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Hard Slammin

Hard Slammin
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard/Quinn Allman/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Warnings: Crossdressing, some BDSM
Notes: Finally the next late xmas fic! This one is for the aawesome midnightsugar

"You know, you're all the same." I settled back to listen to Bert as he ranted, circling our little guest and gesturing wildly as he spoke. "You all just... talk and talk. What is it with you people?" He stopped as if he could actually answer then he just shook his head, his dirty hair swishing around a bit. "What is it they call em Quinn?"

Quinn, who was watching from the other side of the room with an amused look on his face, spoke up. "Sheep fuckers."

"Yeah! You dirty sheep fuckers. Always with the talking." Bert kept pacing as he spoke, before finally stopping in front of him. Bert paused, looking into the blonde's eyes for a few seconds before he resumed. "Must be something to it though. Never met an unattractive sheep fucker. Like that one cunt." Bert clicked his fingers, clearly searching for the name in his drug adled brain.

"Ian." Jepha supplied helpfully and Bert nodded. I noticed a sparkle in the blonde's eyes, something that ment he knew this Ian person, probably in the same sense Bert meant. Bert didn't seem to notice though.

He gripped his hair and yanked him up off his place on the floor, throwing him over one of the beds. The blonde, whose name I'd forgotten, was naked as his clothes had been removed earlier. His hands were cuffed behind his back and a ring gag was secured around his head so that drool covered his chin and upper chest. His cock was half hard, despite none of us touching him after undressing him until Bert put him over the bed.

Across the room, Quinn stood up and undid his pants, sliding them down his hips. I heard Bert spit on and spank our captive, muttering insults under his breath as he did so, but I kept my eyes on Quinn. He stepped out of first his pants and then his boxers, kicking both aside before walking towards the bed. Quinn grabbed the blonde's hair, yanking his head up to look at him. "Now listen to me." He looked up, eyes wide and pupils slightly blown, at least that's how I pictured it in my head anyway since I could only see the back of the blonde's head. "You'll get my dick nice and wet, cause it's the only lube you're getting. Got it?" He whimpered, but as soon as Quinn presented his dick he was on it.

Behind the Welshman, Bert still stood, although his insults and spitting had stopped. He was watching, almost as if entranced by what the other man was doing. "Bert, stop gawping like an idiot and make yourself fucking useful." His other hand gripped Bert's dirty locks, pushing him down roughly towards the blonde's ass. Bert was a lot of things, but he wasn't completely stupid, despite evidence to the contrary. My dick hardened even more as Bert spread the oy's ass cheeks and buried his face between them. Again, despite being unable to see I could guess what he was doing, lapping sloppily along the Welsh boy's crack. I couldn't help but reach down and grope by growing bulge, watching intently.

Beside me, Jepha swallowed and I glanced at him. A small part of me felt sorry for him. At least I could touch myself, but both of his hands were griping the camera in his hands with which he was filming the whole thing. I glanced down his body, which was covered in a black dress, the same one he wore for our video. He bulge was noticeable, which made me smirk.

My gaze returned to the others, who were all now moaning, that was until Quinn growled. "That's enough." He pulled back, at the same time as he yanked Bert back from one of his favourite activities. Naturally Bert looked grumpy but he said nothing, knowing that Quinn would probably get pissy with him and lose focus. That and when Quinn got pissed at Bert he had a tendancy to lock him in a chastity device, which always made Bert more irritable

Bert stepped aside when Quinn pushed him out of the way, so that Quinn was standing between the boy's legs, his cock jutting out towards his ass. I watched as, without a word, Quinn plunged balls deep into him. Bert was now reduced to an observer like us, since Quinn hadn't given him anymore instructions. Unlike us he had a much better, closer view of the action and didn't seem like he was going to give it up anytime soon.

Quinn was fucking the boy roughly already, jackhammering in and out of his body, which was moving back and forth on the bed from the force of his thrusts. Moans filled the air, but they were coming from the rest of us though. Quinn was, as far as I knew, a pretty quiet fuck, especially when you compared him to Bert. Bert was so loud you could hear him three states over. Jepha was somewhere between, able to make himself keep quiet when I wanted him to.

All of our eyes were on the fucking pair before us, Quinn's hands holding the boy down against the bed, the only sound the brunette made being low grunts as he pounded him. I absently reached down and groped myself at the sight, my cock responding to my touch. "Stop playing with your dick Dan." Quinn growled, which surprised me especially since he wasn't even looking this way. It was a strange skill that he had. I pouted a little, but freed my bulge. "Good boy. I don't want your cum to go to waste." Quinn kept thrusting as he spoke and I had to dig my nails into my palms to keep from touching myself, Quinn's ass movements becoming mesmorising.

