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The Past Ain't Through With You

The Past Ain't Through With You
Pairing: Battery Jumper/Jet Star
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jet
Warnings: Eventual porn, angstyness
Notes: So I've took a break from the xmas fics to finish this, which was started just before the xmas fics and they sidetracked this. It's been in my head a lot so I figured, instead of waiting, let's finish this one. Anyway, this is a direct sequel to Save Yourself. And yes, they are more Killjoy fics planned after this. Just I won't do em until after the xmas fics.

Two weeks. It had been two weeks since I last saw him. Those had been the hardest two weeks of my life. No question. Now I stood in the garage of a diner that we frequently stopped at, checking over the motobike we'd left there last time to make sure it was still in working order.

"What exactly is it that you think you're fucking doing?" I looked up, sighing at the sight of Ghoul standing there, cigarette between his lips an eyes locked on me. I'd assumed he'd been asleep like Poison and Kobra.

"I'm going back. I need to know Ghoul and you're not gonna stop me."

He studied me for a careful few seconds, then shrugged. "Who said anything about stopping you?" He flashed me a grin, then nodded to the bike. "That's good to go. It should last you overnight. Be back before sun up though."

"Thanks Ghoul." I smiled and slipped my helmet over my head, mounting the bike and starting it up.

"Bring it back in one fucking piece!" I smiled a little at his words and then sped out into the desert.


My first stop was where we'd left them. It was obvious that there'd been a confrontation recently. The garage where we'd stayed was practically falling apart now, with holes and burn marks covering the walls. There seemed no point even looking inside because of that.

Although there were clear signs of the fight, there wasn't any sign of bodies on either side. That could, of course, be a good thing but I also knew that Dracs took bodies, their own nd their opponents, to do fuck knows what to them. I'd heard rumours, none of which were pleasent. I called out their names just in case they were still around, but alas I heard nothing.

I spent an hour searching the surroundings, but the only thing I did find was Battery's custom raygun. It was purple with a small but noticeable emblem of a dragon the handle. I swallowe slightly. He wouldn't just leave this here, not if he could help it. I swallowed again and slipped it into my pocket, heading back to the bike.


As I drove snatches of memories of him entered my mind. thoughts of those last few nights together. Thoughts from before all this, before the fires and the running. Our first meeting. Our first kiss. The first time we said 'I love you'. When I asked to marry him and he said yes. When we discussed having a child.

I swallowed and blinked back tears. I could only hope, hope that he was out there somewhere, waiting for me.


My next stop was in a store outside the zones. We'd been there only once before, but I knew it was a place to find out information. I'd asked Dr D when we delivered Battery's massage. Well, not so much asked, more like screamed at him. Sadly he knew less then we did and the others had to hold me back while I screamed some more at him.

I hopped of the bike and headed inside, ignoring the three men on the porch that watched me enter. I walked straight in, ignoring the blonde with the shopping cart full of medical supplies and the blue haired man behind the counter, heading straight into the back.

Not one of them tried to stop me.

In the back room, sitting behind a desk and studying a computer sceen, was the man I came to see. As I stepped inside I flipped up the visor of the helmet and approached him. "Ah Jet, long time no see..." Before the sandy blonde could continue, I was across the room, standing in front of him and looming down at him.

"Battery Jumper." He raised an eyebrow at me and nodded sightly.

"Yeah I know him. He comes in here a lot asking abou..."

"Have you seen him recently?"

"How recently?"

"Last two weeks."

He paused and thought for a moment, then shook his head. "No. Actually I've not seen him for close to a month now. But I guess that's no surprise really sadly."

"What do you mean Bryar?" I hissed at the words, worried that that would mean what I feared the most was true. He looked at me like he'd been stung. No one out here used their real names, but I didn't care about that right now. "Answer me!"

"Their place got attacked by Dracs. As far as I know anyway." He leaned forward slightly in his seat, looking up at me. "There was nothing there but fire and dust last I heard." I swallowed at his words, keeping my eyes locked on mine. "I sent my boys to check it out and they said the same. I dunno if he was ghosted or dusted or worse, but there were no signs of bodies." He paused and studied my face for a few moments. "But then again you knew that didn't you?" I nodded slightly. "I'm sorry Jet. I truly am, but that's all I know. I'll keep my ear to the ground for you though. You never know, he could just be laying low somewhere." He reached for me, placing his hand on my arm. "Just because I don't know anything doesn't mean anything."

I nodded slightly, but I was already moving away, towards the door. "Jet, is there anything else I can..."

I didn't hear the rest of what he said. I was already outside, heading back to my bike. There was only one other place I could think of where I could find information.


Wolfblood Beach.

Some would call it a wretched hive of scum and villany. They were on the other side.

Wolfblood Beach was a gathering place. It used to be a summer camp, so the centeral areas were focused on those buildings. Arrayed outside that main area were a view other makeshift buildings and a shitload of tents.

I walked through the thong of people, hearing the sounds of music and people. I'd not been in such a gathering for a long time so it was pretty disconcerting. I kept my helmet on, not wanting to be recognised and bothered.

