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Pairing: Fred Weasley/George Weasley, Ron Weasley
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ron
Warnings: Impromptu voyeurism
Notes: First Potter fic, set during the fourth film. Next xmas this one for saur antontobias86

I wandered down the corridor eager to be somewhere, anywhere away from Harry. I'd no idea exactly how he'd managed to get his name chosen like that but what was more important was that he just refused to tell me. I was meant to be his best friend and yet he was hiding it from me. I rolled my eyes and sighed, just eager to be alone and far from him.

I stopped and frowned slightly. I was certain I'd hear a noise, kind of a breathy moan. Curious, and eager to get all this off my mind by any means, I followed the source. There was another moan as I moved closer, which made me sure it was a person, though unsure on the gender. Maybe it was someone in trouble, who was in pain and needed help. I edged closer and peeked around a column, looking to see exactly where the noise was coming from.

I stared, blinked and then bit back a gasp.

Ok I wasn't exactly sure what I was seeing but I knew that I shouldn't be seeing it. There were two students, pressed against each other and obviously doing.... something against the back wall.

Now I had three choices. I could go and get a professor, I could leave the to it or I could... get closer. Curiousity got the better of me and I shifted ot the next nearest coloumn. Once there I peeked around it, just as I'd done before.

Now I had a better view, but only slightly. I could tell the one with their back to me had almost shoulder length hair. The only other thing I could make out was that their trousers were slightly down, revealing the curve of their ass. And that the other person had their legs around them.

I bit my lip, still curious.

Again, I shifted nearer, this time getting an even better view. Now I could see the colour of their hair, which was ginger like mine. I blinked a little, guessing that it had to be one of my brothers, since no one else here had hair like that. I wondered exactly who he was doing it with. I wasn't an idiot, I knew what sex was. I also knew it wasn't exactly allowed. I bit my lip, debating exactly what to do. I couldn't tell on my brother, but maybe I shouldn't be watching like this either. I bit my lip, realising my trousers were getting tighter. Maybe I should get closer, just a little. Just to see who it was he was with.

I slinked through the shadows, stopping this time at the nearest one to them. They were much louder now then they'd been then they'd been when I was further away. Now I could finally make out the other person who was... I blinked for a moment to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

The other person was my twin. My other twin. Even I couldn't tell which was which. I swallowed, looking between the two briefly before rubbing my eyes, making sure I wasn't seeing things. No, they were still there, doing that. I didn't know much about sex, but wasn't there supposed to be, you know, a girl? Then again, I had heard things tht two guys or two girls could be together. I tried not to overthink it, and I stared at them.

Watching should feel wrong, I mean after all they were my brothers and they were doing, that. However it didn't feel all that wrong. I kept watching them, slipping my hand into my trousers to touch myself. I wrapped my fingers around myself, stroking myself gently, just as I'd done the very few times I'd managed to be alone. My teeth dug into my lower lip to keep quiet, dragging my hand up and down my length steadily as I watched. They were moving, both of them. The one brother against the wall doing exactly what I was, his other hand holding to my brother. The other one was moving steadily, back and forth doing something that was obviously good for both of them to make them make such sounds. I couldn't see exactly what was happening due to the darkness and my brother's open trousers.

I could tell that there was movement, but not exactly what was happening. The movement got faster and the moaning got louder, interspersed with words that I'd not heard before. I swallowed, moving my hand a little faster on myself gnawing on my lower lip. I didn't want them to find out I was here, at least because I didn't want them to stop whatever I was seeing. Likewise, I didn't want to move in case they stopped too, despite them not hearing me so far. I wished I had the invisibility cloak so I didn't have to worry about being seen, though I'd still have to worry aboout being heard.

I kept stroking, biting my lip hard enough to draw blood when it happened. I swallowed, feeling my shaft twitch and spurt in my pants as I... did whatever it was I did. I might not know the name of it, but I still knew it felt good. Better then good actually.

As I watched, catching my breath, the twin against the wall did the same thing, tipping his head back and moaning as he did. I assumed my other brother did the same, although I couldn't see any evidence of it, at least not from where I was anyway. I bit my lip, wiped my hand on my trouser leg and moved as quickly and quietly as possible, hoping they wouldn't see me.

They didn't.
Tags: fic, fred weasley, fred weasley/george weasly, george weasley, harry potter (films), ron weasley, slash, xmas fic 10
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