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Spread Legs Not Lies

Spread Legs Not Lies
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Porn
Notes: So yeah. This is the obligatory MCR-and-The-Blackout-toured-so-there-must-be-porn fic. And now I wasn't gonna make it the 11 10 of them all in an orgy (though I'm sure they did) because do you have any idea how hard that is to write? So yeah. I asked people what they wanted and (as predicted) it ended up being the Ways and Sean (which makes me feel sorry for the others really). But yeah. Will I do a fic with the others? Probably not, at least not for the foreseeable future anyway. So yeah, I got stuck for ideas so the basis of this ended up coming for antontobias86's idea, so yay!

"You know, he kinda looks like you." Ray whispered in my ear, the curls of his hair tickling the skin of my neck.

"Who? The blonde?" He nodded again and I shrugged. I guessed there was a quality. I glanced sidelong at my brother, who seemed to be drooling just a little. Perhaps he was thinking the same. I looked back at the blonde onstage, studying him intently. I didn't know much about him really. I knew his name, that he sung and that he was Welsh, but he made those things known whenever he got onstage. There were also whispers that he was a cockslut. Whispers from reliable sources. "A little I guess. From a distance"

I shifted from Ray, heading to my brother to whisper in his ear. We'd have to do something about him.


Getting Sean to our room was a feat I'd left to my brother. While I was a lot more confident then I had been, I was still prone to bouts of awkwardness, especially around people I didn't know too well.

Sure enough he was sucessful, standing in the doorway with the blonde on his arm. Both of them looked quite fussed, hair slightly messy and lips wet. Clearly they'd at least made out on the way up here. Seems the whispers were true.

I watched as Gerard tugged the blonde inside. No sooner had the door shut then Gerard was working on removing Sean's clothing. I smirked a little and settled back to watch, their lips colliding as they kissed. I wasn't gonna lie, it turned me on so much to see him kiss other guys. His hands were on Sean, fingers stroking his bare skin. "Lose the pants and get on the bed." My brother spoke, the words soft yet commanding. Sean, who seemed like he'd usually talk back, just nodded and did as he was told, undoing his flies and slipping them down. Gerard had that effect on people.

I studied Sean as he undressed. He had tattoos, but nothing major that I could make out from here. He didn't have any piercings either. The most distinctive feature of his was his hair, dyed blonde like mine. He was bigger then I, weight wise anyway. "You been with guys before?" Gerard asked casually, as if we were just conversing backstage, not like we were gonna fuck the blonde out of his hair.

"Yeah." He replied, kicking his pants away. "A few." I had a feeling that was code for a lot and he didn't want to come across as a slut. He paused, then looked right at me for a moment. "Dunno if there's anyone you guys would know though."

"Oh there is." Gerard replied with a smirk and nodded, looking him over like I was. "Been with brothers before?"

"A few." He replied, probably being purposely vague. He stopped, fingers hooked in the waistband of his boxers. "I have a brother actually, we've.. you know." He didn't finish the sentance, but I got what he meant despite the vagueness. Fuck, I wished we'd known that beforehand. He stopped talking and pushed his underwear down so that we got a view of his cock. Well, he wasn't small that was for sure. He didn't have the biggest dick I'd seen, thanks to Toro, but it was still pretty big. He smiled at our reaction, then pushed then he laid down on the bed, parting his legs a little. His fully erect cock made quite a visual, sticking up with a slight curve, the head a little shiny, veins along the shaft throbbing. A small smile played on his lips and he turned, looking at Gerard. "What do you want me to do?"

"Lube yourself up. It's in the top drawer." I smirked a little at that. Whenever we stayed in hotels he'd always chuck the lube in the top drawer, right next to the bible. A kind of fuck you to religion. "You have five minutes." Gerard crossed the room to me, not waiting for Sean to even respond. He pulled me up from my seat then kissed me, his fingers gripping the hem of my t-shirt and pulling it up urgently. The kiss was broken long enough for him to remove it, then I took advantage of the break to do the same to him. He did look much better without the clothing, at least I thought so anyway.

My fingers ran across his skin, down to his waistband. I heard Sean moan, but ignored it, grinding my clothed erection against Gerard's instead. I worked to remove his pants, opening his fly with nimble fingers so I could get them off him easier. Once they dropped, I parted from him to get mine off, smiling at him once we were both fully naked.

We glanced back at Sean, who had two fingers up inside himself, thrusting them in and out. I wet my lips lightly and leaned in close. "Who goes where?" I whispered in his ear, my palm on his ass.

"Take his mouth." I noded and we walked over to Sean together, taking up positions either side of the bed. "That's enough." Gerard smiled, grasping Sean's wrist and pulling it away so his fingers slipped out. My brother glanced at me, then we each took an end of Sean and turned him until his head was hanging off the bed level with my dick. I smiled and took my dick in hand, rubbing it over his face. He looked up at me, mouthing along my cock when he could, his eyes sparkling a little. It was hard not to just push my cock in between those lips of his. I knew it was for the best though, since he might bite when my brother entered him.

I tilted my head slightly, my eyes flickering up to watch as Gerard pulled his legs apart, shifting to stand between them. "Are you ready?" He asked, but his eyes were on mine, not Sean. I nodded slightly and, without another pause, he thrust right into Sean, making the blonde groan below us. I smirked at the sight, giving him a few moments to adjust before my dick slipped into his mouth.

