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Come Undone

Come Undone
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Dan Whitesides/Quinn Allman
Rating: NC-17
POV: Quinn
Warnings: Double penetration
Notes: Next xmas fic, for ilaria_mc and it's based on this video

I blinked, staring at Dan as he braced himself at the equipment case. He was rolling his hips and pushing his ass out, looking oddly sexy and whorish. The thing was that it was strange. Such actions were undoubtedly hot and I'd seen Jepha and Bert do them countless times but this was Dan. Dan with his huge dick and virgin ass. Dan who had made sure we knew that he'd never been ass fucked and he hadn't intended on it.

Jepha seemed a little, oblivious to it. Probably because he'd gotten so used to being kind of a slut that thrusting his ass out like that was as natural as breathing to him.

I clicked my fingers to get the bassist's attention, setting the guitar on my knee's for a few moments. "I think we should take a break for awhile. Jepha, go get us something to eat." He paused and got our orders, then left us alone, setting his camera on a speaker before going.

Only when he was gone did I stand, setting my guitar down as I approached Dan, who was now standing up normally. "That was quite a performance." I smirked, looking him right in the eyes. "You know, if you want a cock that bad you could just ask."

He opened his mouth, as if he was about to deny it but no words left his lips. I leaned in a little closer, licking my lips. "Ask." If it was anyone else, I would've used beg instead, but I had a feeling he wouldn't know what where to begin.

"Please Quinn." It came out little choked, his cheeks flushed.

"Please Quinn what?" I grinned, perhaps being a little cruel but I didn't care. "What do you want?"

"Please Quinn I... I..." He flushed and the rest came out all at once. "Want your cock up my ass." From off to my left Bert cackled, his small form still seated cross-legged on the equipment case. The sound made Dan blush more.

"That'll do." I nodded, despite the temptation to make him do more. "Turn around, ass out, palms against the cases. Just like you did before." I stepped back, watching appreciateively as he did as he was told. I resisted the urge reach out and run my hands over the curve of his ass, instead reaching around to undo his fly. I could feel the bulge of his cock press against my fingers as I worked the zipper down. He was eager. The second the zipper was fully down, I worked his pants off. Once his pants were around his knees, with gravity slowly pulling them lower, I hooked my fingers in his boxers and pulled them down too.

I studied the globes of his ass, which I'd seen before of course, but this felt different. I licked my lips lightly, running my fingers over the slightly hairy flesh. After a few moments of feeling him up I held his cheeks, pulling them apart gently to gaze at his hole appreciatively. The pucker was twitching slightly, looking just so... fuckable. My cock twitched in my pants a little and I swallowed, barely able to resist the urge just to get my dick out and fuck him. Instead, I glanced at Bert. "Here, help get him ready."

Bert nodded, swinging his legs out from under him before hopping onto the floor. He moved to where I'd stood, then he sank down to his knees behind Dan. His hands were on Dan's flesh cheeks, prising them apart. Unlike me, Bert didn't just look. Instead, in typical Bert fashion, he went right in there and started attacking Dan's cleft with his tongue. I chuckled softly, watching as he worked sloppily on the drummer, the other man moaning above. Dan's forehead was now rested betweeen his hands against the cases, his hair hanging down to conceal his face. Fuck he looked so hot like that. They both did really. Bert was in his element here, after all he did have a fixation for ass licking. Dan was moaning loudly, his fingers gripping the cases a little tighter.

While I could watch this forever, I knew Jepha would be back soon enough. I also knew that Dan probably wouldn't be caught by him with a cock up his ass. Even so I smirked, heading over to the camera. I replaced Jepha's memory card with one of my own, then turned it on and shifting it's position for it to film the two of them.

I let Bert kept ass licking for a few more minutes, just so the camera had some good footage, before I took over again. "Ok Bert, that's enough." As I spoke I tangled my fingers in his filthy hair, pulling him away. Bert was pouting, sticking out his wet lower lip as he looked up at me. The fucker was practically whimpering. I rolled my eyes and pulled him up to his full, if short, height, then whispered instructions in his ear which made the pout vanish and caused him to scamper off.

Dan was panting, a little breathless before me. He looked even hotter now somehow. I undid my pants, slipping them down and off quickly. While Bert had been working to wet him, Dan's own pants had sank down the rest of the way to the floor. I smiled and leaned in close, so I was pressed against his clothed back, my boner between his cheeks. "Ready for a good, hard fuck?"

He nodded, letting out a sound between between a mumble and a moan. Normally I wouldn't accept that as a response, but I'd let it slide for now. Just this once. I guided my dick to his hole, then started sinking into him. It took a few seconds t get my head lined up and to actually breech him, but that was to be expected. He wasn't Bert. Or Jepha. Thanks to Bert's tongue work though, he was loose and wet enough for me to slide into him once I was past his opening. He was making soft noises, alternating between moans and hisses, which was to be exected. As far as I knew this was all new to him and the only thing that had been up his ass was the occasional tongue.

I went slow to start with, moving in and out of his body steadily. However, after a few thrusts, I became rougher, alternating slams in alongside my thrusts. "Mmmm." I leaned in close, purring where I guessed his ear would be. "Your ass feels so good Dan. It's a shame you've hid it for so long." He squirmed and pushed back just a little, clenching in all the right ways. I bit back my appreciation, holding his hip with on hand for balance and then moving my right round to his face, jabbing two fingers towards his mouth. "Suck."

