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Do you even know what balance is?

Past few days have been odd. Sleeping patterns have been well and truly fucked up.

I strated the Force Unleashed II on Tuesday. I was mostly finished just being on it that one day. It is pretty good though.

Thursday I ended up heading to Cannock, which left me tired.

Kerrang is okish. The 21st century playlist is amusing because I have so many of the songs. There's a Bullet poster next week which is a new picture from a prehawk shoot.

I finished Farscape season 1, so now I must find the season 2 dvds I'm short of. Cut to me going in every CEX I can.

Train tickets are booked for going to MCR. Yay! When we go I'll be in uber search mode before the gig even begins. You know, for unicorns and Farscape and Star Wars and Magic cards. And those little galaxy eggs.

Watched the latest Clone Wars the other night. It was such an awesome ep, most because it was weird and strange and creepy. In a very good way. Hope the other parts are that good.

I hate football cause it knocks the Star Wars run on tv out by a week.

Rock Sound came yesterday and Prophets look so airbrushed. Ugh.

Amused by seeing Bob from The Blackout in a mankini.

Gonna finish fic soon. I'd have done it yesterday but mum on the phone breaks my concentration.

Audience participation time now. Now I'm not doing any more Killjoy fics until after the xmas ones are all done. But I have ideas and I am pondering more. The next on is likely the Show Pony/Dr D one.

First, is there a name for the girl from the new MCR vids yet, or is she still nameless?

Second, is there anyone you'd want to see in future Killjoy fics? I'm curious.
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