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I have held the future in hands

Well it'd seem I'm still sick. Ugh. I feel awful now again.

Last night I watched Wonders Of The Universe, but for some reason (likely still being sick) my science brain couldn't engage. Stupid brain. I may watch it again when I feel better.

Yay! Bullet porn!

And speaking of Bullet, there's a new interview where they're cock obsessed, we learn Padge knits and Jay got fingered!

In terms of Pokemon I did little yesterday. I had a go on the Battle Subway (Klang owns it like a fucker!) and backtracked places that needed surf. But that's it. I may progress later though. Doing that, exploring instead of rushing like my cousin) proved fruitful though. I found thunderbolt and a couple of other things too. Woo!

Ok, the main reason for this post is what I saw in Cannock today. So I took an earlier bus then usual (mostly by mistake) so I had some time to kill. So I did what I usually do, look in random shops and then I went in Gamestation and I am so glad they did. Why?

They had a 3DS and were letting people have demos!

Everyone in the uk, go to a Gamestation and see if they have one, because it's worth it. I went on one of the AR cards. It's just so cool! I keep wondering how the fuck it works to make targets and shit pop out the card. There was even a huge fucking dragon! So cool! And the 3D's so awesome. I actually thought the dragon was coming out at me.

I so, so can't wait to get Ocarina. Everything in it will be so awesome. My first thought on seeing the AR dragon was 'how the fuck is Volvagia gonna look then?'. Everything'll look so good. I wanna see it all. Zora's Domain, the Shadow Temple, the Water Temple 9which I actually like...) and yes, Sheik's ass. Just, I cant wait.

Plus it's so sparkly!

The guy that letme have a go was nice and helpful to. And he's got Pokemon too. And the manager's waiting for Ocarina like me. It shows they'd all been going on the AR lots too cause their scores were 3 times as fast as mine. Boo!

Going now, may nap after finishing this Battle Subway.
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