He complied with no complaints, wrapping his lips around them both. He sucked surprisingly well for someone that had, presumably, never sucked a cock before. I smiled, the image of his lips stretched out around the base of my cock filling my mind. Once such images got into my head they refused to leave until they became a reality, hence how I'd ended up with a double ended dildo, sex swing and a rubber bed sheet all buried in a closet at home. That meant, at the earliest opportunity, I would have my dick buried down Dan's throat.

I groaned softly, slipping my fingers out of his lips. I trailed my fingers down between us, stopping where my cock was buried inside him. When I slid back, leaving just my head inside him, I worked my fingers into him. He groaned softly, my cock pushing back in alongside them. This time he grunted, just a little, but he soon was back to rutting against me like a slut.

I gave him a few more minutes to get used to the addition of my fingers, flexing them inside him. After that, I pled out, both my stiff dick and fingers, smirking as he whimpered. Thank fuck I had stamina and self control of I'd be back inside him shooting my load. However, that wasn't the plan. I looked over my shouder to make sre Bert was ready, then gripped Dan's locks and yanked his head back. "Come on." I wrapped my other arm around his waist, pulling him around so he was facing Bert.

Bert was now occupying the seat I'd been on earlier and he was naked. Not an unusal sight, admittedly, even with his egs spread and one hand holding his hard cock straight up. I smiled, pushing Dan towards him, his top sticking to his skin. With my other hand I reached over and turned the camera so it was directed at Bert. "Sit on him." I almost felt the need to add 'on his dick' but I refrained, smiling when he seemed to get it for himself. "Facing him." I added instead, watching as he did as I asked, his ass sinking down around Bert's cock as he took his place. I almost gave him a few moments to settle, but he was bouncing on Bert's dick before I knew it. I chuckled softly an grinned. Hanging around with us had been a good influence.

I let them have their fun for awhile, watching the way Dan moved up and down, clearly trying to imitate what he'd seen others do. His actions were a clear mix of what he'd seen Bert and Jepha do in these situations. The way he rolled his ass was all Bert. The way he held Bert's shoulders for leverage was something Jepha would do. I smiled and wet my lips, knowing I'd need to attend to my boner.

"Bert." I was sure Bert was nodding in response but I couldn't see due to Dan blocking the view. I did, however, see his hands shift to Dan's shoulders, holding him down on his dick. Once Dan got the hint to stay still, Bert slipped his hands lower, pressing Dan forward so they were chest to chest. Perfect.

I got into position behind Dan once again, then worked my dick back inside him, this time alongside Bert's. Dan groaned and hissed again, but Bert did a good job on holding him down, despite the obvious difference in strength. I groaned myself, our cocks brushing against each other in the tight space. "Fuck..." Ok, this wasn't the first time we'd done this, well me and Bert anyway. We'd done it with Jepha and Gerard and Bob. And that peroxide blonde. Still, somehow this felt better then all of them, well the ones I could rememeber well anyway. Probably because this was Dan's first time. I licked my lips and started moving, slowly again. Bert relaxed his grip on Dan, allowing him to move.

Dan started to move as soon as he could, rolling his hips and pushing his ass back against both our dicks. I smirked and began to move, moaning low in my throat. Double fucking a guy, was always so hot but especially with a guy that was so strong looking. Don't get me wrong, fucking whores was hot, but fucking a guy that looked like he could fuck you easily? That was hotter.

The three of us moved in obscene rhythm, though we weren't all going at the same pace. Dan was moving slowly, Bert was moving quickly and I was somewhere in between. I coud hear both of them kissing, sloppy and wet. I groaned louder, Bert's dick throbbing against mine. Bert had no stamina. He came pretty easy. Hell, he'd cum onstage before. So when Bert practically yelled and unloaded over my cock, I was fully expecting it.

I smiled and purred in Dan's ear, not stopping moving just cause Bert had shot his load, his cum making my movements that much more slick. "Touch yourself." I breathed against the mass of air near his ear again. He nodded, not responding verbally because Bert was kissing again, his soft member sliding out when I pulled back out of Dan. I moaned, hearing, rather then seeing due the tangle of my bandmates hair, Dan start to jerk off his freakish dick. His ass also clenched a little tighter around my stiff shaft, which was another sign he was stroking himself. A part of me, that part being my dick, wished I could see him do it. It was always quite a sight, him using his dick in just about any way, mostly because it was so big. Like, Toro-big. He was a good guy to ass fuck too.

I tried my best now to catch his spot, listening to his muffled moans to try and tell when I had. It was hard to tell with a mouthful of Bert between my ear and the sounds, but I think I managed to discern when I actually hit it. I made a mental note of it's location for future use, then kept pounding into that spot.

Before I knew it the pair of us were releasing at practically the same time. My orgasms had a habit of creeping up on me without warning. I didn't really mind though. I'd gotten to sample Dan's sweet, round ass and I knew I wanted more. I'd make sure that I'd get more time alone with him, maybe even breaking out some of those toys I had. "Good boy." I whispered softly against him, sliding out and heading over to get dressed. I resisted the urge to say whore instead of boy. Just about. I slipped my boxers and pants back on, not really caring about my dick sticking to the material. "You should get dressed too, before your little bottom boy gets back." I smirked and stopped recording, quickly replacing the cards before chucking Dan his pants and underwear.

Of course Bert was pouting over not licking a just fucked ass, but I'd make it up to him later. For now though, I picked up Bert's tee and used it to wipe Dan's ass before he could cover himself up, and tossed it to him. That'd do him for now.
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