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What do you expect from the Welsh?

Random post just cause.

Since my last post we've watched all the X-Men films. At the end mum kept asking me questions and I was all 'I know as much as you!' but still I manged to apply knowledge I'd gleaned which seemed to satisfy her.

Episode III was on Saturday, yay!

Obviusly, fom my last to posts, I'm back to ficcing. I expect three to be done this week: Gerard/Ray, Lee Malia/Nicholls and the Darren fic. This may change if I get inspired for another xmas fic. By the time I go to MCR I want all the xmas fics done, plus the Star Wars one, plus the next Killjoys one.

Speaking of MCR I just realised today that I'll be seeing them in less then three weeks. I really, really hope for two things. First, that they bring the bendy hotness that is Show Pony with them. Second that they don't play one song.

I love the new Panic! song. It's back to old Panic! which is awesome.

Being Human was on last night. They've moved to Wales these series and, within the first 15 minutes they end up being at a dogging site. Told you the Welsh were pevs. It was amusing cause one of the people there was Rhys from Torchwood. I hope he comes back. And that there's more sexy Welshmen.

Oh and, behold!


Waddling off now. Should fic later cause I have idea. Might have it done before Glee.
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