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Well that was confusing and implausible

Being Human was on last night. I swear this series is just trying to confirm what I already knew: that the Welsh are sluts. I mean last week there was dogging. This week, there was a gimp and orgy. Seriously what's next? Inquiring minds want to know!

Finished The Force Unleashed II today. It's good, but overall? Not as good as the first one. Especially the cinematic cutscenes and the fact it's shorter. Also the end is... well, inexplicable!

And yes, it does mean there'll be a sequel (just to explain how it can end that way) but... fuck. Honestly, the ending needs explaining, stat.

Also it was amusing that the voice of Leia is Padme from The Clone Wars. Although another annoyance is being on Kamino twice but no Kaminoans.

I ended up going to the garden center today to get a unicorn thing and, on the way back, I ended up going in the charity shop across the road, getting Resident Evil 2 for the ps just cause.

Oh and we had a visit fro a fail cat that can't jump up walls, which was amusing.

Anyway, off now. Glee times soon, well on +1 anyways.
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