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I feel the angels coming for me

Well it's been awhile since my last post. So here it is.

LJ is a bitch with mails. Sort it out!

Comic Relief was last week. It was pretty funny.

Still doing my Farscaoe run. I hope to get it done before I head down south, but that seems a bit unlikely. But I only have 1 series and a bit (plus Peacekeeper Wars).

I feel much better then I did, the sickness has passed now thankfully.

Give thoughts and good vibes to zombieloid and his husband, who was attacked the other day. So glad he's recovering.

Madina Lake's ep came today at last! It's pretty awesome. Love them boys! Oddly, though, they sent me Attics To Eden with it.

My earphone's fucked so I had to get a new one today. Bah.

I have an extra Kerrang if anyone wants it. It's got Sean and Gavin of The Blackout on the cover and it has an awesome poster. Padge looks so damn good! Next week's looks eh. Is a Kurt Cobain specially necessary EVERY year?

Two new Bullet fics yay!

I was considering giving up on the Killjoy fics, then inspiration finally struck so there may be on up tonight or tomorrow.

Speaking of toomrrow: Claire's coming up since mum's heading out so I won't be on too much this weekend.

I wish I could get Lego Star Wars damnit. But I need to get Pokemon White sooner for Victini.

Oh, and Panic!'s album is awesome.

Off now. Gonna fic and... I dunno.
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