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Pairing: Eicca Toppinen/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Eicca
Warnings: BDSM, slavery
Notes: Next xmas fic, for sammielindemann who has been writing an awesome fic at bfmvslash so go read!

The best thing about the Welsh was their screams. Each one had a different scream of course, but there some component to it, something that made it special. That was why I was standing in front of my latest aquisition, wondering how his screams would sound.

I had been told all I needed to know about him. His name was Matt, but I knew he wouldn't be hearing that again, and he was in his early 30's. Like I said, that was all I needed to know. His appearence was what mattered most to me, more then trivial information about him. His hair hung to his shoulders, the longest strands almost reaching the tribal tattoo he had on one arm. He was slim, but not overly so and he wasn't terribly muscular either. I smiled and nodded appreciatively to myself. Yeah, he'd do.

I guess I should wake the fucker though. I did so in my usual way of waking newbies, slapping him around the face. As soon as the sound of contact filled the room, his eyelids fluttered open. It took him a few seconds for him to start the usual questions. In those seconds he looked left, then right, the realised he was restrained. "Where am I? What am I doing here? And who the fuck are you?" His voice wasn't as accented as I'd expected, but it'd certainly do. The test would come later.

Before answering I slapped him again, smirking as he yelped. "You are far from home, little one." I licked my lips, running my hand down his bare chest, watching him flinch a little. "You are here for many reasons, which will become clear to you soon enough." I paused and looked him right in the eyes, studying them for a second or two. "First and foremost is that you belong to me."

His reaction was almost immediate.

"That is fucking bullshit!" He practically spat out the words, glaring at me. "You can't own a fucking person! Not anymore!"

I shrugged, wiping his spit away from my chest before punching him in the stromach. He cried out loudly in pain from the blow, tears filling his eyes and he almost fell. Thankfully the ropes around his wrists and ankles, connected to chains on the floor and ceiling respectively, were enough to keep him upright. Once he stopped moving I laughed in his face. "Of course people can be owned. You just have to find the right methods of aquiring them. And, of course, have the money." I gripped him by the hair, yanking his head up so he was frced to look at me. "Like it or not, you are my property now and I can do what I like with you."

"You're fucking insane!"

I rolled my eyes at such a typical newbie response, but otherwise ignored it. "You're not my first. You won't be my last. In fact, within a week you will be a good boy, doing just as I want." He snorted at the thought and I licked my lips. "Do you know what I do to boys who don't learn their place in a week?" He shook his head no. "They become stars." He looked at me skeptically, making me smirk more. "Do you know what a snuff film is?"

He shook his head, but I waited for a verbal response. "No. What the fuck is one?"

"You would be filmed as a man, or men, kills you. Brutally." His eyes widened in fear at the thought alone. "I find that's a powerful motivator."

"You... can't." His voice was smaller now, much less certain.

"Oh yes I can. Who'd stop me? You?" I laughed again and shook my head. "Look at yourself. Now look at me. Even if you weren't chained, do you think you'd stand a chance against me?" He looked even more uncertain now. "And even if you managed it, what then? You don't know you're way out. Or where you are. Or the native language." He looked more defeated the more I talked, but I knew he wouldn't be safe to free just yet. Newbies, even when told all the disadvantages of trying to escape, very rarely had the common sense not to try.

There was a long period of silence between us, at least it felt long, before he opened his lips again. "What do you want from me?" Ah, there it was. The key question. It signalled that they would start listening to reason.

"That is simple." I smiled at him, running my fingers over his chest again. "All you have to do is submit to me." He raised an eyebrow, but I knew the questions in his mind before he even spoke them. "Yeah, sexually is part of it." He studied me properly, so I leaned back to let him look me over. I knew he was gay, or bi or whatever. I never bought straight ones, not anymore. They were just too much trouble and not worth the effort. Ones that liked cock to begin with submitted much easier.

Unlike him, I wasn't naked. I was wearing leather pants, made from the only one of his ilk that had failed me, and black leather boots. When he was done looking me over, it was clear there was a slight interest there. He was hiding it of course, but I could see it in his eyes.

