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Excess Energy

Excess Energy
Pairing: Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Next xmas fic for black_death_666. Only three left now!

My twin looked so beautiful. It was probably a little narcissistic, but I didn't really care. We may be identical twins, but there were slight differences. Some were obvious, like how his hair was fully blonde as opposed to mine which had a stripe. Then there was his lack of a mole and the general fullness of his figure.

I licked my lips and studied his naked body. He was bare and bound, his ankles tied together and his wrists were by his side, secured in place by a rope around his body, just above his waist. I ran a hand over his chest, looking down at his cock, which was stiff and firm against his belly. Whenever we weren't touring this was how we woke up, with him in bed with me, always naked and often bound as he was now.

I leaned in close, running my tongue along the curve of my twin's beautiful neck as my hands ran over his body. "I'm going to fuck you." I purred in his ear, rolling him onto his stomach, my hands moving to roam his back. Steadily, I inched my fingers down to the round cheeks of his ass. Protruding from between them was the end of the dildo I'd pressed into him the night before. I grasped the end of the rubber shaft, twisting it it a little and smiling at the pretty sounds he made as a result. I slipped the toy out of him, hearing him make a soft gasp at the loss, then set it down on the bedside table.

"Please brother." He whispered, needy and desperate, his ass pushing back. "I need it."

I smiled and undid the rope around his ankles, spreading his legs apart as far as I could. Once I'd done that, I shifted between them and lined myself up, sinking into him. My hands were on him, clutching at the rope which held hid wrists in place for leverage as I began moving. He felt so perfect around my dick, like it was made for me. "So good..." I grunted as I moved, my hips snapping against his ass as I pounded him.

He looked so fucking hot, his head tipped back, soft moans leaving his lips. His back was arching just a little, his hips rocking against the bedsheets and his ass clenched tighter around me every few moments. He was always such an amazing fuck. Best I'd ever had.

I stopped, balls deep within him, then I loosened the other rope just enough to free his right arm. "Jerk yourself off for me." I growled above him, watching him nod and shift his hand between his pretty legs. Only when he'd begun jerking his dick did I resume my own movements, thrusting hard and deep into his body, each thrust causing him to let out one sexy noise or another. My own noises also filled the air, not as loud as his of course but still there, escaping my lips. "Cum for me brother."

Now, there was a strange sort of benefit to being a twin. Everyone always asks if you can feel each other's pain, which we can to an extent. The better thing though was when we fucked. We could feel each other's pleasure. Because of that, when we fucked we always came at exactly the same time. This was no exception.

As I spurted deep up his ass Nathan covered the sheets, moaning like the little whore he was. I let his insides milk out my orgasm, keeping ahold of the rope more for balance then anything. When I finally puled out, I flopped on the bed beside him, watching him as he uncoiled the remainder of the rope from around his waist to cast it aside. He stared at me for a few seconds, then curled up against me, nuzzling my neck gently.

Neither of us said anything, but that was ok. It was a good kind of silence. Gently, I kissed his forehead, then pulled the sheets over us. Another advantage of doing this on our days off, we could stay in bed after a fuck until we were ready to go again. Well, we had to let out our excess energy somehow.
Tags: fic, madina lake, matthew leone, matthew leone/nathan leone, nathan leone, slash, xmas fic 10
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