I moaned softly, my cock sliding down his throat with surprising ease. Maybe surprising was the wrong word after what I'd heard. I ran my palms over his chest, slowly moving my hips bck and forth. He had no control over what we did, although he was fully capable of using his hands to try and stop us, I doubted he would bother.

"Fuck Mikey, his ass feels great." Gerard was moaning louder then I, his hands holding onto Sean's thighs as he fucked the younger man. His movements, already quite harsh and fast were making Sean's dick bob and causing him to make noises which sent vibrations along my shaft. "Shit..." Gerard closed the distance between us, kissing me again, all hot and wet. I let my eyes lid, reaching up and tangling a hand in his dyed red hair, holding him closer as I kissed him back.

Around others he'd always act like the one in control, which was probably partial due to his confidence and my apparent awkwardness. However when it was just us, I was very much in control. If it was just us he'd be bent over this bed with my cock balls deep within him. I groaned against his lips at the thought, gripping his hair tighter. My hips were moving faster now, pushing my cock deep down his throat. Even now, with my dick moving more erraticaly, he wasn't trying to stop me. A sure sign, if ever one was needed, that he'd sucked dick before. No one with no experience could take it so easily. He had to be a slut, pure and simple, especially with the way he moved his tongue just right.

When we broke the kiss I rested my forehead on Gerard's, panting softly as I spoke. "Wanna switch?" He nodded and we both pulled out of our respective holes. We both got to our goals quite differently. Gerard climbed oveer the other side of the bed, which didn't have Sean's body draped over it. I, on the other hand, walked around the bed until I was standing right where he was moments before. I even put my feet in the same impressions he'd made on the hotel's carpet. I paused to align my dick with Sean's opeen pucker then, without a second's more thought, I thrust into him. Sean cried out softly below us, but we both ignored it. My new position meant I got quite a nice view of my brother's cock sliding between Sean's lips, making his throat bulge noticeable at the intrusion. I smiled slightly to myself and started to move, enjoying the feel of the boy below.

Gerard was right, he was a pretty good fuck.

I held onto his thigh with one hand, shifting the other up to grasp his cock, smirking when I heard the choked groan of surprise he made around my brother. I wet my lips, then began moving my hand as I fucked him. Now doing such a thing wasn't easy for a lot of people, I knew Gerard sometimes had trouble with it, but it seemed pretty easy to me and others we'd been with. Perhaps it was because I played bass and thusly had practice moving both hands. Whatever it was, it seemed to be good to Sean. He was making more noise now and squirming on the bed, as well as wrapping his legs around me and clenching tight.

"Fuck... you've got quite a mouth." I grinned at my brother, nodding slightly. He definitely had more then the one use for it that's for sure. Gerard was making little groaning sounds now. They weren't quite as exaggerated as the moans he made onstage or during Destroya, but they were pretty close. Gerard was a pretty vocal person after all. I watched him intently as he tlted his head bak, eyelids fluttering closed as his moans inreased. His hips were rolling and thrusting much like mine were earlier, only he was going faster. I smiled and licked my lips, watching him as he came, a louder sound between a gasp and a groan leaving his lips as he did so.

Satisfied he'd came, I resumed moving at my previous speed, moving both my hand and hips. My brother stepped back, his cock slipping out of Sean's lips a few moments later and, instead of settling into a seat or on the bed, he just stood there, watching us.I gave him a small smile, but remained focus on the task at hand, which was getting the two of us off. I studied the younger man for any outward signs that he was close but, unlike my brother, he displayed none. His hands were clenching the sheets either side of him, but that's where they'd been the whole time. He didn't began for more or make any pleas or exclamations, instead he was oddly quiet, biting his lip to stifle any sound he made. It was curious that, while onstage, he was more like Gerard but here, naked on a bed getting fucked like the whore I assumed he was, he was acting more like me. When he did spill, hot and thick over the ink on his belly, it was completely unexpected., without so much much as a rise in breathing to accompany it.

I came soon after he did, with as much warning as he had, his insides clenching tighter driving me over the edge. We shared small smiles when I slipped out and I wiped my sticky cock along his inner thigh, leaving a slight trail of white in it's wake. Gerard was grinning, eyes wide in awe as I removed myself, perching on the edge of the bed behind me.

"Is there anything you want? Cigarette? Beer?" Gerard asked the blonde as he shifted to lay on the bed properly, rotating his neck and flexing his jaw as he did so.

"Nah I'm good. Thanks though." Now settled in a suitable place, his fingers started to collect the pearly fluid from his skin, starting with what had hand on the script on his belly. He licked the first drops of it from his fingers, then looked at us, specifically at Gerard who had now joined me on the bed. "Actually there is something I want to know." Gerard tilted his heard slightly as the Welshman's fingers dipped lower. "Is this the reason we're on the bill? Cause you heard I was a cockslut?"

Gerard shook his head and smiled. "If we'd known how good you were, we'd have got you on board sooner." He chuckled softly and licked his lips. "But seriously, we got you on this tour first and foremost because we liked what we heard of you."

He nodded, seemingly satisfied and continued with what he was doing. I nodded slightly in return, then laid beside my brother, resting my head on his chest as we both watched Sean finish up. Perhaps he'd stay the night so we could have another go at him before hitting the road again. I hoped so anyway. "So, tell me about this brother of yours..."
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way/sean smith, mikey way, my chemical romance, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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