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Shoot her or something

So my cousin was here yesterday. It wasn't so bad.

He's a newer Star Wars fan (mostly causa his age) so he kept asking me stuff. My knowledge is superior! Seriously, I even know stuff from games I've never played and books I've never read. So yeah, I spent a lot of time informing him.

Once the shower was sorted we ended up doing a Clone Wars run of season 2, which I first thought as jusst gonna be the first disc, but then it became 2 and then all of em. Ah well. It was amusing. Especially when mum thought Pre Viszla was Boba or Jango.

My cousin finally went close to 10. Eeep.

Today mum went out... then left me wondering when shed get back for ages. Sigh. However she did come back (towards the end of Episode II typically) but she did bring me Anakin's fighter so she gains points there.

Watching the last clone wars ep cause I found a download. Why yes I am in a Star Wars mood!

I have plans for this week.

Today: finish fic.
Monday: finish nother fic
Tuesday: spend the day reading Red Harvest
Thursday: stupid Pertemps/going to Walsall/Cannock
Friday: Finish fic

Ok there's not much plans but...

My neck is a little better and the ants have been busy... moving soil from their container into the top sphere. Odd things.

Yay for listening to Tokio Hotel uberly again. I dunno why. Ok I know why.

Also I bet you anything Adam Labert and Ricky Rebel/Show Pony have fucked. I am so certain of this! More so now there's a pic of them together. Nom!

Off now to get doritos, sort through Magic cards, eat and fic.

Oh and anyone want access to homoemo?
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