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The Comedown

The Comedown
Pairing: Lee Malia/Matt Kean
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Porn, but that's about it.
Notes: Next late Xmas fic! Woo! This one is for asphyxiatide. Hope yous like.

The thing about being in a band was touring and the thing about touring was spending most of the time in cramped buses with other men. There were several ways with dealing with the pent-up sexual energy bands felt on the road. The first, most obvious perhaps, was groupies. The second, was just waiting until hotel nights and jerking off so hard you almost yanked your dick off. The last one was the one we used, and it seemed to be quite common amongst bands. One member was the band slut, servicing all of the others whenever necessary.

Our one was, unsurprisingly, Oli.

Right now, though, he was busy and not in a sexual way. Him and Nicholls were doing some sort of interview and Jona was.... fuck knows where he disappeared to. That just left me and Lee on the bus. That was just fine by me. I'd started noticing when we played that he had a nice, round arse that was just begging for something in it. My recent dreams had involved him bent over with his arse in the air and various thinngs up it.

I squirmed slightly in the chair beside him, the images in my mind making my cock twitch. "Have you ever tought about taking it up the arse?" The words tumbled from my lips, my brain seemingly unable to hold back.

He turned to look at me, raised an eyebrow, then shrugged. "Sometimes." He said in that non-committal way of his. Most likely he was gauging my reaction. "You?"

"No, not really." I replied softly, giving him a shrug back. I had thought about it, once or twice, but not often. He studied me for a few moments, then took a drink from his beer bottle.

He was silent for a few moments more, as if expecting me to say more, before finally speaking. "Well no one's here. If you want to fck up then you'd better do it now." My eyes widdened but before I could say anything he spoke up once more. "Come on, you've been looking at me like I'm a piece of meat, of course I've noticed." He set his bottle down and started to pull his t-shirt over his head. I just watched, staring. Sure I'd seen him strip before, both to just change and when he was about to use Oli but somehow this felt different. "Are you going to take your clothes off or just sit there watching?" He stood up, tilting his head at me as he worked his jeans off. I nodded a little, then finally started by removing my own t-shirt, tossing it aside.

By the tme I'd gotten naked he'd beaten me to it, heading down the bunks. When he returned he was grasping a tube of lube which was only half full. "Go slow. I'm not Oli." As he said those words he gave me a look, one which meant 'do this wrong and I'll push you out of the bus after cutting your dick off'. I gave him a small nod, then took the lube as he offered it me.

I opened the bottle, then spread some of the thick liquid onto my fingers, spreading it across my digits. I set the bottle down as he bent over the table, sticking his arse out a little for me. His hands reached back, grasping his cheeks and pulling them apart so his hole was exposed to me. I licked my lips at the sight, then gently worked my middle finger into him. He hissed a little, but remained still. I bit back a groan at the feeling of how tight he was. He felt so much better then Oli did, so hot and tight. Slowly, I moved my finger around within him, working him open. He didn't make any noise, but he was always fairly quiet during sessions with Oli so I wasn't too surprised.

After a few moments he spoke again, turning back a little. "You can add another now." I nodded and complied, sliding my finger out before pressing my fingers together and sinking them both into him. He hissed again, then I started moving them. He let out a low groan as I pressed my digits deep within him, his whole body moving just a little. I guessed from his reaction that I'd caught his spot and that only made me more desperate to get inside him.

I gave him a few more minutes before slipping both of them out, smirking a little at the small whimper he made at the loss. Quickly, I lubed myself up and lined up with his opening, placing a hand on the small of his back before sinking inside him. He groaned, his hands shifting from his ass cheeks to the edges of the table beneath him. "Faster." He hissed under his breath. "I'm not fucking glass you know." I nodded and oblidged, thrusting hard into him until I was balls deep inside him.

"Holy fuck..." I whispered softly. He felt better then I expected, better then Oli. I held the table either side of his waist tightly, then began to move steadily. He was making soft whimpery noises under me as I thrust inside of him, angling in an attempt to catch his spot him my dick. It wasn't terribly hard to find, especially since I had the biggest dick in the band. Well, girth-wise anyway. We'd measured once, midway through Warped. He groaned out loud as I caught it, the noise making my dick throb. That and his arsehole clenched tight around me.

"Fucking hell, do that again!" I chuckled and nodded, making sure to catch that spot again on my next thrusts. Each time he made a low moan, rutting back against me. "Touch me." He half-hissed, half-growled, clearly desperate and aching. I reached around his waist and wrapped my fingers around his cock, stiff and solid in my hand. I began to stroke him as I thrusted into his tight, warm heat, more moans tumbing from his lips.

"Shit Lee, you feel so fucking good." I gritted out the words, slamming into him harder, watching him with every move I made. The way his back arched a little. The way his head tipped back just a little as he moaned. In my hand his dick twitched, jerking forward every time I thrust particularly hard. His arse was also twitching, like his dick, and it made my own cock throb as I rammed into him.

He growled a little below me, his breaths coming out in slight pants. I recpognised the signs, after seeing and participating in sex with him and Oli before I knew when he was close, probably before even he knew. His hips were jerking wildly now and his arse was clenching tighter and faster. I hissed under my breath but, deep down, I knew he'd bring me off soon as well, much sooner then I'd have liked.

A few jerks of my hand later and he was shooting over himself and the table beneath him, making such pretty noises as he did. At the same time his insides did that strange spasming that happened during climax. There was probably some term for it but I neither knew nor cared to know what it was. All I knew was it felt so fucking good that it set me off too. I gripped the table harder, muttering his name under my breath as I pumped into him.

"Fuck..." I whispered once it was al over, sliding slow out of him with a soft pop.

"Mmm." He responded, reaching around behind himself again. He pushed ran two fingers along his crack, then bought them to his lips, licking them. Instantly I wondered what he'd look like with a mouthful of my cock. I surpressed a groan at the image, instead slinging into a seat. "You know, if I smoked I'd be dying for one right now." He muttered as he finished licking, repeating the action, only this time getting the cum off his belly. "Pass us a beer."

I nodded, getting a fresh bottle out of the mini fridge. By the time I handed it to him, he was seated just like me, loking all sexy and sweaty. He smiled and took the bottle from me, twisting off the top before taking a long, long drink. Again, my thoughts were filled with him sucking dick. He settled the bottle down, wiping his lips with the back of his hand affter gulping it down.

"I see why Oli likes it so much." He paused, scooping a little more off his chest before speaking again. "You'll have to fuck me again." He examined his fingers in the I light for a few moments, then licked them clean. It was almost as if he wanted me to think about shoving my cock down his throat.

I nodded dumbly and he shot me grin before drinking again. "Better chuck something on." I raised an eyebrow slightly and his grin returned as he tossed me my underwear. "Else Oli'll get jealous."

Again, I nodded, lifting my ass up as I pulled them on, the material sticking to my softening dick. Lee waited a few before copying me. "Put the tele on." He smiled, slinking off the chair. "I'm going for a piss."

As I thumbed the reote for the tv on, my eyes transfixed on him as he went to the bus's small bathroom, I couldn't help but think what he'd look like pissing. Maybe next time I'd find out.
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, lee malia, lee malia/matt kean, matt kean, slash, xmas fic 10
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