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Nightmares made flesh

Well I've just spend the past day (just over 24 hours well, obviously not when sleeping etc) reading Red Harvest. Now this is the quickest I've ever reading anything. The last time I read anything close to this fast was the book that this one is the prequel to and that was Deathtroopers last year.

And you know what? I really hope that the author does another one, because these things are so awesome!

I've read a great deal of Star Wars books (not sure how many, but it's in double figures) and these two have been the best. If there's one thing Star Wars has been lacking then it's horror. Now the Star Wars universe is full of pretty scary things, rancor, anzati, sarlacci, even the Sith themselves so it's always surprised me that there's been no real horror stuff done until now. Hence why I think these are so awesome and I why I hope it'll lead to more horror ones.

Basically the book can be summed up in twos: zombie Sith. It's such an awesome book in so many ways, hence why I read it so fast. The part that'll probably stay in my head is Sith decapitating a zombie only to have the zombie throw the head back at him.

Anyway. Off now to fic. May get Kerrang soon.
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