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Is It Still Me That Makes You Sweat?

Is It Still Me That Makes You Sweat?
Pairing: Darran Smith/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Darran
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: A first! A Darran fic with someone who is not Jay. Next xmas fic for lc_ffaf, I hope yous likes.

It ws raining outside, but that wasn't terribly unusual for this time of year. It always rained here, well it felt like that anyway. It made me feel even more glad to be indoors where it was warm and dry. I stretched slightly, then slipped out of my chair and padded through the house, going to where I'd left Padge.

Padge was, well, I wasn't entirely sure what we were. The easiest answer was, most likely, friends with benefits. We hooked up whenever our paths intersected, though we both knew it was better whenever we had actual time. While there wasn't anything wrong with hooking up backstage or in some hotel room or tour bus, there was always the problem of limited time. Now we had a few days together, time wasn't a problem.

I stepped into the bedroom, where I'd left him, and stared at him. He was laying on the bed, wrapped up in a rubber suit like some black human-shaped Christmas present. I smiled and stepped closer to him, running my fingers over the rubber, so lightly that I was sure he wouldn't feel. Not that I'd be able to tell anyway. He looked so sexy like that, not a patch of skin or strand of hair showing, just a black mass. I ran my hand lower, cupping the bulge in the material that I knew was caused by his dick. I rubbed the bulge enough so he'd know I was there.

I guessed it was time to take the rubber off him, at least some of it. After all, he had been inside it for almost two hours now. I considered, running my hands over his body and licking my lips. Yeah. I'd free him a little, if just to get off myself. I shifted my hands to his sides and rolled him onto his stomach, deftly grasping the zipper and pulling it down between my fingers, just enough so his arse was free. As soon as it was, he thrust his fleshy cheeks back, making me chuckle.

Something that always amused me about Padge was that he was bigger then I was, yet he was the one taking cock. To me it was also such a turn on, knowing that such a big strong man was such a whore for cock. I smirked and pulled the dildo from between his hairy cheeks, setting the large rubber shaft beside him on the bed.

"I'm gonna fuck you now slut." I wasn't sure he could hear me through the hood, not that it mattered too much if he did or not. I climbed onto the bed, placing my legs either side of his and lining up with his opening. I paused for a moment, placing my hands on his shoulders for leverage before sinking into his body.

He wasn't tight, the dildo had made sure of that, but that didn't stop him feel amazing around my cock. I kept as good a grip as I could manage on his shoulders as I started thrust in and out of him, not bothering to go slow. What would be the point in that? He was already ready for me and it wasn't as if he was some blushing virgin. I bit make a chuckle at that thought, slamming myself hard into him to emphasise that he wasn't.

Vaguely, I could hear him moan behind the hood, the sound muffled by the rubber. I smiled and kept fucking him, the quiet noises of desperation that he made turning me on even more. Briefly I considered removing the hood just to hear him clearer, but I decided not to. He looked so good with it on and I knew it was so confining it was making him sweat, and that turned me on more then hearing him moan clearly. Besides, I'd take it off him soon enough and then get a chance to see his face when my dick had shot deep inside him.

I knew that wouldn't take too long.

I fucked him hard and fast, imagining how hot and sweaty he was under all that rubber, and how trapped his erect dick was. I could hear whimper and moan beneath me, his arse pushing back as much as he was capable of. I could feel his insides twitch and clench around me, which was the only other movement he could make that I'd notice.

I felt like I was going to explode any moment so I closed my eyes and let myself give in, thrusting steadily within him. I lasted only a few more slams of my hips before I spilled deep into him, growling low in my throat and digging my nails uselessly into the rubber.

As soon as I was done I rammed the rubber shaft back into him and zipped the back of the suit back up. "I'll wank you off in an hour if I feel like it." I whispered against the back of the hood, then rlled him onto his back and turned, leaving him like that again.

Ah the advantages of time off.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, darran smith, darran smith/padge, fic, funeral for a friend, padge, slash, xmas fic 10
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