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End zone what?

I just put the superbowl on. Seriously these guys have on some tight pants. Why do hetro guys watch this?

Anyways, not done much since last post. I was gonna take some pictures and post them today, but my body decided I needed to hibernate today, so I didn't get up till 6.

Saturday was Star Wars again, yay! I don't care what anyone says, Han Solo's hot.

Tomorrow I'm gonna start packing the stuff, since I won't be needing my bag after tomorrow till I go. I have my reading material ready and the dvds in a little pile, s basically all I need to sort is clothes.

My Aps from mikeyface came tomorrow and it made me sad causa the Bob mention. I wish they'd stop being so fucking vague about it. Bah.

I have three full days to finish these xmas fics. I hope my brain manages to work out ideas in time. When I get back it'll be back to Killjoy fics and other ideas I have listed.

Uk people with Pokemon, from this week you can get the legendary dogs shiny, one per week.

I'll go back to trying to fic while waiting for my hair to dry.

Also, do you write fic? Well here's a fic challenge generator thing which you should try. Remember you can refresh (it took me five times to get to one I'm thinking of doing).

Also comment on this in hopes of Killjoy fic!
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