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Just kidding, it's over there

Well yesterday was fairly productive. Claire's train was late but it did come. We went round Birmingham and the Disney store has a Buttercup plush! I. Need. This. I have a unicorn fixtion and I wanted them to make a Buttercup plush since the first promo pic.

Anyway so we came back and spent a lot of time cursing the net (which decided to go down for hours) We watched random stuff and then Glee. I want to kill Rachel. She is so fucking annoying and up herself.

Then we watched Toy Story 3 and I just.... eeed over seeing Buttercup again! HE'S NOT IN IT ENOUGH DAMNIT!

Tday was like... mail central. Pretty much everything that was on it's way came. Mario Kart. Mum's last present. Ants. And a little package from America from a certain crazy girl. < 3 But more on that later.

Also my neck has been in fucking pain all day. Arsey thing.

We're watched the Star Wars Family Guy's and later it's gonna be Resident Evil Aterlife and Repo.

Anyway, pics now!

The ants home set up.

Me and Claire :P

Kart wheel

So, what was in the package I hear you cry? Well it was from aerogroupie YAY!

First, three packs of Magic cards


Morgan's writing :P

Awesome pretty card of awesome!

The inside (which says the aftermath is secondary)

...a random dinosaur < 3 Rawrrrr
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