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Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Prompt: 45: Role play
Warnings: Some BDSM
Notes: First 50kinkyways fic in a while. Hope to get back into doing them soon. This is primarily based on this picture which I've wanted to do for awhile. This is also for cat_8191

I squirmed slightly in my seat, feeling a little strange in the outfit I was in. When we did that shoot for AP I thought that would be the last time I'd ever have to wear a schoolboy uniform, but Jay had decided to keep them all. In fact none of us had known he had until a few hours ago.

Beside me, Matt and Moose we dressed in almost identical outfits to my own, the only real difference was our trousers. We were sat at a makeshift desk, which was actually just a normal table with chairs along it. Across the wooden surface before us were papers, probably supposed to represent work but none of us were really looking at it.

At last, Jay came in and the three of us all turned to look at him. He wore his uniform, just with a jacket over his outfit. I guessed he was supposed to be the teacher but I'd never seen a teacher with a mohawk before. I looked at him, biting lower lip and shifting a little more in my seat. Like on the day of the shoot, I had a problem with my dick getting hard. There was just something strangely sexy about him, and the others, dressed like that.

"Do you know why you're here?" His voice was as soft as ever, but it was strangely authorititive. shook my head as did Moose. Of course Matt was the one that spoke up.

"No, you've not told us you..." Before Matt could finish, Jay was in front of him, hand in his hair and he had him pulled over the table in one quick movement.

"Don't talk back." Jay reached back and pulled off his tie one handed, stuffing the knot and end of the stripy material into Matt's mouth, using the loop of it to keep it in place. "There, much better." He glanced at Moose, then at me. "You are here because you are all bad boys." He paused, looking at Matt, still bent over the table, before returning his gaze to Moose. "You, get this boy's trousers down."

"Yes sir." Moose stood and got behind Matt, reaching around to undo his fly. In a few seconds he had Matt's trousers down around his ankles so that his arse was clearly on display.

Jay picked up something and came around the table. "Good boy." I blinked at what he held in his hand, one of those wooden meter long rulers. "Now you, Matt, will learn to stop mouthing off." Jay lifted the ruler up and swung it at Matt's arse. Despite being the shortest of us, he was quite strong, so the blow made Matt cry out loud enough to be heard despite the tie. "Hold him down." Jay growled, indicating both me as well as Moose, since Matt clearly wasn't going to stay in place. The pair of us got in place either side of him, our hands pinning him down to the desk before Jay resumed hitting him, each blow leaving a red strip on his arse. Each hit also made him let out a sound of pain behind the makeshift gag.

I quickly lost track of how many times he struck him, but Jay eventually stopped. Matt's ass was bright red now, all the strips now no longer clearly visible. "That should do." Jay's voice was a little breathless and he settled the ruler down under the desk. "You." He turned to Moose, whose trousers were already bulging. "Fuck him."

"Yes sir." Moose wasn't a person that needed to be told twice where such things were concerned. As quickly as he had with Matt's, he had his own trousers down and his cock out. When Jay moved aside, Moose took his place and sank his cock into him. Just like when Jay was hitting him, he made moans at every thrust, probably because Moose's thighs hit his sore cheeks.

While I watched I almost forgot about Jay, Moose's fierce thrusts an adequate distraction. That was until I felt fingers thread through my hair and hot breath on my neck. "Over the desk bitch." He growled, his fingers pulling my head back a little. "Unless you want a beating."

"Yes sir." I squirmed and did as he asked, bending over the table so my face was level with Matt's arse, so I had a perfect view of Moose's knob pounding him. I licked my lips, feeling Jay bring my arms behind my back roughly, securing them in place with what felt like a belt around my wrists. Once that was done he worked open my trousers, pulling them down to my ankles. That was followed by the sounds of his own flies being undone and the feeling of his thick dick between my hairy cheeks.

Like the others had no doubt done, I had made sure I was ready for a fuck before I came. Matt at least had done the same, otherwise Moose would never have entered him so easily. So when Jay gripped my cheeks and thrust inside, I took it like the pro I now was, only letting out a slight grunt at the intrusion. "Fuck..." I heard him hiss behind me as he filled me up to the hilt. It was, by now, a familiar feeling but it was one that always made my dick throb and moans leave my lips.

Soon he had set up a pace, not quite as fast as Moose's thrusts right beside my head, which my eyes were locked on. I couldn't help it. It was hot. I wasn't quite sure which was turning me on more, Jay's dick pummelling me or the sight before me. Probably a bit of both.

I watched as Moose's thrusts got harder, more erratic and animalistic. Matt was groaning behind the gag louder now, probably knowing Moose was close to blowing his load. Moose's hands were on his cheeks, which were now much less red but no doubt still sore. Grunts were leaving the drummer's throat and he slammed in just a few more times before his head tipped back and and he let out a louder grunt, filling him up.

"You can go now." I heard Jay say from behind me. "Take him with you."

"Yes sir." Moose noded as he stepped back, but before he did anything else, he removed his tie. I watched, curious, as he wiped his cock with the material, then he rubbed it along Matt's arse crack, keeping it in place for a few moments. Before leaving, he stuffed the material in my mouth, smirking as the taste of his cum, sweat and Matt's ass filled my senses. I watched him take hold of Matt's tie, yanking him out by it as they left the room.

That left us, with Jay's cock slamming into me harder now that we were alone. "Yeah fuck, take it bitch." He growled, one hand in my hair keeping my head bent back, his other gripping my arse. "Yeah, you like that don't you?" I groaned behind the tie gag, nodding as best I could despite his grip. His other hand moved slightly so his fingers were rubbing at the space where our bodies joined. For a couple of seconds I thought he was going to sink them inside me, but he didn't, instead moving his hand again. He grasped my cock, wanking me firmly as he fucked me, growling each time. "You better cum you little slut or I'll..." He didn't have time to finish the sentance as I spilled, shooting across my shirt in hot, sticky bursts, my eyes lidding.

"Fuck.... yeah." I felt him copy me, his load filling me up seconds after I'd shot over myself, a low cross between a growl and a groan leaving his lips. He remained in me for a little while, until his breath had almost returned to normal, then he slipped out, wiping his dick across the hairs of my arse before circling me. He tugged the tie out of my mouth, checking if it was clean before nodding. "Very good." He whispered, offering his hand, which had a few traces of my load on it, which I dutifully licked away.

"That was fun." He whispered, character now definitely broken. I nodded, looking up at him and after licking along one of his sticky fingers.

"Mmmm it was." I paused to lick my lips, my eyes meeting his. "Can you untie me now?"

He laughed and shook his head, a grin lighting up his face. "Nah I wanna see if you can drink a beer hands free." I flipped him off and he laughed again, leaning down to kiss my cheek. "Come on then, before I get a hard-on again." I smiled and got to my feet, which was surprisingly hard when your hands were bound, then I followed him to get the booze, eyes on his sexy arse. Next time I'd have to fuck it.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, matt tuck, matt tuck/moose, moose, padge, slash
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