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Look Alive Sunshine

Look Alive Sunshine
Pairing: Dr Death Defying/Show Pony
Rating: NC-17
POV: Show Pony
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Notes: So yeah, the next Killjoys fic is here. It seemed pretty natural to include these two at some point (plus there's not enough of them and Pony in general) so here it is. It's set about two months after the first fic.

The desert stretched out in all directions. To the untrained eye, it was all you could see, though I knew there more to it. There were plenty of hidden places out there, used by both friend and foe. I shook off the usual feeling of being watched and kept skating, clutching my bag close to me.

Most people used cars or bikes to get from place to place. It was a very energetic way of moving. Most couldn't handle it I'd tried teaching others to skate before, but it wasn't for everyone. Even the ones that coud manage to do it couldn't do it the distances I could.

I slowed slightly as I passed a wreckage of a building. Even now, two months later, I still couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. I always felt that way when such things happened though, especially when I knew people had died here. Not that there'd been proof of that latter point, but it was assumed.

I sighed softly and shook my head, then resumed my journey.

It wasn't too far to the little run down building that I called home. I lifted up the board that allowed me access, then bent over and rolled inside. The interior was completely different to the dusty outside. It was dark and filled with various pieces of equipment, which I skated expertly past. At the same time I fiddled with my bag, pulling out a record and doing a spin as I entered the back room, where Dr D was seated behind the decks.

"Ah so you managed to get it." He spoke in his usual drawl, leaning forward slightly to examine the disc as I handed it him.

"As a loan." I nodded, removing my blue and white helmet from my head, spinning around to deposit it on the the hook protruding from the wall. "He expects it back in a month." He nodded and flipped the vinyl in his hands, obviously far too interested in that then to discuss it's origins or how I'd gotten it. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand absently and settled to hear him finish off his show.


Once he was done, he turned to face me, a smile playing on his lips. "Thanks Pony." He wheeled himself out from behind the desk towards me. "I'm sure you used one of your many talents to acquire this." I nodded and he smiled, reaching up and running his fingers across my cheek. He knew full well what I did to get him those things, after all that was how we met.

"It was no trouble." I replied softly, leaning back into his touch. He nodded a little, eyes on mine. Sometimes he'd ask what I'd done, but I got the sense he wouldn't this time. Now the show was over he looked on edge. "Everything ok?"

"Yeah." He nodded and leaned back in his chair, moving his hand down my body. "The Killjoys are coming soon."

Ah the Killjoys. They were one of the major groups of zonerunners out here. They were also one of the ones closest to us. Personally I liked them, they were pretty nice guys, hot too. They were also pretty good at what they did, surviving out in the zones on practically nothing and dusting Dracs.

"They coming for buisness or pleasure?" I asked him simply, slipping down onto his lap. Buisness was giving them things to do, assignments for the most part. Pleasure was, well, quite different. Dr D was a slave to his chair essentially, which meant he couldn't do things able bodied people could do. He liked to watch me do those things with others. I wonder, if things were different, if he'd ever get a leg thatd work. I always came to the conclusion he wouldn't.

"Buisness." He replied simply and I nodded, wiggling my ass against him. "Hmmm, though I think we have time for some pleasure before they turn up." He leaned up and kissed me, his facial hair brushing against my face. I relaxed against him, looping my arms around his neck, my lips parting to admit his tongue. I lapped at it, purring as he deepened the kiss almost right away, his hands pushing up under my top, caressing my skin. "Mmmm you're always so soft." He smiled, running his tongue across my lower lip. "Let's get you out of these hmmm?" He reached down, cupping my bulge.

I purred and nodded, reluctantly climbing off his lap so I could peel my tight pants off me. If they could be called pants, they were made of skintight white and blue spandex. I pulled them down, swaying my hips as I did so. His eyes were on me, his tongue licking his lips. His fingers were between his legs, opening his fly and getting his plump, hard cock out. "So did any of them fuck you?"

I nodded a little and smiled, running my fingers. "Just the one." I replied honestly. He nodded and licked his lips in response, saying nothing. I smiled and settled onto his lap, grinding my ass against his erection.

He leaned in and kissed along my neck, his hands on my thighs, pushing me down onto his dick. I gasped a little as it entered me, like I always did, but it filled me just right, like no one else could. I groaned softly, wiggling until I got comfortable on his lap. Once I was settled I started to move, slowly bouncing up and down on his cock. The pair of us began moaning, his lips moving up to find mine. "Mmmm what would I do without you motorbaby?"

"You'd be very bored." I smiled, breathing against his lips, making myself clench around him. "And very sex starved." He chuckled and pushed up inside me, making another groan leave my lips.

"I wouldn't be that starved."

"What? A blow job from one of the Killjoys whenever they turned up?" I grinned at him him and he chuckled again, his lips once again finding mine. His other hand ran down my chest, stopping at my dick. I felt him smile against me as he wrapped his fingers around my dick, stroking me steadily as I bounced on his cock. I didn't know exactly how long we had until they got here, but there was definitely a sense of urgency which made my dick twitch in his hand,

"Come on Pony, cum for me." He practically purred the wolds, face millimeters from mine. I nodded and ground down against his cock, practically shooting from his words. He had such a strangely sexy voice. That's why, before he found me, whenever I heard him I'd stroke myself to it. I trembled a little at the memory, my eyes lidding as I came across myself, moaning softly.

"That's it motorbaby. Fuck, you look so beautiful when you cum." He kept his voice surprisingly level as he spoke, his words only a little breathless. It made me think of those times I'd sucked him on air and there was no change to his voice at all. "Yeah, so hot." He collected some of the fluid and offered it to me, watching as I sucked it from his fingers. "So hot." His head tipped back, just a little, and his hips raised and then I knew he'd came too. I smiled, kissing him when his finhgers retreated from my mouth, letting him taste what was left of himself before he pushed me away and put his dick in him.

I barely had time to put my pants back n before we had company.

"So you had something for us?" Party Poison spoke up once they'd all filed into the room. Poison was their leader, so he always took the lead. The others would speak up at times, but they were content to led the red haired man do the taalking. That was especially true for Jet Star, who hung back as he had done since his outburst a few visits ago, when he'd demanded information we just didn't have.

I leaned against the wall and listened, remaining as silent as the rest of the Killjoys as Dr D spoke. "There's a facility called Gehenna. Within it there's a test subject that they've experimenting on. You have to get them out of there."

"That seems like a job for Riot Squad. They have the experience breaking into such places right? Why not use them?" Poison spoke, eyes narrowing just a tad.

"Oh I did. This is a job that's a ittle too small for them and they have their hands full at the moment. They did however finish decoding this." He held up a electronic small pad which he'd retrieved from the side of his chair. "And plot a route to the subject, that's the quickest and safest. Plus there's a keycard, which'll get you in, so basically all you have to do is get there, shoot a few dracs and get the subject. Simple."

Poison nodded, taking it in before glancing at the others. They didn't exactly object, not verbally anyway, though they didn't seem too thrilled by this either. "Ok." He snatched the pad and looked at it. "We'll get on it."

He turned and left, the others following in his wake until they were all gone, leaving us alone again. "You know, maybe you should've told them." I spoke up, finally leaving my spot against the wall.

"Told them what?"

"That that information about this place is what got those guys killed." I paused looked at him. "It would certainly have given Jet the motivation he needs."

"Perhaps." He answered, though it wasn't a real answer by any means, not what I hoped for anyway. I looked back to where the Killjoys had gone and hoped that they'd come back. I was almost certain they would.
Tags: dr death defying, dr death defying/show pony, fic, killjoys, show pony, slash
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