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Where the demons from my past leave me in peace

Well today's shaping up to be a good day and it's only been an hour.

First, the package of awesome from Donna's arrived. Within there is an Adam Lambert tee, Adam's first album, a little Lego Star Wars set and awesome as fuck figures! Thank yous< 3 you're so awesome I'll have to find you something!

Then I check my e-mail and find that there's a message from Matthew Leone (who is always awesome) saying that he's doing ok and that the album's been sent! Woo!

Then, finally, there's the tour support for MCR who are LostAlone (who I've not heard in ages but I recall are awesome) and The Blackout. I foresee so much buttsex! It's odd that I keep unintentionally seeing The Blackout supporting people. Oddness!

Anyway, last few days haven't been terribly exciting. I'm hoping to get the rest of the Xmas fics done by Tuesday. It's just working out ideas, but one is started (though I may restart it, I'm not sure).

Got Kerrang yesterday and I'm slightly annoyed that there's a Prophets poster back to back with Bullet (again) and that the Bullet poster is half-A4. Next week's Kerrang is another MCR oone again, yay!

Skins last night was pretty good, mostly cause it focussed on Rich who is ngh.

Panic! have finally put up a uk order site but it's still not working. My only thought is that they want the money straight away instead of being like usual preorders. Boo! I'll have to do it next time money's in (if it's sold out I'll hunt them down).

Mum is special for thinking a Hoth rebel trooper looks like Yoda.

Next week I'll be down south for MCR. I'm semi-ready. I have two piles of stuff ready to pack, just gotta sort out clothes (and ready the laptop of evil). I hope the squee of the gig'll last through the full week.

Oh and Ian Watkins has got his cock out again.

That's it really. Well I think so anyway. Any other thoughts have really dissolved in squee.
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