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Pairing: Ray Toro/Ricky Rebel
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: Porn
Notes: First off, this fic is for the Random Pairing Generator Challenge and the prompt was Ray/Ricky - Domination. If you guys wanna get in on the challenge then go, there's still time. Anyway so yeah. This probably coud've gone down a much kinkier way, but katiexrawr gave me this idea so I went with it. Yay!

"Thanks for coming, We'll let you know." I waved off the last boy, sighing to myself after he left the room shyly. This was Gerard's project and I wasn't entirely sure why he'd left this to me. He should be the one who decided who got this part. After all, he'd cast everyone else. I didn't understand what made this last person, who was listed in the sketch merely as being 'Dr D's friend', was my decision.

I rubbed my forehead lightly and sat back. All I'd seen so far was boy after boy, none of them seeming quite right to me. I guessed that was strange since I basically just had Gerard's sketch to go on which didn't really even reveal the guy's face. He had specified, though, that it had to be a guy, which he'd had to state since the sketch kept things vague.

I guessed I'd better see the next one. I pressed the intercom and leaned over to it. "Send the next one in please." I sat back and waited for the next boy, not sure what to expect just as I'd done before. I turned on the camera and waited.

It took a minute or two for the door to open, then in stepped, or more to the point rolled, the next one. I raised a slight eyebrow at him coming in with rollerskates on. If nothing else, this kid got points for originality. I gave him a quick once over as he shut the door, noting how he was wearing tight black leather pants and a dark blue top that showed off his middle. In short, he didn't look too far off the sketch. He had jet black hair, almost to his shoulders and he was, generally, a slim pretty boy.

Once the door was closed he rolled the short distance to me and stuck out his hand. "Hi, I'm Ricky Rebel and I'm here for the audition." I smiled and nodded, taking his hand and giving it a firm shake. "You're that guy from My Chemical Romance aren't you? Ray Toro."

"Yeah, that's me." None of the kids had known exacty what they were auditioning for, so all of them had been surprised to see me. Although Ricky here was the first one not to look disappointed that Gerard wasn't the one here. "So, how about you show me what you can do?"

He nodded and rolled into the center of the room. Gerard hadn't given me much of a brief. As to what was expected from 'Dr D's friend' other then to stand around and look good. It always paid off to see what they expected from the role, then I'd go from there.

Apparently Ricky took the part to mean dancing. At first it was just simple moves, involving him rolling around the small space and striking various poses with his arms. He incorporated a few finger guns to his movements, which made me wonder both how much he knew and how one of those rayguns would look in his hands. I had to admit, he was making better use of the space then any of the others had.

After a few minutes he stopped in the middle again and I expected that he was done but he surprised me again. Instead of finishing he started bending back and shit, that was some skill. He'd bent back fully so his hands were planted on the floor behind him. I shifted slightly in my chair, feeling myself start to get had at the sight of him like that, especially since his legs were slightly parted and his tee had rode up to show even more of his perfect skin.

I bit my lip, then watched as he straightened back up, looking at me with a slightly nervous smile. "So, what do you think?"

I nodded and smiled at him appreciatively. "That's a pretty good job, best of the day in fact." He smiled brightly at the praise and it just made him look so pretty. "Now we have to see how well you take direction." He nodded and leaned forward a little, apparently eager to hear what I had to say. I thought for a moment, not actually having done this with any of the others so I wasn't terribly sure what to ask from him. "How about you do a spin, with your arms up above your head?"

He nodded and instantly did as I told, raising his arms up high before spinning a few times on the spot. I stared, enthralled by the sight of him. He was the one, definitely. "Now make your fingers into a gun and point them at me." He did as I asked again, then moved his fingers around as if shooting different targets around the room. I nodded appreciatively. "How good are you at kicks?" He turned so that he side on to me, then made a few kicks, getting surprisingly high. Must be due to how bendy he was.

"Ok now, on your knees." He got down withut question, probably assuming it was another part of the audition. He didn't give it a second thought and got down on his knees, looking up at me expectantly.

I stood up and moved around the desk until I stood in front of him. "Now, get it out."

"Excuse me?" I raised my eyebrow at him and nodded down to my crotch. "But..."

"You want the part dont you?" He nodded slightly and looked up, gnawing his lip. "You have to prove to me that you can follow directions." He paused, then reached up and undid my pants, freeing my cock. He gasped softly, eyes on my length as he awaited my next direction. "You suck a guy off before?"

"No one as big as you." I smirked just a little at his response, before nodding.

"Then get on it." And he did. He took to it with the same sort of enthusiasm as he had when he danced. Half my shaft was down his throat in the blink of an eye. "Fuck..." I hissed softly, his lips squeezing me just right, his tongue lapping along my underside in all the right ways. He sure knew how to suck dick. His head bobbed up and down slowly along my length, humming softly. He bought his hands up, pushing my pants down a little more, his fingers reaching down to cradle my balls. Oh this boy was good. Perfect.

I kept my eyes on him, watching as he took more of me each time he bobbed down. He almost had the whole thing now, something most couldnt manage. I licked my lips, threading my fingers through his hair, but I just held his head, not pushing him down. Choking on my cock had frequently ruined the mood before and I didn't want to scare off the best guy I'd seen today.

He purred, the vibrations going through my length and getting me closer. "Shit..." I gripped his hair tighter, knowing I was getting closer already. I couldn't help that he was just so hot and the tight pants showed off the perfect curve of his ass. Or that the tee rode up to show more of his skin. Or the way he moved and sucked and just... looked so good.

I gripped his hair tighter, groaning low in my throat as I thrust my hips and came down his throat. I let go, panting softly as I let him off, watching as he licked his lips before wiping them with the back of his hand. He looked up at me, eyes expectant and darkened with lust. I took a few moments to tuck myself away before answering him. "You've got the part, congratulations." I paused and smiled, returning to my seat. "Do you want to finish up?" I nodded towards his bulging crotch and licked my lips when he nodded. "Then you best get it out and do it then."
Tags: fic, my chemical romance, ray toro, ray toro/ricky rebel, ricky rebel, slash
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