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Room 409

Room 409
Pairing: Kobra Kid/Party Poison
Rating: NC-17
POV: Kobra
Warnings: None really.
Notes: The next Killjoys fic. This is a direct follow up from the last one (Look Alive Sunshine). It's also the first one not to have porn in it, but hopefully it'll be interesting enough anyways. From now on I shoud do one Killjoy fic a week, because I have quite a bit plotted out in my head.

The trip from Dr D's was spent mostly in silence. In fact, the only time we'd talked was when we'd stopped to look over the information about the place we were heading. Gehenna, as it was called, used to be an old military bunker. It was a pretty small one though, especially in comparison to others that we'd seen. I glanced at the pad, trying my best to memorise the route we'd have to take. It was pretty straightforward really.

I glanced sidelong at Jet, who sat beside me in the back. Even while planning he'd been quiet. We all knew why, what was still on his mind. I knew where he'd gone at night, not that I'd try to stop him or even say anything to him. If I lost my brother I'd probably do exactly what he did. I just wished there was something I, or any of us, could do to comfort him. Ghoul told me he thought it was best just to let him work it out on his own, otherwise we'd do more harm then good. I had to agree.

We stopped as close as we could to the facility, just over a nearby hill, then we all got out and made our way towards it. There was no need to be stealthy as there weren't any cameras on the plans. "Everyone ready?" My brother asked as we moved, the bunker's entrance visible in front of us. We all nodded, getting our rayguns out at the ready. I noticed how hesitant Jet was at getting it out, but he did so anyway.

"Ok. Here goes nothing." Poison took a deep breath, then slipped the card through the reader that was beside the door. There was a tense few moments as we stood we baited breath before the door finally creaked open. Beyond was an elevator, which we all piled into before Poison pressed the button to take us down.

"Remember, we go down the corridor, take the first right, then left and down the stairwell to the bottom." I felt the need to remind them, just to be on the safe side. They nodded to indicate they'd heard and we collectively took in a breath when the elevator came to a stop.

The doors slide open, revealing the corridor beyond. The place was eeriely quiet, but I tried not to think about it too much, stepping out after my brother did. It wasn't until after we turned the first corner that we ran into a Drac, but we caught him by surprise, shooting him in the chest until he crumpled to the floor like a rag doll. "We have to hurry now." Poison started running, but I noticed Jet stopped to remove the Drac's mask. I knew why he was doing it. I wished he wouldn't do it to himself though.

I didn't look, just kept moving on, shooting the the Drac we saw once we got to the stairs, then heading down, taking them two at a time. I knew we all just wanted this over as soon as possible. We regrouped at the bottom of the stairs before heading on down the next corridor. This one, unlike the one above, was much darker with red lighting. We moved down this one slowly, the darkness and light making us much more suspicious of what we may find down here. Each door had a number on it, also illuminated by the same red as the lighting. We were looking for 409, so I knew we were getting close to it when we went by 405.

I wondered what we'd find there. A test subject was pretty vague. It didn't even mean that the subject was human or even what the tests were.

Finally we arrived at the door and I held back in case anyone came from behind us. I heard my brother activate the door, hearing the hiss of it opening. "I'll check it out." I heard Ghoul step inside and then he gasped. By the time I twisted my head around he was back in the corridor. "Fuck this. Fuck them! I'm dusting em all!" He then took off, running as fast as he could towards the stairs.

"Ghoul wait!" Poison yelled from behind me, then stepped back. "You and Jet do what we came for, I'll stop him friom getting himself killed."

I nodded and watched my brother leave before turning to the task at hand. Jet was already in the room, so I followed him in, blinking at what I saw.

The room was large, filled with various pieces of medical equipment. The monitors were all linked up to tubes and wires which lead to the center of the room where there was a bed, upon which lay our target. The test subject was a human, which wasn't surprising really. What was surprising, was that that it was a girl. She had to be younger then 12, although it was hard to tell. "Holy fuck..."

Jet was there beside her already, pulling out the wires and tubes as quickly and carefully as he could. "We have to get her out of here." His voice was cracking a little and I nodded, coming over and helping him remove them too. How the fuck could they do this to her? Did they have no hearts at all? No wonder Ghoul had run off like that.

"Intruder alert. All Dracs to sector 1B." My thoughts were interrupted by the hollow automated voice starting up from some unseen speaker.

"Does it mean us?" Jet asked, worry in his voice as he lifted the girl up into his arms. The sheets that covered her were all she had on, so Jet made sure to keep them tight to her body as he held her.

