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What Your Eyes Want To See

What Your Eyes Want To See
Pairing: Gerard Way/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: AU, necrophilia.
Notes: Next xmas fic, this one for bloodyhands. Oddly this one was the first one I started, yet I kinda lost where I was gonna go with it for awhile. Ah well. First twisted fic in awhile too. May do more soonish.

I'd been watching him for awhile now. He went past my house most days, presumably on the way to college. A lot of people proably wouldn't see what I saw in him. He was chubby, with a rounded face and a tubby belly. He looked pretty awkward, with greasy jet black hair and pale pasty skin. Most of the time he walked past my house alone, although sometimes he was with a gawky, slender boy with glasses. His trips past became the highlight of my week, even though they were a few seconds long. Afterwards I'd almost always run up to jerk off thinking of him.

Now I'd finally decided to act on my lust. He was laying, sprawled out on my bed. His clothes were off, piled up in my top drawer along with his wallet. I'd found out a lot from his wallet. First his name was Gerard Way, he was 19 and he was indeed at college. From his phone I'd found out that the boy he walked with was his younger brother Mikey.

Gerard was even prettier up close, especially since he was naked. He was just like I imagined. Rounded belly, large hips, smallish genitals, unblemished skin. It was taking all my self control not to fuck him right now.

He stirred as I watched, his eyelids fluttering open as he groaned. He shifted, trying to rub his eyes or something, I'd took the precaution of cuffing his hands behind his back. I suspected that he would be no match for me, but it was always better to be safe. "Huh?" His eyes flashed open, darting around the room until he saw me. "Who are you? Where am I?"

I stood up from where I'd been seated and crossed the room to the bed, taking a new position beside him on the sheets. "I'm Ray and this is my home. I've been watching you for such a long time Gerard. Watching you walk by my home on your way to college." His eyes widened as I spoke, but he kept silent. I smiled and placed my hand on his thigh, gently rubbing his bare skin. "I've wanted you for so long I can't stand it. I had to have you and now, now I do."

He whimpered and bit his lip, locking eyes with me. "Let me go. Please."

I shook my head slowly, a smile playing on my lips. "If I did that you'd run. You'd want nothing to do with me an you'd tell people I'd taken you." I shook my head once more for emphasis. "No, I won't be letting you go."

"What will you do to me?" He sounded scared, which I guessed was to be expected. I bought my other hand up and stroked his face.

"It should be obvious what I'll do to you Gerard." My other hand trailed up his leg higher until the tips were brushing against his balls. He shivered, but his cock twitched between his legs, making me grin. I knew he was a slut. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you like it." I patted him on the head, then grabbed some lube.

Quickly I spread it over my fingers and thrust them into him, smiling as he groaned. I kept my self on him, moving them in and out just a few times. He was clearly a slut, especially since he opened up so easily. I was also much too eager to wait. I worked him open just a little more, then I removed my fingers, pulling his legs up to his chest. His eyes looked pleading, but also oddly glassy. I shook it off, then lined up with him. "Don't worry, you're gonna get used to this."

I smiled down at him, then thrust inside him. He wasn't tight, or that hot really, but he felt so fucking good. I groaned, holding his hips before starting to thrust. I kept my eyes on him, smling at how his lips were still parted. He looked so beautiful really. His dark hair framing his face, his soft lips, his eyes. I groaned low in my throat and kept thrusting, my eyes drawn down his rounded belly to his stiff cock, standing tall andproud from out of his dark curls. I wanted to touch him but I wouldn't, not this time. I wet my lips and kept founding him, keeping my eyes on him. He was so fucking hot.

This felt better then all of my dreams about him. Sure I was going rough with him. Sure I could feel him tear slightly and not rock back. But I knew. I knew he would. He'd learn to love it. I reached up and cupped his face, which tilted a little into my touch, the reaction making me thrust harder. He was learning fast.

I bit my lower lip, thrusting deep and hard, feeling my orgasm build already. I tried my hardest to subdue it, but when your greatest fantasies is lying there in front of you it's extremely hard to hold back. I kept up the thrusts though, shifting my hand back down to grip his hip tightly as I did so. All too soon I was crying out softly as I finally shot my load deep inside his body. His body which, now, was even colder then before.

As I came down from my orgasm I remembered why.

The blood that was now creating a halo around his head was the main giveaway. The next were his eyes, glassy and dead. His lips were indeed parted, but there was no air going in or out of him. His chest wasn't rising or falling and the only reason his head had met my hand was that it had lolled to the side.

I had caught him by surprise. I had dragged him inside, but he fought the whole way, leading to him to end up cracking his head open. By the time I dragged him upstairs, stripped and cuffed him he was gone.

I sighed softly, stroking his greasy and blood soaked hair gently before standing up and crossing the room. There, crouched in the corner and looking up at me with scared eyes, was the naked, bound form Gerard's younger brother, Mikey.

Ah well. At least I had one Way.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash, xmas fic 10
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