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You can't hear a thumbs up

So the trip back was ok. I spent it reading Deadpool and Cable and... I'm sure something else. Oh yeah, Dragon quest!

I came home to find one of my cousins was 'experimenting' with girls and the other had fucked up my Pokemon.

Kerrang is hot. Seriously. Andy Six is so fucking sexy. Just... ngh. How is he even real?

Galaxy eggs are like orgasms in your mouth.

Anyways. Yeah. So, not done too much. I started the next Killjoy fic last night.

Tomorrow I'll be watching Empire Strikes back because I can and because it's among the best films ever.

I watched the latest Clone Wars last night. The Mortis trilogy has been so odd and strange and fucked up. And Chewie is in it soon! Yay! Also geekgasmed over Pokemon and the a teeny video of Ocarina Of Time on the 3DS which will be so fucking epic!

I know I had more to ramble about, but it's slipped my mind.
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