"Will you ever let me go?" He asked after awhile, his voice a little small.

"I never let my boys go." I replied simply, wetting my lips. "But if you behave, you'll live fairly comfortably." Well, more comfortable then his current situation was anyway. I did have so many boys that there were ones that would get left alone for the most part for days. "But I'll still use you as I see fit."

He chewed his lip, seemingly weighing his options. "The choice you have before you is very simple little one." I smirked a little and gripped his chin, so he was focusing on me. "Either do as I say, or die." I let that sink in, then stood back. "I'll let you think on that for awhile."

I turned and walked out, leaving him alone with his thoughts. I'd learned newbies learned best after thinking on their situation for awhile. As soons as the door closed behind me I was already thinking of tortures for him.


He screamed and it was a beautiful sound. Another smirk played over my lips as I whipped him again. Although he agreed to submission, he still tried to escape the first instance he was freed. Honestly, I'd have been more surprised if he hadn't. He hadn't gotten far, not even magaing to get out the room, before I overpowered him.

Now he was in chains again, facing the wall, angry welts forming on his back from where I whipped him. Every blow resulted in different sounds leaving his throat. He'd started by whimpering, then moved up to crying, followed by the eventual screams. The sounds I'd been waiting for. It took him longer then most to scream though, which was something I'd have to work on.

I stopped after a few more blows, then ran my fingers down his back. "Have you learned your lesson now?" He nodded and whimpered, resting his head against the wall. I smiled and traced my fingers lower, down towards his cleft. My fingers delved between his cheeks, seekng his hole. Now was a good a time as any to fuck him for the first time. I growled in his ear, forcing my fingers into him making him cry again. "If you'd behaved better you'd get lube." He just whimpered, fearful of incurring my wrath again, and kept still against the wall.

I quickly retreated my fingers, giving him only the barest amount of prep. I only did it for my benefit, not his. I wanted to be able to actually fit in him. I shifted my hands to hold his cheeks apart, pushing between them towards his twitching opening. I gripped him tight as I thrust in, going as deep as I could in one thrust, which was about half way. He felt good, nice and fairly tight and he was making that pretty scream again.

I chuckled and let out a small groan before shifting back. I was barely outof him before I snapped my hips, slamming back inside and getting a little deeper this time. He made that scream again, which only made me move harder the next time. Fuck he was sexy when he was in pain. I licked my lips at the sounds he made, knowing as always that I'd have to make him scream more. I kept moving in and out of his tight opening, digging my nails into his ass. His hands were clenched into tight fists against the walls as I banged him. He kept screaming of course, but it died down after a few thrusts, the noises he made becoming cries and before dissolving into whimpers.

I wasn't tempted to reach around and touch his dick, not even to see if he was hard. It didn't matter to me if he was. If he came, he came. If he didn't, he didn't. Instead, I kept fucking him hard, occasionally stopping to hit his ass hard enough for him to moan.

He'd gotten into it a bit more now, rocking back on my dick and clenching around him. He may have been doing it to get me off quicker, to end his pain for awhile, it was hard to tell. Either way it had that effect, regardless of the intention. I kept up the thrusts for as long as I could, but I still came within him when he clenched tight around me the next time I was balls deep inside him. I let his insides milk me before sliding out, smiling at how he was panting and rutting his hips back and forth. He probably hadn't cum, but he was close.

Ah well.

I slipped out of him after a few moments more, then slapped his ass again. "You'd better be thankful you're a good fuck or else I'd be back whipping your sorry ass again." I smirked as he groaned, but I didn't wait for any form of verbal reply. Instead I turned and left him, changed to the wall with his back covered in welts.

I'd have to get one of the other Welsh sluts to clean my dick. Which one though I wasn't sure. Whichever I stumbled upon first. I smirked and locked Matt's door, heading off to find one.
Tags: apocalyptica, bullet for my valentine, eicca toppinen, eicca toppinen/matt tuck, fic, matt tuck, slash, xmas fic 10
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