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The lights won't guide you through, they're decieving you

Since the last post... not much has happened.

The highlights of the last few days have been Star Wars related. First, there was finding out ITV are doing a run of the films, resulting in me watching Episode I Saturda and quoting it like an insane person on tumblr (because that's how I roll). Second there was the latest Clone Wars ep which I found last night.

Since the start of season 3 episodes have mostly been either iffy or backtracking (with the highlights being the Ziro eps and Kamino) however I think we're back on track with this episode. Now this one was abut Ventress, who really has grown in power (I've not seen or heard of anyne, even Vader, force choking multiple people simultaneously and she did it twice). No wonder Sidious wanted her gone, though it's obvious it's gonna bite Dooku on the ass (I doubt that Ventress will be dispatched by the end of this trilogy).

Then we get to the Nightsister of the episodes title. The Nightsisters are kinda like the Mandalorians in that they've been in the EU for awhile (but the Nightsisters are harder to screw up). I was never terribly too interested in them into Empire At War (with Silri and her pet, Cuddles the Rancor < 3) but they've come across as both cool and interesting in the space of a few minutes. Like the Mandalorians/Death Watch, I doubt that we'll hear the last of them after this trilogy, which I'm really looking forward to.

They better make Nightsister figures. (And I'll be iconning Ventress as one in time).

Anyway, yeah. That turned out longer then my usual Clone Wars bullet point rambles. Odd.

And I may have watched the newest Clone Wars tailer and tried to work out familar stuff.

Another highlight of the week was mail actually coming on Saturday. So now I have Resident Evil Afterlife (which I'll watch soon) and Red Harvest which I'll be reading soon. Red Harvest is instant win by being another Star Wars zombie novel, but also the preview chapters (of which there were an insane number) were a mix of awesome, kinda pervy and generaly pretty cool.

All this Star Wars talk makes me want a Star Wars tattoo already, but no, it can't be the first one. It's currently second priority since I can't decide on a small one and symbolism of getting the first ones this year is too much to pass up.

The mail has failed though since it took going through amazon to find out Mario Kart was at the depot and had been for weekss, with no redelivery or card through the door. Pissed me is pissed.

I've been ficcing a bit and expect the next xmas fic to be done on Thursday. Hopefully.

Three words me if you feel like it

Anyway, off now cause Claire's coming for a few days, so I won't be on much until Wednesday night.
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