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Pairing: Cheren/N
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, AU, possible underage
Notes: Ok first off I blame shebangsthedrum for this. It's all her fault! Also this is spoiler for anyone that's played/is playing/is going to play Pokemon Black/White. However, this is an AU as in everything plays out like the games, but the end of the main game is different.

I stepped through my castle, down into the depths. We'd won. Despite everything, despite all the people that were against us, we'd been sucessful. I'd been sucessful. Starting tomorrow, Pokemon everywhere would be freed from their trainers, just like I'd always wanted.

For now though I would make use of one of those who had resisted us. All had been rounded up and locked down here. All the elite, all the gym leaders, the champion and those meddlesome trainers. It was one of those trainers that I had bought to the room I now entered. He was on the bed before me, hands behind him, clothing ripped. My men had been a little too eager in their search of him, tearing his pockets to ensure they'd gotten everything.

"I'm sorry, my men appear to have gotten a little too enthusiastic." I smiled, stepping towards him. "But they had to be sure to remove any electronic devices from you as well as your Pokemon. Which are all now freed in case you were wondering." I smiled at him, watching as he glared from behind his glasses.

"They were my friends." He spoke, voice soft.

"They were your tools! You were using them for your own ends, just like all the rest." I stopped in front of him, looking down at him., "But that is beside the point now little Cheren. You are mine. And, like the others that were captured with you, you must be made an example of." I paused and watched him, expecting a response of some kind, but he only raised an eyebrow at me. I continued anyway. "My idea is simple, to take you as my own, just as you claimed so many."

"And if I refuse?"

I laughed softly and shook my head. "You act like you have a choice in the matter. You don't, just like those Pokemon had no choice to be caught by you. As such your only choice is to do this the easy way or the hard way. And believe me, you wouldn't like the hard way."

He swallowed noticeably and I smiled, reaching forward to run my fingers along his cheek. He flinched, just a little refusing to lean in to my touch. "What do you expect me to do?"

"You'll see."


I smiled at the memory, at the way he'd looked so innocent, so naive. He'd never been kissed, let alone sucked a cock or ass fucked. Oh what a difference a month makes.

I looked at him now, his hair disheveled, a collar around his slim neck and marks over his pale skin. I smiled at him, running my fingers through his dark locks and jerking his head back. He didn't resist me, indeed he leaned into my hand just a little which made a smirk cross my lips. My cock twitched slightly in my pants and I knew I had to fuck his sweet ass again.

"In position you little slut." The second I Iet go of his hair, he scrambled into position, on all fours, his bare ass pushed up and out. Perfect.

He wasn't the only one of the captives I'd kept of course. Out of all of them I kept five for myself, the rest going to whoever wanted them. Little Cheren, though, was my main prize. Some would think it strange that I considered him my prize as opposed to the main trainer that tried to stop me. Sure, he was one of those I kept, but there was just something about Cheren.

I undid my pants, licking my lips a little as I freed my erecton. I reached down and slipped the dildo that I always kept inside him out from his little ass. It always paid to have him ready, since I'd never know when I'd get a hard-on and I didn't wanna waste time preparing. I removed the rubber fully from him, casting it aside and lining up.

In a quick thrust I was inside him, filling him up with enough force to make him almost lose his balance. I bit back a small moan at the feel of him, still amazed at how tight he felt. You'd think after a month of fucking he'd stop feeling so tight. My hands shifted down his lithe body, my nails leaving scratch marks to mark their journey to his sides. I settled them on his hips, gripping onto them hard as I fucked him.

I studied his back as I slammed into him, my balls slapping against his ass. His back was marred, with scars from where I'd hit him. At first it was just to get him to be obedient, but then I realised he was actually liking it, so I kept it up. Now when I hurt him I was doing it as much for him as it was for me. I groaned low, feeling his insides clench around me, responding to my harsh thrusts.

My fingertips played with the ring aruond the base of his dick, the tight black rubber clinging to his little hardness. I'd had to get one specially made for him because he was so small. I still recall the little humiliated sobs he made when I told him that. It made my dick throb within him. "Harder, please..." I barely heard him over his own whimpers, but the words were there. "Please sir."

I chuckled low, increasing the speed of my thrusts as he requested. "Since you begged so nicely slut..." He moaned even louder now, which made it all worthwhile. As I thumbed his cockring, I consdered removing it, but decided not to. No, he'd get to cum later if he behaved. I licked my lips, spitting at his back, my green hair brushing against his marred skin as I did so.

In the end this was my victory. Taking the trainers that had resisted me and turning them into my willing, obedient little sluts. Don't get me wrong, this was really only a secondary victory compared to my main objective, but it was still a victory. My main goal was to liberate Pokemon from their trainers, which I had done. At last check almost 80% of the trainers in this region had given their Pokemon up, with the rest sure to follow.

And yet it felt strangely hollow. Like maybe, just maybe, what we were doing wasn't the right thing. Whenever such thoughts came into my head I shook them off and fucked one of my sluts until they went away.

I spat at the boy below me again, slamming deep within him. Cheren was the best at that, the best at making me lose myself, lose my thoughts. That was why he was my real prize. The needy little slut that pushed his ass back against my cock, clenched tight in all the right ways and moaned like a cheap whore.

That was all it took, a low, needy moan that was accompanied by an especially tight clench of his insides, and that was me done. I dug my nails into his hips and came deep inside him in quick, hard burst, my eyelids lidding just as a little and my breathing coming out in harsh pants. In moments I was out of him and the dildo was rplaced iin his needy, twitching pucker.

"Don't worry my little whore." I purred, running my fingers through his hair, making it do that little spike he used to have. "You'll get to shoot you little load later."

"Yes sir." He whispered, nodding a little, pressing his glasses back up his nose with one finger. I smiled, perching myself on the bed, gripping his hair a little harder.

"For now though, clean my cock." I growled, pulling him close to my cock with my hand in his hair.

"Yes Lord N." I barely heard those words again, before he took my length down between his lips, his tongue flitting over me to clean me.
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