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Little One

Little One
Pairing: Alex Gaskarth/Gabe Saporta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Alex
Warnings: Infantilism
Note: Next xmas fic now, this one for americanaffair and aholelabledlove who have been relentless in wanting me to do this. This is also shrter then my recent stuff. I dunno why it just worked out that way. Expect more late xmas fic soon.

It started on Warped Tour.

It was innocent enough at first, well as innocent as sex gets anyway. It was the occasional blow job or being bent over equipment cases while no one was looking. It was half way through the tour before I told him what I really wanted.

So now I was in his appartment, wearing only a diaper, my cock stiff in the wet material. He was looking me over, smiling slightly. I was on the floor, on all fours and looking up at him with big, round eyes. "Such a good baby." I smiled back at him, sucking my thumb lightly. "Come to daddy." I released my thumb from between my lips and crawled close to him. "Come suck on daddy's special bottle." It may have sounded like a line from a bad porn, hell it probably was, but it turned me on so fucking much.

I moved in closer to him until I was between his legs, my eyes fixed on his hard rod. I smiled, leaned in and started to do what was natural. I'd taken him enough times now that it was pretty easy for him to fill my throat, or ass for that matter. I suckled on the head and started bobbing up and down, my eyes lidding a little. He felt so good in my mouth as he always did. I sucked him just like I sucked the bottle he gave me. When I was here he really did treat me like a baby, except there was also the sexual element. I lapped at the underside of his stiff cock, locking eyes with him and watching him smile. He was mostly silent as I gave him head, but that wasn't a bad thing. Years of being on tour and spending time getting off where you could be caught genuinely made you lessen the amount of moans you made. Id found that was a common thing amongst people in bands. Well, apart from people like Jack who could be heard even if you gagged them.

I shook the image of my bandmate moaning out of my head. As hot as it was, it was making me lose focus on the task at hand. I sucked on daddy's cock, moving my hands up his legs to stroke his balls as I sucked. He was making noise now, though it was very quiet. I could make out that it was in Spanish. He always mumbled in Spanish, especially when he was close. I knew bits and pieces of what he said, some which he taught me others which I guessed. However, I recognised none of the current words he was using. I purred softly as I felt his hand in my hair, holding me but not urging me on or pushing my head down. He just gripped my hair with his fingers, holding it as I slurped around him.

I groaned softly as his grip tightened a little, his cock pulsing down my throat as he came. Like a good boy, I swallowed it all down, every drop and only slipped off him when I was sure he'd finished. "Good boy." He whispered softly, voice a little breathless. I smiled and licked my lips, letting him lift me up into his lap for a cuddle.


A few hours, and two films later, he was lifting me up and taking me to bed. All I did was hold onto him tight with the arm wrapped around his neck, while sucking the thumb of my other hand. He carried me through the apartment into his room, setting me down into the oversized crib which he'd gotten for me. I smiled and curled up under sheets, clinging onto the cuddly unicorn that was within. "Night my baby." He bent down and kissed my forehead, before leaving me. He stopped at the door and gave me a smile before disappearing from my sight, probably to watch something else.

I cuddled the unicorn and allowed myself to drift off, knowing he wouldn't come back to me until morning.
Tags: alex gaskarth, alex gaskarth/gabe saporta, all time low, cobra starship, fic, gabe saporta, slash, xmas fic 10
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