I shook my head. "That's the upper floor, nowhere near where we should be." I frowned a little and sighed. "I guess Ghoul really is ghosting everyone here." Jet nodded and made his way out, effortlessly carrying her like she was nothing. I decided that, before following him, I'd get rid of whatever was here, so I blasted every single monitor and computer in the room before following him out.

He was already halfway to the stairs before I caught up with him, but that was ok. There seemed to be no Dracs down here and any that would be around would be too distracted by Ghoul to worry about us. To be safe though I went ahead of Jet and the girl for the rest of the way, leading them back the way we came. I heard raygun fire and the sounds of explosions and dropping of hit bodies, the air tinged now with the faint hint of smoke as we moved back towards the lift.

I hoped my brother and Ghoul would make it out, but I couldn't leave Jet to go make sure. I bit my lip a little and got in the elevator with Jet, pressing the button to send us back up. It's what my brother would do, what he'd want us to do.


We managed to get to the car and that was where we waited. Jet had settled the girl in the back, his jacket draped over her shoulders as he stroked her hair gently. She was sleeping still, or sedated it was unclear which. Maybe it was some mix of both. I hoped she'd be alright.

I, meanwhile, was standing outside, leaning against the car to keep watch for Poison, Ghoul or any Dracs that might follow them. We'd been out here a good twenty minutes now. Maybe Ghoul was living up to his word, not leaving until there was noone, nothing, left. How long could it take to ghost the Dracs posted there? There couldn't be that many after all, the space was too small for that. The pad listed room for as many as 50 individuals, but I doubted there was even half that there.

I sighed softly, glancing back inside the car. And then there was her. This girl. A test subject surely, but for what? New drugs? Poison? Mind control? Who knew what she was capable of. Did she have a family? Someone who was missing her, or had they taken her from an orphanage, or, perhaps worse, force grown her for their purposes. Whatever she was, she was nothing more then a lab rat to them.

I took a deep breath and looked back in the direction of the bunker. We'd know more, perhaps, when she woke. For now all we had was questions, but at least she was something for Jet to focus on. Perhaps she'd help take his mind off his loss.

I looked up when I heard movement, sighing in relief when I saw the familiar colourful forms of my brother and Ghoul. Thank fuck for that.


"You didn't say she'd be a girl. That's the kind of information you should share you know?" Ghoul was pacing, though his eyes, filled with fire, remained locked on Dr D. He was calmer now then he was, but there was still rge inside him, just beneath the surface. What we'd seen today had just strengthedn his resolve. "We could've prepared for it."

"I didn't know anything about the subject." Dr D replied, leaning forward from his chair. We'd come straight here, not knowing where else to go. "If I'd known anything more I woud have told you."

Ghoul's eyes narrowed and it was obvious he wasn't entirely certain what he was hearing was the truth. I could see that Show Pony, leaning against the wall as he had in our previous meeting, was tensed up too. Perhaps he knew something else, but his reaction on seeing the girl was proof enough to me that he had no idea about her.

My brother touched Ghoul's shoulder, then stood between the two men. "What's going to happen to her? Where should we take her?"

Dr D shruggged, shaking his head. "I expected the subject to be an adult. The fact that she's not means I honestly have no idea." He leaned back in his seat, casting his gaze over us. "I leave the choice to you. There's several orphanages that you could..."

"No. She stays with us." Collectively we all turned our heads to the source of those words, to Jet Star. "It's the only way we can be sure she's safe. If we gave her away she could end up back with them, back like she was." Jet turned to face Poison, as if to make sure he had no problems with that.

It took him a few moments, as if weighing things out in his mind before he spoke. "Well we need to get her some clothes."

"I know a place." Pony spoke up, for the first time since we'd gotten inside. "They should have stuff her size."

So it was settled. I glanced back at Jet and he was smiling, for the first time I'd seen in awhile. It wasn't a full smile, but it was a start. He darted out of the room, back to where we'd left the kid and I followed him in. She was curled up on the makeshift bed, sleeping soundly now. She woken briefly in the car, but we'd learned nothing from her. I think she had her mind wiped.

"She'll need a name." I spoke from the doorway, watching as Jet sat beside the bed to check that she was still alright. "I think you should be the one that gives it her."

He nodded slightly, his curls bouncing. "Yeah..." He looked down at her, then spoke with a strange sort of certainty, as if the name had been in his head for longer then just today. "Grace."

"Grace it is." I nodded slightly, not one to question it. "I'll go let the others know."
Tags: dr death defying, fic, fun ghoul, jet star, killjoys, kobra kid, kobra kid/party poison, party poison, show pony, slash
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