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The Moose With The Mouth

The Moose With The Mouth
Pairing: Jay James/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Roleplaying, bondage
Notes: This is an extra special Xmas fic in that it wasn't planned or anything but it came to me so its here. This one is for b4m214 and this is who Moose is dressed as.

It was cold outside. I could see the snow through the living window, the white powder covering everything in sight. It was less then a week till Christmas and it was obvious that this years would be a white one.

"So, you mentioned something about an extra present?" Moose looked at me expectantly, excitement clear in his eyes. As a band we exchanged gifts before Christmas before going our seperate ways to deal with our families. This one, though, I'd held back, not wanting the others to see.

"Yeah." I smiled and got it from it's hiding place behind the sofa. The second I handed him the box he looked at me with wide eyes and I nodded. "You can open it now." I smiled as he practically tore into the wrapping paper that covered it. "Merry Christmas."

When the wrapping was gone he opened the box, looked at it's contents and then at me, then back again. "Oh wow Jay! Can I..."

"Yeah." I smiled and waited for his instructions, which I knew would come.


Turns out his instructions were fairly simple. I was now naked and tied to one of the chairs, the curtains now all closed as he changed. I shivered a little as I waited for him, my semi-hard cock twitching between my thighs. I was near certain he was making me wait just to tease me. Or maybe he was having trouble getting into his outfit.

The second that thought crossed my mind, he stepped into the room, clad in his new costume. The outfit was, for the most part, bright red with black accents. For easy of movement it was made out of a spandex-like material which clung to his skin. I could see the outline of his dick strianing behind the material of his crotch, which made my own stiffen more. He had a tan belt around his waist which had all kinds of pouches, which were probably empty, and a holster which was empty as well. The gun from the holster, not real of course, was in his hand and pointed at me as he approached.

The outfit was especially made for him, using his exact measurements which I'd gotten while he was passed out one night. I'd gotten a few comics specially to send with the measurements to make sure that it looked as accurate as possible. Well, it seemed to meet Moose's approval and that was good enough for me.

He stopped when he was close to me and mumbled something that I could just about hear. "Well, well, what do we have here." I squirmed on the seat as he looked me over. Well I guessed he was. I couldn't actually see his eyes through the tinted lenses of the hood. He lowered the gun slightly so the end of the barrel ran against my cheek. "What's a pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this?"


Before I could answer the barrel of the gun moved over my lips. "I didn't want you to answer." I could almost sense him smirking, even though his lips were obscured. "Open." I parted my lips more, not at all surprised when he pushed the gun inside, almost half of it filling my mouth in one go. He started moving it in and out, chuckling low in his throat. "That's it, you look so much better with something between your lips." I suckled on the gun, treating it just like it was his dick. I could almost feel as his eyes burning into me and I could tell he was enjoying himself.

After a few minutes his other hand opened one of the pouches, pulling out a silver swiss army knife. Deftly, perhaps too deftly considering he was wearing gloves, he opened up one of the knives. "I'm gonna let you go now but if you try anything funny I'll blow your pretty little brains out ok?" I nodded a little and he crouched a little, keeping the gun in place as he cut through the ropes that held me to the chair. "On your knees." He hissed behind the hood, kicking the chair out from under me before returning the knife to the pouch it came from. With the chair gone I pretty much dropped down onto them anyway, the gun clattering slightly against my teeth on the way down.

"Much better." If I was honest I half expected him to quote Fever, but he didn't. Instead he gave his bulge a quick squeeze and removed the gun from my mouth. "Now you're gonna get my cock nice and wet." As he spoke he reached down and pulled the material down so dick was free. He made sure that his cock and balls were all that was revealed. "Because it's the only lube you're getting." I almost groaned at his words but managed to just nod. He gripped ono my mohawk and guided me towards his hardness, his other hand keeping the gun pressed against my head.

I took his dick between my lips, sucking him purposely sloppily so I could get him as wet as possible as quickly as possible. He kept his movements fairly shallow, the head only hitting the back of my throat a few times during the whole process.

After a few minutes he pulled out with a growl. "All fours, now." He commanded, keeping the gun firmly attached to my head as I shifted my legs back into position. "Good boy." He moved in a slow circleuntil he was behind me. "I've a hankerin for a spankerin!" I could practically hear the glee in his voice as he slapped my arse cheeks with his free gloved hand. He only hit each cheek twice though, before holding me open and lining up. He gave me no warning, just slammed into me. Made me thankful I'd played with myself earlier, expecting that this exact thing would happen. "Fuck yeah!" He growled and then the smartass quips stopped. Moose wasn't one to talk during sex, not like Matt or Padge, if you coud call Padge's grunts talking.

He pounded me hard and fast, setting up an erratic pace inside me fairly quickly. The gun remained on my head, the end placed against the back of it although it shook slightly from the force of his thrusts. "Touch yourself." He groaned through gritted teeth, hips snapping against me. "I'd do it, but I don't want your filth on my gloves."

I didn't hesitate, reaching down to encircle my hard cock in my hand, stroking as quickly as I could manage to bring myself off. Despite not being touched until now this whole thing turned me on, much more then I'd expected it would. I felt like I'd shoot any minute.

"Yeah, that's it you little whore." He growed behind me, one of the few snatches of mumbled sentances I could pick up, the words going straight to my cock. With a low growl of my own I climaxed over my stomach, much quicker then I'd expected. He didn't seem to care, moaning out so loud I was glad we were in a detached house as he came deep inside me.

"Fuck Jay." He whispered, panting for air as he pulled out, tossing the gun carelessly to the floor.

"Mmmm...." It was all I could manage, but it was enough. He patted my head gently and I twisted my head to watch as he undressed. That suit was worth all the effort it took to get. No question.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/moose, moose, slash, xmas fic 10
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