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Under The Robes

Under The Robes
Pairing: Lee Malia/Matt Nicholls
Rating: NC-17
POV: Lee
Warnings: Porn
Notes: Next xmas fic for emmaopteryx Feel betters!

I didn't feel particularly sexy in this, but Matt's eyes were practically out on stalks. Carefully, I made my way over to him. It didn't help that the robe was designed for taller people, so an inch or two of the material billowed out around my feet, so I had to be careful not to trip.

He smiled and rolled over onto his stomach, pushing his arse back. "Come on Master, stick your light..."

"If you finish that sentence I will never fuck you again." He pouted, but nodded. I gave him a few seconds to make sure he didn't add another comment, then nodded. Thank fuck. It was bad enough he'd made me dress in this ridiculous thing, even with a belt with one of those lightsabers he had lying round, but I was not going to listen to him try and make sex related comments.

Satisfied he was quiet, I advanced on him again, reaching between his asscheeks and pulling out the toy I found there. I bit back a comment as I studied it, the red length obviously from another of those damn sabers. That's it, I was never letting him go never anywhere that sold these things ever again. I tossed it aside when it was all the way out of him, then pulled his legs apart and down the bed.

Satisfied, I opened up the robe a little, enough so I could get my dick out, then I pushed into him in one go. The pair of us moaned at the feeling. It had been quite some time since we'd last fucked because of the tour. We'd subsisted instead on wanking and blow jobs, which were much easier when you had limited time alone. So why he had to make dress like this for the first time we could was beyond me. I'd only agreed to it, before actually finding out what I was agreeing to, because he said he'd do 'anything I wanted in bed'. Right now I couldn't think of anything that would feel appropriate to balance this out.

Still, at least he didn't have me in that damn gold bikini. I looked at him werily, well his back anyway, and prayed he didn't suddenly gain the ability to read minds.

I held onto him tightly, then resumed fucking his sweet ass, moaning softly at the feeling. Under me he was gripping the sheets tightly, rutting back against me but otherwise he was fairly quiet. Unless he was talking he was quiet in the bedroom. That was pretty good when I was giving him head. I wasn't exactly loud either though, which was also a good thing for the same reason. That and it was easier to wank on a full bus if you could do it without making noises other the the rustling of sheets.

To me anyway, soft noises of pleasure were much hotter then exaggerated porn star moans.

I kept ahold of him, thrusting hard and deep into him, his arse meeting my balls every time. He was obviously hard and aching, his hips pressing against the sheets, but he wasn't touching himself. What was he expecting, me to use some kind of Jedi thing on him to get him off?

"For fuck's sake Matt, wank!" He nodded under me and let go of the sheets, reaching down to do as I asked. I was glad he did, since it made his insides twitch and clench more around my dick. I kept up the pace, the robe flapping from the rapid movement, my hands roaming his sides as I fucked him. His head was now flopped forward, resting on against the sheets as I fucked him as hard as I could, the sound of my balls slapping his ass louder then the moans he made.

I let out a soft sound as he drew my orgasm out, digging my blunt nails into his sides as I pumped my load deep inside him. Beneath me he grunted, before spilling too, a moan of my name on his lips as he stained the sheets.

I stayed inside him for a few moments, then pulled right out, not wanting this robe to stick to him or me. As I panted, I pulled the material off, along with the belt, and cast them aside. Hopefully I'd not have to wear those things ever again.

"Awww but that looked so good on you."

I glared at him and flipped him off, before joining him on the bed. I'd need to brainstorm exactly what I was going to do to him in return for that. Maybe something with bondage.
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, lee malia, lee malia/matt nicholls, matt nicholls, slash, xmas fic 10
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