially a metal staff, as tall as he was, with both ends tipped with tiny electric generators. It was essentially a double ended cattle prod, only these shocks could be calibrated to either incapitated or kill. At the moment it was set at the latter, which was clear from the shrieks coming from one of the electonic Dracs that had been fallen by the weapon.

The weapon's wielder was Sapphire's twin, although they looked nothing alike. He was also German, but not as slim. His hair had once been done in a series of cornrow plaits, but now, due to such hair being hard to maintain, it hung around his face in long strands. The base colour of his hair was brown, but there were streaks of purple, red, orange and green among it. His name was Turbo Wolf and, despite not looking much of a fighter, he was a fierce opponent.

That was proven by him downing three more Dracs in the space of a minute. Still, I figued I should help, charging at two who were attemptng to hide behind rocks. Dracs were stupid. If they expected t hide out here, they could at least try to blen in, instead of wearig bright white uniforms. They may as well be wearing targets.

In moments, those two were down as well and the threat was removed.

Most of the time it was easy to see Dracs as nothing to worry about. They wore white in the desert after all and they weren't exactly crack shots, not unless they were close enough to smell the sweat on your brow.

However there was the odd one, the statistics were probably were about 1 in 100, that could actually do their job and do it well. That was why our group had lost a third of it's members.


It was a raid. Dracs had found us, but it was hard to tell if tracked us here or just got lucky. There was a set way of dealing with these things, you get out as fast as you can. Whenever we set up camp in a new buidling, the first thing we did after making sure it was clear was to memorise the exits and form an escape plan.

We scrambled out, the five of us moving through the building to escape them. It was better to run then fight an enemy in an enclosed space, especially when you had no idea on the enmies numbers.

So all we could do was run.


I hissed, shaking my head and getting back to reality, back to now.

We were converging on the main entrance to the building the Dracs were protecting. Thankfully this one wasn't a bunker. There were too many old military bunkers out here for my liking, most of which having been claimed by Better Living as 'research centers'. We knew the truth.

This one was one of the smaller ones, so I figured they must have sent out most of their security in an attempt to deal with us outside. Ah well, their mistake.

Our fourth ember, Night Spectre, joined us when we got closer. He was the tech of us, so he was the one that would get us in. He had brown, undyed hair that hung past his shoulders. German, like Sapphire and Turbo, they'd known each other longer then I had.

I watched as he got to work breaking into the facility, ignoring the words he said as he told the others details on his progress. I didn't care. All I cared about was killing as many Dracs as I could. It was about payback.


Ray gun blasts were flying through the air, the energy slaming into the walls with enough force to tear chunks of it away. I hissed in frustration, but was thankful that white uniforms seemed to turn people into shit shots. We ran through the building, which seemed more like a maze then when we'd first scouted it out.

And then I saw it. The exit, our way out, our freedom. So close I could almost taste the radiated air. We ran, out into the light of the desert. I could see the car already. Sapphire, Turbo and Spectre were already there waiting for us. Spectre and Sapphire we firing their own guns back at the approaching Dracs to slow their approach, but they wouldn't be able to hold them off forever. We ran towards them and I jumped in through the open back door, looking back quickly to the man following, the man I loved.

We locked eyes... just in time for me to see him get shot. "No!" The scream left my lips and Spectre had to hold me back to make sure I didn't go to him. All I could do was watch. Watch as he got shot again and again. These shots weren't normal ones, they were much too accurate, too potent.

I watched as my lover sagged to the floor, his expression of shock clear on his face. As he fell I could see his shooter. The man behind him was no ordinary Drac. He wore no mask so his pale, bald head was visible and, opposed to the standard uniform he wore a grey one, which looked almost presentable. I memorised his smirking, self satisfied face, even as the car started, driving us away.

I would get him. I would kill him and every Drac I encountered. As many as possible. As often as possible. Until I found him. And I would find him an take that smug look right off his fucking face.


"And open!" The door creaked open, revealling a corridor that was bathed in pale light. "Welcome to the Termina facility."

The four of us all entered. Sapphire's rifle was now strapped to his back, a standard ray gun now in his hand. We weren't sure what was here exactly, but we would find out. The four of us walked through the corridor, going deep into the building. As expected, all the guards seemed to have been dispatched outside, leaving no one to defend the interior. Very unwise.

We checked every room along the corridor, alternating between which of us looked inside as we went, but there was nothing of consequence. An unmanned security station for the door. A storage closet. Two rooms that looked like quarters for the Dracs, though they were no more then just a series of bunks and a table.

We kept going deeper, checking room after room, each one devoid of life. Only the primarily control room had any Dracs in it and those were dispatched before they could even pull out their guns. "Let's see what we can find..." Spectre muttered, going over to one of the control consoles and looking it over.


"We have to go back for him." I whispered, looking out into the desert. We'd set up a makeshift camp, using the tent that we always kept with us in the car, just in case. Spectre and Sapphire were inside the small space.

