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Ohhh shiny

So tomorrow I be headed home (and then I'll answer comments and stuff). It's been fun, mostly. Cept being tired oddly.

Monday we went to Tesco and I got cheap Star Warsness, which is always good.

We then ended up watching something which made me angry. It was The World's Worst Place To Be ay and was about Uganda. Just... ugh. I have never seen such ignorant, hate filled people. I genuinely don't understand how people can be filled with so much hate ((and how religions endorse it so readily). Seriously it was just so... awful.

Glee was on after it which was a better, happier thing.

We went to a funeral today which I expected to be triggery (despite not remembering the woman all to well) but it seemed to go ok. We ended up going with a nice old lady.

Then we watched Scott Pilgrim which was full of pretty boys and geeky references, which makes it pretty awesome. And Wallace is awesome too.

Then we had Inception on, which is a little confusing but not as confusing as I expected.

Heading up now to watch saur on Pokemon, then bed. Everything's packed up bar drinks so...
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