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So I'm still feeling all icky and stuff. Bah. Maybe I'll see the doctor.

I have, though, finished the main game of Pokemon so now I'm exploring the new unlocked areas. The Poketransfer professor is so based on the Doctor. Who else says molto bene and, more obviously, allonsy?

And also slowpoke is so cute! I love Slowpoke! Gonna go back on later to do the daily things.

I now (as of friday) have all the Farscape dvds. Woo! And now I'm on season 3, which is so gonna make me sad when I next put it on.

I finally watched the first two Death Note films cause they were on Film 4. It's different from the anime, though not in a bad way. Well it is a big difference but you know, it works better. Well I think so anyways.

I may watch the L one tonight.

Booo at Noel nit winning the comic relief thing. And ugh at those tap dancing twits winning.

Link time:
*lonelydays17 did some art based on the unicorning Waycest I did which is awesome
*They also did a Gerard and Ricky fic
*Yay for new Bullet porn! The last Come Play With Me
*And one by saur! Here
*Right now zombieloid is on his way to Spain to get married to his boyfriend. Yay! < 333
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