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We'll split the winnings 50/50 I think

So yesterday I ended up doing the lottery for mum. We ended up winning a tenner so I split it down the middle. Woo!

I've been randomly watching Farscape again. Doing a run of series 1 FTW!

May watch X-Men 2 or Scott Pilgram tonight.

So today I decided to wear my GIR t-shirt since I felt like it (and I want more Zim episodes damnit!). Since I had a daysaver thing I decided to head to Walsall to check out the new Tesco.

So I went to Walsall and one of the first places I went I saw the new lego minifig things. I had a feel and, yes! I got the one I most wanted. It's the Lego mummy with a scorpion so yay!

I went in Smiths and I saw a cute blue nose bunny. For the rest of the day my mind was going 'bunny bunny bunny'. So yeah, when I went back to get Attitude (what? Mcfly are naked in it again) I got the bunny too. He's called Snowdrop and hes so cute!

I went in the sci fi shop, where I got my next purchase. They had some Magic cards in the sale so I got three packs: Shadowmoor, Morningtide and Conflux. Personally I think that latter one has the best cards. I may go back for more when I have another daysaver. Because othose Ive gotta resort my cards, but I don't mind since I'm gonna do a blue deck tonight.

After that I ended up at the new Tesco. It's pretty much like the one at Orpington. The layout's pretty much identical. I ended up getting a few things fo there. A blue nose husky, lattice things and a sushi roll thing in the meal deal (which ended up being terrible since it crumbled the second I bit into it).

After that it was straight to Cannock.

Didn't get too much from there. I got a projected Angel from Asda cause it was half price and that's about it. Also got Star Wars Galaxy from Cannocks Smiths. I pondered getting it from Walsall but figured I should get for there to ensure they keep getting it. It looks pretty awesome.

So, off to do food now. Then X-Men 2 and sort out cards.

Might take pictures tomorrow or something.
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