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I smell a cheap cartoon crossover

Well, I guess I should make a post.

Obviously I've got here safe. It's a much easier and quicker trip (despite having to change trains a bit). I didn't do half of what I wanted on the train.

I stopped off in Walsall for a bit and got Kerrang and some Magic cards. Kerrang is amusing. And yay for next weeks!

Not done much the last few days. Mostly resting and not doing as much as I'd hoped. Did watch Black Swan though. It is interesting. The last half is better then the first I think.

Did go on the Dead Space 2 demo too. It. Is. EVILS. Seriously.

Before starting today's ramble, I think that the biggest compliment a creative person can get is if their creativity leads to someone else's. I love it when something I do leads to someone else writing something of their own. But! I do think (probably due to lack of art skills of my own) that inspiring someone to actually do art's better. So I link to this which is art of Gerard from one of my fic (which was this one if anyone's interested). Said art is done by lonelydays17 < 3.

Anyway. Back on track.

Gerard was on T4 today. Which was amusing if only because the presenter tried to get him to eat chocolate ants. Seriously.

So we headed off to London for a wander around. First was a random sci-fi shop, with lots of Who in but I got nothing. Then we went to Cybercandy which was far too small and too crowded! Also, a pox on them for not having peanut butter jelly beans! But they did have blue raspberry taffy which is just so nom but so expensive! Evil Americans and their cool but expensive sweets.

Anyway! Then we went to Forbidden Planet. I went in with the intent on spending X amount of money, but spent more. Gah! I can't help it if they had a limited cover of the Star Wars magazine. Or the new Star Wars comic 5 days early (I can help not reading the previous one, d'oh!). Or all the comic grab bags of Deadpool and Torchwood and Star Wars. Or the cheap Star Wars figure. Or the fucking unicorn D and D mini! I did get one thing I intended, a new Magic deck. But yeah. I kinda overspent. But come on! How often do I go to the super big London Forbidden Planet? Not enough I say!

But yeah. Next time I'm here I'm not allowed near it. It's a massive drain on my moneys. Thankfully I had the money, which I don't often do. Ah well.

Anyway, after eating we went to CEX to get the Farscapes that are there (so I'm cancelling the boxset orders when I'm home and just getting the other I'm missing at some point). Then we got SUSHI! Nomnomnom.

Trains to and from the gig are a bitch. Especially from because it was seriously packed. WE WERE LIKE SARDINES UPON SARDINES! To quote saur.

So yeah. Onto the gig.

I only got the programme thingy, I debated getting the tour tee, but I''ll see if it comes up on the site then I can use the discount (if it doesn't I'll slap em). Surprised how few The Blackout stuff there was. Guess that's what happens when you're added last minute.

We missed a lot of Lostalone (curse ye merch) but they were pretty good.

Next were a bunch of Welsh idiots. They were crazy as always, with Sean being whorey and showing skin (and Jay came on to hold his mic thing at one point). They came on with glow in the dark stuff. Bob's guitar was all pretty as was Sean's mic. It was good to see that Snoz was back to drumming again. But Matthew was all the way over the other side. It was amusing hearing Killjoys being said in a Welsh accent though. Amusing in an awesome way. Also amusing that that he dedicated Spread Legs to the Killjoys. And it was amusing that the Good Luck helmet was out during their set.

Speaking of ways, then it was MCR.

Is it just me or does Mikey look more and more like Adam's bassist every day? Seriously, if you put them in the same place you'd not tell them apart. Maybe that's his plan. Hmmm. Plus his bass is extremely sparkly. Shiny is good! And Ray was all grinny and cute. I love when he grins. It's so cute. It was amusing seeing Gerard wear a union jack jacket someone threw up. Sadly there was no real Waycestyness (or I missed it when Ray grinned). Booo. Also sadly there was no Show Pony there (I am amused that his actually name is on the Danger Days film poster though). And Sean didn't come on and ruin it all (though Mikey's silhouette and his looks similar...).

The best song was probably Ghost Of You, which sounds so awesome with added piano. I hated that they played the dreaded song. Almost escaped it and then they played it as an encore song (curse ye). Thankfully (or annoyingly) there a girl near that kept screaming 'I love you Gerard!' through it which kept me from the expected breakdown. They played my fav songs off Danger Days and Vampires! I've never heard it live till now, so yay!

Anyway, post done. I am sure the sluts are banging now, so I'm gonna go and think of that and maybe come up with ideas. (After geekgasming over new Star Wars toys.)
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