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Weak Pokemon, strong Pokemon

So because I got lumbered with my cousin, I've spent more time on Pokemon then intended. He was ugh though. I mean he was here two days and all he helped me out on was evolving one Pokemon by trading and me using the entralink thing (which I still don't get). Ugh. And, in two days, from driving through it like a steamroller, he's beaten the Elite Four already. The fuck?

Anyway, thoughts here. Bullet pointed and hopefully not too spoilery.

*I think Cheren is attractive. He reminds me of Uyruu from Bleach
*N is also hot. Though seriously? A letter for a name? You do not either a: work for the MI5 in bond or b: eat sweets and sit funny.
*The graphics are amazing. The screencaps in magazines and stuff don't really do it justice.
*Dragon skeleton!
*It's nice to see that the gym leaders are actually getting off their arses and doing something about the Team this time. Seriously it just makes the others seem lazy and uncaring
*The gyms are all awesome. And they are all like fucking TARDISes I swear.
*No rod until after the Elite Four? What is this fuckery?
*The seasons seem interesting
*TMs are now unlimited uses. Fuck yeah.
*I like the basic message, that it's good to be different.
*I like that it's all new Pokemon. It's tricky.
*The badges are pretty
*Little things like Pokemon's eyes closing when they're asleep, are nice touches

Behind the cut is my team. In order of me meeting them.

This is the grass Pokemon Serperior. He's the evolved form of the starter, Snivy.

This is the water Pokemon Panpour. You get a Pokemon like this depending on your starter (so water gets you the fire one and fire gets you the grass).

This is the electric Pokemon Zebstrika. It always pays to have an electric type

This is the flying/psychic Pokemon Swoobat. LOOK AT THE CUTE!!

This is the fighting Pokemon Conkeldurr. Basically it's there cause it's powerful.

This is the steel Pokemon Klang. COGS! As soon as I saw them (like Swoobat) I knew I had to have one on my team. It's so cute!

I may change one Pokemon before the Elite Four (although it's doubtful) but yeah, that's my team.

Looking forward to tomorrow as a: I can sleep and b: Brian Cox is on tv! Fuck yeah!
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