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Unicorns Exist

Unicorns Exist
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Unicorning

I blinked a little when I looked at Gerard, just to be sure I wasnt seeing things. It wasn't the first time I'd done that, in fact I was pretty sure I'd done it my whole life. I'd done it last year when Gerard came in, his hair dyed bright red. Before then it was when he came into our hotel room wearing nothing but a dress, high heels and a bright purple feather boa. It was what I'd done when I walked in on him, cock smeared with peanut butter as he laid on my bed. So now was just the latest in a long line.

"Gerard I... what?"

"I'm a unicorn." He said it as if it was obvious. He smiled and pointed at his forehead, where there was a purple strap-on protruding. The straps were tied securely around his head, ensuring that the rubber cock remained in place. "See? I have a horn!"

I blinked some more and just stared at him. Bar his 'horn' he was naked, on all fours and he was looking right at me. "So I was on the internet..."

"Fuck Gerard not the internet." I sighed and shook my head slightly."You weren't looking at fanfiction again were you?"

He looked at me and shook his head, the dildo swaying. "Nah I was looking unicorns for you and then I saw this thing called unicorning and figured you might, well, like it." I blinked at him again and he just smiled. Clearly he'd skipped the 'let's ask Mikey if he wants to do this' part of the process. Not that that was too much of a surprise, he often did that. Well, my hard cock did indicate that I was at least interested in the idea. Well, maybe it was for the best he did that.

"So what do I... do exactly?" I asked, wanting to be sure I was completely right by his thinking.

"Ah!" He grinned and nodded, the dildo waving again, almost making me laugh this time. "Well you lube up and then I kinda do this." He started thrusting his head forward, which looked pretty fucking ridiculous. "And if you want me to go faster you use this." He held up a riding crop. Again, I blinked. I wasn't sure if that was part of the kink or Gerard. Probably a bit of both.

"Ok." I nodded, just a little, then began removing my clothes. I started with my tee, pulling it up and over my head and tossing it onto the bed behind him. Next I undid my pants sliding them down my slim legs until it was pooled around my ankles. In general I didn't bother with underwear. My pants were usually too tight for them and they just got in the way during times like these.

The whole time Gerard was watching me, his eyes locked on me as I moved. I got the lube, from the place where it always was, then popped the cap, squeezing the thick fluid onto my fingers. I moved closer to him, parting my legs a little so I could reach back and press my digits inside myself. Unlike Gerard I wasn't used to this, but I was by no means a blushing virgin. I bite my lower lip at the intrusion, but largely ignored it. I pressed on, moving my middle finger around inside my insides, readying myself as fast as I could. The second finger was added a few moments later, which helped ease me into it more.

Soon I was satisfied I was ready. I shifted back over to him, snatched the crop out of his hand and braced myself.

It was a weird feeling, to have him headbutt me with a dildo, but once he held me open and actually got the dildo in there it felt pretty good. He started moving almost right away, but it still felt strange. His hair tickled my ass whenever he was in all the way, but that actually fet kinda nice and not off-putting. He settled himself into a slow, steady pace behind me and... fuck he was actually neighing. I had to have the weirdest brother in the world.

He began moving my head steadily, making soft moans leave my lips. "Fuck..." I reached back and hit him with the crop, though it was a little awkward to actually hit him. He took the hint though, rutting against my ass harder. I still wasn't quite sure how I felt about this. If nothing else, it was certainly different and it sure as fuck made my dick hard. I reached down between my legs, using my other hand to grasp my cock. I started to jerk off, my head tipping back as he managed as he caught my spot. Obviously, unlike other methods, he had no control over the thrusting shaft, so it was pointless asking him to hit it again. Indeed, he didn't catch it again for another few thrusts. Oddly that made it hotter.

Every so often I'd hit him with the crop, which made him butt his head harder and neigh louder. "Are you... touching yourself?" He shook his head, which made the dildo move around inside me and made me moan softly. "Jerk it." He nodded, again making the shaft move inside me. I glanced over my shoulder, just about able to make out that he was starting to do as I asked. I swallowed a little and rocked my hips back against him.

I felt like I was close. I couldn't always tell. Sometimes it just happened unexpectantly, other times I could feel it. This was the latter. I dropped the crop to the floor, knowing I wouldn't be able to focus enough to actually use it. My other hand moved steadily along my length, speeding up now, as he headbutted my ass. I didn't care how strange this was or what anyone else would say if they saw it. It felt so fucking good and that's all that mattered.

I groaned softly and bucked forward, shooting over myself with a low groan. "Fuck..." I whispered, taking a few unsteady steps forward until the dildo was out of me. I sat on the edge of the bed, watching as my brother rolled onto his back, at last concentrating on himself. It was now that I noticed he had a plug up his ass, complete with a tail that hung down to about his knees. Well, it was Gerard. My big brother didn't do things by halves. I licked my lips, watching as he stroked himself quickly, eyes on me as he did so. I smiled a little, running my fingers through the cum on my belly, then bought them to my lips and sucked the fluid off. That did it for him. He came over himself at the sight, mumbling my name.

"So hot." I whispered, still in awe that I could make my brother cum like that. I licked my lips at the sight, watching as he copied me, sucking his sticky fingers clean. He flashed me a smile and then reached up, undoing the the straps holding the strap-on and letting it drop to the floor beside him before joining me on the bed.

"Well, what did you think?" He looked at me, eyes sparkling with curiousity. "Did you like it?"

I laid down and considered for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah." He grinned and that seemed enough for him. He curled up against me, his body soft and warm agaiinst mine. Plus a little sticky, but I didn't care. It was always nice to have him this close to me, like we'd been since we were young.
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