Turbo looked at me and shook his head. "I'm sorry. Truly I am. But he is dead. You saw him die. We all did." He paused for a moment and shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I'm not risking our lives for a body."

I hissed, stung as if he'd struck me. "This isn't just any body. This is the body of the person I love." I took a deep intake of breath to steady myself, to keep from striking him. "Who knows what they'll do to his body?"

He paused for a moment and touched my arm. "Look I understand ok? If this happened to Sapphire..."

I pulled my arm away and glared at him. "That's not real you know. You don't understand real love because he's not real."

"He's real to me!" He growled low and turned from me, stomping off back to the car.


In the end I did manage to convince them to go back, after first checking that no more Dracs were nearby. Instead we found bodies, more Drac bodies then we had left behind. Someone had come in after we had, doing at east a decent amount of damage to the Dracs.

The bald one, however, was not among the dead.

I wasn't sure how to feel about that.

The deaths of the Dracs had insured one thing though, my love was still there. He was still dead, but I was able to say goodbye and we were all able to give him a burial. It was the least we could do.


"Ah ha!" I looked up as Spectre finally said something worth mentioning. "This place used to be a research facility in the early days, when Better Living's resources were more limited." I leaned against the wall, letting him speak. Clearly he felt this information was relevent enough to tell us. "But when they started gaining access to bunkers, which were larger and more secure, this place was largely abandoned and used as storage."

"That was a lot of guards for a werehouse." Spectre gave Turbo a glare, then shook his head.

"Can I finish?" Turbo nodded, shrugging an apology. "As I was saying, this facility was turned into, as you put it, a werehouse. That was until almost two months ago." I raised an eyebrow, about to ask why, but thee he continued before my lips even parted. "A prisoner was bought here and security was doubled."

"So we'e got a prisoner to free. Where are they?"

"Rear of the complex, this way." Spectre stood and lead us out of the room and down the main corridor. After several minutes we arived at a door, which had two guards, one either side of it. I moved quickly before anyone could fire, slicing the arm off one Drac, then bisecting the other the waist, before delivering a killing blow to the other. Neither were human, so a second swing of my blade was required to decapite the one I'd cut in half, just to be on the safe side.

"We could have just shot them you know."

"I prefer slicing and dicing." I shrugged a little and let Spectre work on opening the door to get us inside.


"You have to let me go you know."

I shrugged a little at his words, then shook my head. "I love you. You can't expect me to do that."

"You have to, you know it. It's been a year Eicca." I turned to face him as he said my name. As always, he was a little... shimmery and vague but it was still him. "You need to carry on."


"For me. Because I'm asking you to Eicca. Please. Just do this for me." His voice was soft and I could almost feel him touching me. Almost. A great void seperated us now. I'd never feel his touch again.

"I'll carry on, but don't expect me to let you go. I'm not... I can't."

"I know." His shimmer leaned in and it almost felt he was kissing me. Almost.

And then he was gone.


"Got it!" The door hissed open and we collectively peered inside.

Within the small space there was a sole figure, dressed in clothing that was shredded in various places. The clothing was clearly his own, it had to much colour to be a Better Living one. The figure was a slim, were dark hair that had tips dyed flame red. It was clear he'd been pierced and those piercings had been ripped out. He cowered away, obviously terrified.

"Hello? Can you speak German?" He looked at us, eyes wide wiith fear and a total lack of recognition. So he didn't know German. Turbo switched to English. "Do you speak English?" There was recognition, a small sparkle in his eyes, but he didn't move.

"Ca ar gerdded chen!"

"What the hell kind of language is that?" I asked, frowning.

"Fi ll ddeud 'ch ddim!"

"It sounds like someone just put the alphabet in a blender." Spectre added, eying the other curiously.

"It's because he's been through a trauma." The three of us looked at Sapphire as he spoke up. "People often switch to their native language as a defence." He paused for a moment and then looked back at the captive. "I think it's Welsh."

"Welsh?" I frowned and kept my gaze on the man, who was mumbling smething else in his native tongue. "Great, so this guy's only speaking in a language we can't."

"Yeah." Sapphire stepped closer to him and the prisoner looked up, eyeing him cautiously. Sapphire switched to English, since the man had clearly understood that. "Hey, we're not here to hurt you. We're not with them, we're here to get you out of here. We'll never let them hurt you, not anymore. I promise. Please, come with us." Sapphire extended his hand to the other. It took the better part of a minute before he took it. Great a tag along.

"Let's get out of here."

I couldn't disagree with that. This place gave me the creeps.Plus the sooner we got this guy out, the sooner he'd be able to communicate with us and tell us who he was and where he'd come from.
Tags: fic, killjoys, night spectre, nitro, nitro/vampire lacerator, sapphire falls, slash, turbo wolf, vampire lacerator
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