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After The Extraction

After The Extraction
Pairing: None for this part
Rating: PG-13
Notes: So at the moment I'm sick, so my mind's unable to focus enough to start the next proper Killjoys fic (for which I need to set up names etc since there'll be new people in it). So instead, he's a ficlet I came up with today. I decided awhile back that there'd be a few ficlets as well as full blown fics too. Unlike the other ficlets I have planned, I came up with this today randomly and figured I shuld just do it. So, yeah. It's set right after the last one.

"So, how did the extraction go?"

I looked up from behind my desk, greeted by the image of Bulletproof Sunshine, clad in clothing that was red and purple. He looked right at me, curiousity clear in his eyes. I leaned back and nodded a little. "It went well."

"No casualties?"

"The Killjoys are all fine." I replied, watching him as his eyes darted left and right, searching. "Looking for something?"

"Someone actually." He took a few steps forward and perched on my desk, a position Show Pony often took up. "The subject. My people are curious about them."

"If you're that curious you should have took up the mission to retrieve them." I countered, leaning back in my seat, studying him closely. He'd given an excuse not to, left purposely vague and I hadn't asked anymore about it. He had, however, suggested the Killjoys take it instead. He'd been oddly insistant about that.

He chuckled and shook his head. "It took us the better part of two months to decode the information to lead you there. Naturally we're curious about what you found."

I considered for a moment, then nodded. It wouldn't hurt to tell him about the girl. Maybe he, or someone among his group might recognise her. Or knew someone that might. "Alright. The Killjoys found a girl down there. She looks about ten to twelve years old, but who knows what theyve done to her. For all we know her aging could've been accelerated or decelerated. We don't even know what they were doing to her." He looked a little shocked, maybe that it was a girl or that she'd been so young. Hard to tell. "She has no memory of anything really, but she can talk well enough. If we had the equipment to do genetic testing we could find something out but you know how things are."

"Where is she now?" He asked, voice a little softer then before, without it's edge.

"With the Killjoys. They figure she's better off with them, at least they can keep her safe. Jet's named her Grace for now." He nodded and I reached into my desk, pulling out a photograph wed taken of her before she left. "Take this, see if anyone knows anything."

He glanced at the picture briefly, his eyes lingering for a few seconds on her face, before he folded the paper and slipped it into his pocket. "I will." Again his voice was soft, before he stood and looked back at me. "I should get back. Thanks for the heads up. And give the Killjoys my love."

I nodded, but wasn't sure he'd even caught it as he was already heading out. "Is everything ok?"

He stopped, just a few steps from the exit. "Everything's fine." It felt like a lie, not even a half hearted one at that. "Really, it is." Before I could question him further he was moving again, stopping just before leaving. "Thanks for the picture, I'll see what I can find." And with that, he was gone, leaving me with the same questions I'd had at our last encounter, with a few more besides. Still, I had to try not to let it show.

That and I was still bothered by this girl, this test subject. Exactly what was being tested on her? I wished the Killjoys hadn't shot first and asked questions later, but I couldn't really blame them. Anyone would've done the same. We could've gone back to see if there was anything useful left if Fun Ghoul hadn't thought it was a good idea to set the self destruct.

I sighed softly and rubbed my fingers against my forehead. I just hoped that keeping the kid around was a good thing for them and not some death sentance. I guessed I should be more optimistic. After all, it was worth it just to see Jet like that. Actually smiling. Looking like he was happy. I'd not seen him like that since, well...

And still no one seemed to know what happened to those four. I should've asked Bulletproof, just in case his tech could find out.

Pony should be back any minute. I'd get him to take my mind off it all.
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