Quinn grunted as he came, thrusting deep into the prone boy, his ass flexing as he unloaded into him. Quinn remained with him for a few moments before pulling out and slapping his ass, turning his gaze to the man beside him. "Ok your turn now. Fuck the shit outta him."

Bert grinned, then he gladly took Quinn's place and started rutting, against the boy. Bert was smaller then Quinn so he slipped in easily, his hands gripping onto the boy as he started to move. He got right to it, jerking in and out of the boy at a fast, rough, erratic pace. Bert wouldn't last long. Firstly, that was because he'd had such a close up view of Quinn fucking the boy. Secondly, it was Bert and he wasn't known for his stamina. Silently, I counted his thrusts, betting I'd never get to double figures. I was right of course. I got to eight before his muttered obscenities stopped and he instead let out a howl, filling the boy up with his jizz.

"Go Whitesides, it's your turn. Get your beast of a cock up him." I nodded and took off my pants, watching as Quinn gripped Bert's dirty locks and guided him down to his sticky cock. I licked my lips at the sight, shuffling across the room towards the boy. His eyes widened at the sight of my member, which made a smirk play over my lips. Once I was behind him I pulled him closer to me, then eased into him. I went slower than either Bert or Quinn, biting back a moan as his slick insides surrounded me. I scratched down his sides as I filled him up with my length, letting out a low groan as I bottomed out within him. Fuck he took that so much easier then I'd expected. I hadn't thought the others would have opened him up this well but then again, I didn't know if he really was a slut.

I moved slowly at first, just so he could get used to my girth. However my slowness didn't last, in part due to how horny I was from watching and partly from the way his hole clenched around me and his fleshy cheeks pushed back against me. Seemed like he really was a slut. No surprise there, looking like he did.

"Jepha, get your pierced prick over here." Quinn was gesturing him over, pushing Bert at the same time. "Give Bert the camera." Quinn lowered his voice threateningly, though we could still here it. "If you break it I'll fuck you up." I squirmed at his words, slamming hard into the blonde as a result.

After a few moments of soft mumbled words, Jepha appeared in front of me. He was completely naked, his skin a canvas filled with tattoos of various images and colours. He gave me a small smile as he guided his cock into the boy's mouth. Jepha was much more used to being in the boy's position then ours. I was sure if Quinn hadn't ordered him to get in his position then he would never have got there.

I flashed Jepha a smirk and resumed fucking the boy, occasionally scratching up and down his sides, leaving white marks along them. He looked so pretty really, especially up close. His skin was more or less unmarked. He had ink sure, but nowhere near as much as Jepha. Perhaps that would change. His nature hair colour was clear from where I stood, a dark looking brown from the looks of it. There were patches of sweat and drying spit on his back, both of which reflected the light from above.

I swallowed, his hole contracting around my rigid cock. "Fuck..." I muttered above him, eyes lidding as felt myself edge closer. With a low growl I climaxed, digging my nails into him as I stayed there, filling him up.

Before me, Jepha was being much more vocal as he spurted across the boy's face. Fuck he looked so hot like that. I always thought that. I licked my lips, moving back from him with a sigh. No sooner was I out of him then Bert's tongue replaced my dick to lap at all of our cum from inside him. "Slut." Quinn chuckled, holding the camera that Bert had no doubt given him on his way over.

Me and Jepha, now done, settled on the couch to watch. Bert was playing with the boy's cock, removing the ring around it to jerk him off. The blonde was rolling his hips against Bert's hand, while Bert kept sloppily licking at his ass. In moments it was over and the last of us had shot our load.

Quinn turned off the camera after a few more moments of shooting, then set it down on the bedside table. He undid the gag on the blonde slut's face and, after flexing his jaw a few times he actually smiled. He got up off the bed and stretched his limbs a few times before collecting his clothes, though he only bothered shoving his boxers up his legs. He gave twin another smile, which quinn responded to by nodding, then Sean headed to the door. "By the way Bert." He spoke as he opened the door, looking back at us, his blonde hair all messy and matted. "You're right. All Welshmen are sluts." He winked and wiggled his barely clothed ass, leaving us alone together as he no doubt went to his own room.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/quinn allman/sean smith, dan whitesides, dan whitesides/jepha howard/sean smith, fic, jepha howard, sean smith, slash, the blackout, the used, xmas fic 10
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