Everybody pay attention to me,
I got the answer,
I got the answer,
Street walking cheetah with a capitol G,
So get your hands up,
Now get your hands up

I made my way through the crowd to the largest of the buildings. The gathering of people was made up of men, women, droids and everything in between, each one a rainbow of colour. As Poison always said 'colour was dangerous' so he'd have a field day here. Every so often I caught glimpses of people that looked like Battery, but I knew they weren't him. Some were too tall, or too pale, or even women. Instead of studying the mass of people, I decided it would be best to head straight to my destination.


"I'm sorry Jet." The skinny boy said from behind his desk, after taking a few minutes to be sure. He was a little sorter then me, with carefully styled dark hair and delicate swirls of make up covering the skin of his face. He might not look like much, but he was the best source of information at Wolfblood. He had eyes and ears everywhere. "The man you're looking for hasn't been here in the last few weeks. As far as I know no one has seen or heard of his fate either."

I nodded a little from where I stood in front of him, having stopped pacing long enough to hear his words. He opened his mouth again, no doubt to say words I'd heard before. That it meant nothing. That there was still hope. I waved it away with my hand, stopping him before he even started. "Thanks for trying."

I turned and headed out, hearing him sigh softly behind me.


As I say at one of Wolfblood's bars, I thought about what else I could do. For one, time wasn't on my side. I only had about two, maybe three hours to get back. For another, I honestly had no idea where else I could go. I'd need to get my hands on that device Battery had given Poison, with the list of safe places, then start going through them all. But then again, that could take weeks, months even and he could have already moved on and I'd have missed him. If he was at any of them at all.

And if he wasn't, if they'd ghosted or taken him, how would I know? What if they were experimenting on him? Or torturing him? Hell, we'd all heard the rumours that Dracs used to be us. How would I be able to shoot one now, knowing that, if those rumours were true, I could be aiming my raygun at him?

I sighed softly, downing another mouthful of alcohol. Things were so much simpler just a few weeks ago, when he was in my past. When I was sure he was safe, in one of the cities, maybe even having the life I'd long since given up. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I should have stayed behind, with him. Led the life we were going to lead, the life we'd planned for. I closed my eyes and took another drink.

We shouldn't have left them like that.

I looked up, into the sky, at the stars. We'd done that, lying in the sand, staring up at the sky, just enjoying being togther. I'd forgotten how good it was, just being with him. Yeah. Being with him. I finished my drink, some cloudy blue substance, then headed away, towards another building.


The figure that stepped into the small, dark bedroom looked like him. He was the same size, had the same hair, the same eyes, but there were notable things missing. For one he had none of the tattoos thta he actually had, only nondescript dark swirls and patches of colour. He had none of the piercings he had and, if he spoke, his voice wouldn't sound like him.

It was, however, the closest I'd get.

I wouldn't tell him what had been playing on my mind for the past few hours, days, weeks. Instead I kissed him, wrapped my arms around him and pulled him towards the bed. I laid him down on the sheets, ignoring the fact that they were surely the dirtiest fucking sheets in the zones, then eased myself inside him.

He felt nothing like what Battery did, but I put that out of my mind, trying desperately to imagine it was him. That he was alive and we'd been reunited somehow. I kept kissing him, imagining hie was real, sprawled out below me, begging me to move inside him and telling me how much he missed and loved me. I knew I could ask him to say those things, but it would break the already fragile fantasy.

I held onto his hips, thrusting deep and hard as I kissed along his jawline. My hands moved down over his body, caressing his soft skin. In my mind he was groaning, rolling his hips and begging me to go harder, deeper. He was telling me he'd never leave, that we'd stay together forever.

I kept thrusting, holding his hips tight as I came, deep inside his body. At exactly the same time he did as well, across his belly. I took a deep breath and, pulled out, laying down on the bed. He was already moving, as if nothing had happened. But then, that was it's programming.

As it walked out the door it's skin was already shifting, the colour covering it's arms vanishing.

I sighed softly, closing my eyes. I thought that would help but it didn't. It only made things worse. Laying there, naked and alone, I wept.


"Well? Did you have any luck?" I looked at Ghoul through the helmet's visor as I climbed off my bike, inside the garage where I'd started the night. He must have stayed up the whole night, just to be sure I got back safe.

I shook my head and he nodded, coming over and patting my arm. "I'm sorry man." I nodded, pulling my helmet off and closing my eyes.

"It's ok." I whispered softly, despite it being a belatant lie. Ghoul looked at me and I could tell he knew that it was a lie too. He didn't call me on it though, which was probably for the best. He just patted my shoulder again and I took a deep breath. "We'll find him."

He nodded, though again, I was sure he could see through it. "Go get some sleep." He said instead, glancing sidelong at the bike. "I'll make sure you didn't fuck up my baby." I actually let myself smile, heading back into the diner, even though I knew I wouldn't get much sleep.

Before I headed to my sleeping bag, I stopped and took out Battery's raygun, studying it in my hands for a few moments. "One day I'll give this back to you." I whispered, my voice soft as I kissed it briefly, sliding it into my bag. I would. I swore it.

I took a deep breath then, shakily, headed to my sleeping bag. I had to at least look like I'd slept, even though I didn't really want to.

Despite that though, I soon fell into sleep, leaving this night behind.
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